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    I rest my case. Another casualty who thinks how many grammies someone has as a indication to how great a artist is. If you read what im saying, on the tail end of others saying the same, im geting at the music scene has lost something. You think in 2040 they going to look back an go oh man, that taylor, she was groundbreaking an made me play guitar. That H.E.R is groundbreaking. You prob think Sam smith is groundbreaking by the sounds of it.

    Is she a talented guitarist?

    Exactly my point above. So if she such a talented pianist then why is she going out an bein a try hard guitarist wearing all the shinny shit like a industry puppet? Money an fame. Look at this, this is someone who is not a natural guitarist an has had lessons an looks like she at her end of school year show. And shes famous an has a signature guitar? Cmon now.

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    Taylor swift? HER. can you get more slave industry more than that?

    Taylor Swift will be the last music superstar that makes millions. This is so sad. I believe the industry knows that and they are banking every dime on her to make the money while they can. Hollywood is going the same route because of streaming. Today's movies are just awful. I don't like where we are going. I'm living with it but I don't like it. In a few more years, Ai will be creating all new content anyway. I know we are going off topic but this is something I am totally frustrated about.

    Someone named HER has a Fender Signature Guitar and a insurance commercial. She picks 7 notes on TV. Never heard of her(HER). We are doomed.

    Maybe I'll go make some mediocre content...

    Taylors a industry whore like the rest. Behind these people is usually a very talented artist but it gets overshadowed by the machine. I watched her movie an was surprised how good she is with just a guitar an a voice. Same as kate perry etc. But they become a whole show for the coin an suck satans wad. We are at a point now were these stars are gods to be worshiped an its not about music. Song writing is a tool for manipulation an not for enlightenment. But is that new? Its come out Britpop was steamrolled by the cia. The cia was responsible for the 60s hippie movement an the beatles an the like. Go look into Laurel Canyon an all the artists that came out of there an the cia connection. Seattle an grunge would have its puppet masters too. I had a friend in the industry an I remember him saying before it came, that in a year or 2 this thing called emo was going to be the next big thing, first it will be a 80s revival an then will turn into this wierd goth mxed with school girl crush thing. An here we are recycling the past. Its all planed. Love em or hate them the Kings of leon were the last true old style band in my eyes. Music is a society weapon more than ever now an there will be more idols spewed out the machine thats for sure. The genres have all been exhausted an recycled but the masses will have their heart strings pulled by something new, an now we got AI music the perfect songwriting equations will be used. Look at fenders recent approach who they are signing i mean wtf. Who that black dude that looks like he should be selling crack on the corner an all the luscifarian symbolisim. We are doomed. The times dictate society an the bands an well..... look around. I love 80s songwriting an would to see that come back but whos going to step up to the plate an do that? People are cool when they are original an not trying hard or to imitate. Anything from here is just going to look like a tribute band or recycled. Look at greta van fleet, I cant even watch em its so try hard an sad. I think real bands are going to secretly use AI for songwriting an we going to see some cool band music in the next few years. You will not know but there will suddenly be all this great music comin out an they will act like they wrote it in the basement.

    Well for starters, this sounds like crap. This is a perfect example of the wierd trebly but compressed thing the kemper can do that some of us hear an some dont. Dont wana start a argument on it as we will go in circles like in the past. 2nd this guy cant profile for the life of him. Go back an find his matchless comparison vid where he profiles his matchless not direct, but through his OX BOX an through computer then ya wonder why the profile sounds crap compared to his real amp. It bugs me this stuff, it degrades the kemper.

    I auditioned all my IRs I had last night an my favorite by far was the TillS free 60s set. There was no info of read me files so I had a google an found many here praise them. Seems his site is down. Does anyone know what the 1960 speaker set was from? I presume a vox maybe.

    I would like to try some Liquid profiling with a OD stomp in front of the amp. Specifically, the BE-OD. Will the LP model loose any accuracy when adjusting the model's gain in the Kemper?

    Tried a matchless hotbox last night infornt of a kemper first time. Nothing to write home about. Rather profiles a amp with it in front

    My fav setup when i used to have a band was the 4 cable method with a old boss gt5 an my amp. In the GT5 you could put the pre section of the amp an the post where you wanted an the possibilities were endless. Was very easy to put a eq wherever you wanted an you could shape the sound like crazy. Just to give it a bit more polished edge i could even put a speaker emulation in there at a low percentage just to pro up the sound a bit. Talking about it makes me thinks to find a used one

    The lead 12 (I've got two heads, a mk2, and a mk3) is ok through its own cab, but taking the DI/lineout signal through an IR is epic. I had great results with leads 12s and even with the Marshall DRP-1 recording preamp.

    I think DI liquid profiles would be epic.

    Im into DI profiles as i play through a cab. Its amazing how little DI profiles are out there. Not that I buy profiles anymore but there less room for error. Mic choices an cables become less of a influence. I can even hear cable differences doin my own. Its amazing how the cable you use from profiler to amp, an DI box back can make a difference to profiles. I was using silver cables for a bit but just realised few days ago it introduces a upper mid harshness. Experimentation in this are is key. All those crappy profiles on rig manager are just guys that are prob doing everything right, but they grabing any 5 dollar cable at bottom of the drawer.

    Nice work Chris. Try do badcat stuff as there unique sounding. My fav knob of any amp is the badcat hotcat EDGE knob. I dont know what it does but it introduces valve goodness, a kind of buzz thats what we like about overdrive. This would be a amazing feature on any amp. The badcat pedal xtremetone is a hotcat preamp so you could steal it from there. Maybe look into that or have it as a all round feature on the kempers toneshaping. Thanks

    Agreed - I think they should just publish whcih tonestacks are similar.

    As an ENGL profile user, I would appreciate this though..

    I think im over the matching of tonestacks already though. I keep going towards the vox tonestracks no mater what profile im using. The cut knobs vert sensitive an halfing the brightcap gets me tasty results on heavier tones.

    They will slowly do it to keep us on update edge. Cause were update junkies. People gota understand all amps use a handfull of tonestacks. Its not what makes a amp. The engl could be a bassman tonestack. So there no need to have every amp under the sun. But that why i dont understand why they did freedmans. There just marshalls

    I wana know why they bothered with friedman stuff. There just marshalls anyway. An nothing to write home about. So like some say are these tonestacks commg from software or are they somehow profiling real tonestacks? I said it before but badcat hotcat would be very interesting with the edge knob. That edge knob could be a KILLER all round control in the kemper for all profiles. Im unsure what it does an maybe it is just a bright cap control, if so then whatever we got it. But it introduces this valvey buzzy overtone that i just love. Crank it an ya get some real angry vintage amp o the edge of exploding tones an feel