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    The profiler captures the full range of distortion but doesn’t know whether that distortion is preamp or poweramp or a combination of both. It just knows the overall effect.

    Once in the digital domain the volume in the Kemper just scales everything up or down without changing the distortion or tonal characteristics.

    In your example the level of the Master Volume on the amp being profiled would make a difference. I suppose in theory the ultimate situation would be all volume/gain maxed but in reality this can sometimes create instability in the amp itself so some sort of “sweet spot” probably exists for each amp’s power section.

    I think my new fav knob now is the bright cap sweep. Over definition. These controls allow you to totally make a amp that does not exist an one that makes you happy. I just turned it down on profiles of a overly brittle amp I have. So sensitive too. Good times

    I’m not sure I understand your point correctly. Are you referring to ‘volume’ as in how loud the original amp was during profiling or “volume” as in the Amp Volume and Rig Volume controls in the profiler itself.

    If the former, then no it isn’t generic for many (most) amps as volume will have an impact on the power section overdrive. Some amps are affected more than others obviously. A Fender Deluxe will drive the power section the louder it gets wheres the Soldano SLO was designed to have almost all the distortion in the pre amp and a near HiFi level of headroom in the power stage.

    If you mean the Amp/Rig volume controls in the profiler then, yes, these are generic as they literally just increase signal level in the digital domain.

    I mean as the lp profiles the overdive an its changes, where you set the volume an its changes could be a thing. But admin says its just a generic volume. But amps change as you increase volume. Mine do. Fatter, rounder etc. But the profilers not LP that so it doesnt matter

    Got to admit, I did not realise there was an OD120 as distinct from an OR120 - yes, must be that. One of the more obscure Orange amps tho - and 2 version of it? Hopefully they'll do the Rockerverb too - and a Tiny Terror surely couldn't be that hard ;)

    I got some really good tiny terror profiles. I must upload them. The OR30 sounds nothng like the OR120. Its a diff beast.

    They figure it out by sending a gradually increasing gain signal into the amp. Therefore, it captures how the amp gradually distorts. If you turn the gain down in the profile you should them get an accurate experience of a lower setting on the real amp. Therefore, Kemper’s instruction to use maximum gain setting makes perfect sense as it allows you to capture the maximum amount of information about the amp while profiling.

    oh interesting. Thanks for clearing that up. Now can same be said with volume. but now they say volume is generic

    the amp volume parameter in the Profiler has nothing to do with the power amp volume of the amp that was profiled. It is just a digital gain stage to give you control over the level that hits the effect section.

    yea thats what i was asking. The volume makes a huge difference in tone most amps but it not specified. Its kind of a big deal because most amps fart out at full volume esp with the drive up full. I dont see how kemper can figure out the whole range of the drive knob on full if the profiles farty at start point. I think vol half way is the best bet. I have only started LP but i think i will settle on the drive down a bit if profiling. Most amps are a mushy mess on full. I wana know where to put the drive knob on the profiling if your doing a clean channel of a amp.

    No, but Orange amps are generally not my thing

    Neither am i, but this new amp sounds different to other oranges.

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    The Liquid Profiling function does not change the behavior of the amp volume parameter. The difference between amp volume and rig volume is merely their position in the signal chain. While amp volume is located after the amp stack and before the effect section, allowing you to control the level before it hits the effects the rig volume is located at the very end of the signal chain and where it controls the overall volume of the rig including the effect section. In both cases, the only impact the volume has is in the perceived loudness of the rig. In no case does it change the actual sound of the rig. If you experience a change in sound it must be caused by the device that you use for monitoring the signal which might produce overtones because the volume of the signal arriving at the input of the monitoring device might clip the input section.

    Thanks for clearing that up. Very bizarre indeed i must check again today. i wouldnt see the differemce if they both before my power amp. Maybe the reverb had some wierd effect on pushing the signal into my power section......err. Can i ask, when profiling a clean ch of a amp, what do you do with the gain reference when doing a fresh profilie? Thanks

    You keep saying what ck or burkhard said but were talking about post LP here. The question is if its a part of the new tonestack experience. Or in my case a happy accident. I may upload my profile to see what you think

    I was using my own profile with the soldano tonestack. I profiled at full tilt like the manual said an this was taking the drive all the way back to about 2-3. I was doing this to compensate the level drop so only at any given time i adjusted one level. An there was a difference with the amp slot volume an just the generic vol. Granted this was through a real cab an my valve power section, but thats why I tested it with the valve volume too. If it was just a case of my valves getting pushed it would not explain why the difference between the 2 volumes as there both before the power amp. An the amp slot volume sounds lovelly to be honest, I hope we find it is part of the LP experience. That would be even more authentic. Did not try this in my DAW yet but to me it wasnt a little bit were you need a blindfold test, it was obvious. Not a distortion but more a roundness an musical push sound. Hey, maybe it just luck on were i profiled on the dials there lots of variantions at the moment as we figure this out. Ill try it elsewere when i get time.

    I just tried the same on the Twin LQ profile from MBritt and I also hear a difference. The Rig volume act like the Fader of a channel strip, where the amp volume add something to the harmonic content...

    yup bingo. Cool. So i guess it is important to set the volume at 5 when profiling. Mine was a new profile as the manual says, an wanted to see how close. But when i turn my profile overdrive real clean that amp volume comes real niece an chewy. But they should say in the manual. Like they say the the overdrive should be at max. EQ at 5. But volumes not eq, so that was a guessing game. Cant wait to profile without a load. I wish I could have the amp slot volume in the rig volume then instead. Be good to have it on the fly instead of going into settings to change. Like on a amp

    CK and Burkhard have both said on several occasions that the Amp Volume and Rig volume are identical clean volume adjustments. The only difference is that the amp volume come before the effects slots. In most instances it should make no difference. However, if there is a volume sensitive effect such as compressor or drive/boost in the effects slots then Amp volume will drive them differently.

    This may have changed since LQP but i doubt

    Well I hear it. Soldano tonestack. On a clean overdrive if you turn the rig vol up an listen, then the amp slot vol same level an listen, you will feel a difference an hear it slightly. An it more musical

    I just experimented with the volume knobs. The volume in the Amp section, the rig volume react different. An i compared them to just turning up my power amp vol to same levels. The amp block volume is much sweeter with semi cleans an I really want to know if the LP profiling is taking the volume into account? Its hidden away on the far right so i never really go to it other than compinsate clean volume but didnt really consider the tone an feel difference in the past. Thought of it as a generic vol. I presume it comes before anything in the effects stage as well wich is a plus. I had to profile with my weber load box unfortunately so the levels will be not great but I can hear a difference comparing the 2 vol an I would love to know if its part of the LP tonestack. Give it a try. I also tried the generic profile an the soldano as my amp is not on the list. The generic was not so great

    To clear it up. Nobodys saying existing profiles will not sound good with LP, it just they will not be accurate. An the eq isn't the main problem but the drive is. The manual emphasizes profiling with gain full an going backwards from there is how it works so unless you know what it was at the time you be guessing. An that may sound fine but... Just about to try my first one. Neighbor's will be happy now we can do 1 profile instead of ten

    Ok new stupid question by me. Does the volume on the ref amp have any significance here? Amps change with volume too even with everything else at noon. So when they say all knobs at noon, an manual just says eq at noon, is the vol important?

    Confused me too. I think the purpose of the video was to show that the LP can indeed sound like another profile, profiled with other settings. But it didn't really show that either. Anyway, the manual has it right.

    Yea i was thinking about it that it could just be they did the first one so they had something to compare it too with the second lp one.

    Jesus kemper do a tutorial video. I can not get the manual in rig manager some reason. Loads of us are just guessing. Im not thick, but it be nice someone going, hey this needs to be set here bla bla. This button does this etc. Is the LP manual here at all? It just says to me cannot download now reload rig manager.