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    Don‘t underestimate the effect different (3-4mm in my case) pics can have on your sound. When I switched from 0.73 Tortex to 3mm acrylic pics, my sound changed tremendously. Would never have expected that.

    3mm! That's a real man's plectrum :)

    I've been using the black 1mm Jim Dunlop picks (the ones made out of slightly flexible material) for so long, not sure what I'd do if they ever stopped making them - definitely part of how I play, and I guess it does affect the attack of the notes etc.

    I remember in the early 90's there was a trend for using various power tools to play guitar with - for when you want a really different tone!

    Try a white bone pick from timbertones. You will never look back. I give my worn out ones to people an they always switch. I carry one on my keyring, i never wana be without one.

    I still get your point, the gain part was always an issue for me going up from the profiled amp, going down was not that different from the amp BUT in my own experience, it is not perfect either. I see I loose some mids together with increasing highs when lowering the gain in real amps, thing I see not in a profile most of the time. So the LP does calculate the in-between states as before, but now the rate at which the gain is set, is limited by design and also has a different curve, making the approach more amp like. Wich is not clear is if the particular gain stage is simulated, which would imply that those changes I hear in the real amp are taken into account. I wont know until I do my twin reverb profile, and get the whole block mad at me for doing the profiling at max gain (last time I played crazy telling them it sounded like an alien signal transmision to me).

    I was saying it in more the sense that not every single amps tonestack going to be there. An just being able to get the quality of your amps overdrive right would be the bomb. An LP the eq. Because obviously as cool as applying lp to a wrong amp could be it be, it be simply unreal to have the main sound right. Anyway lets see, this may be too much fun. Im waiting for a decent vid on this. I tried yesterday an do not even know if its right.

    looks pretty easy here

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    Who says he doin it right though? He actually doing it different to how i tried yest. Kempers terrible at this stuff. Like the manual that comes with it. They bring out a new crazy feature with no instructions. I do work in germany. I love em but there on a different level how they approach things.

    How would that be preferable?

    The current LP methodology allows you to capture the amp”s gain at Maximum setting. However, the profiling process sends signals of gradually increasing level allowing it to capture ALL gain levels from zero to max. I can’t see how a lomited number of points then extrapolating between them would be an improvement.

    Does it? ok forgive my lack understanding we all a day in here. if thats true, v cool

    You know what, not a fan of greenbacks. Or v30s either. These are the real early ones in silver with no bell. In the early 60s vox an first jtm. Not great for heavy but mid grin an clean im enjoying. I dont beleive anything i read. I got a pair or white label g12 70s that people say is the worst speaker celestion made an i dig the pair i got. With the greenbacks, there were 30 diff combinations. So for one to say oh i hate one type of speaker is a bit hit an miss. Who says there all the same an have the same break in hours? I got these for a song one frame is totally rusted out. They go for like 1000 each so i grabed them. Back to the point though of ss vs valve, the difference could be lesser than a speaker choice. But I tried the digital speaker thing an its a yuckfest. So much better treating kemper like a amp an going through a good set of worn in speakers

    So these are profiles of your own amps right?

    What are the amps?, what modeled tone stacks did you use? Did you use existing profiles or redo them using Kemper recommendations, did you note the profiles eq and gain and use it for the matching?

    Lots of questions sorry but seriously interested.

    Its my own. An i been playing it past week so im familiar with this profile. I went to the lp bassman tonestack an seem to try an match the levels but it looses something. To be fair i just tried the vox 15 tonestack on a cleaniah amp i got an its much nicer. I enjoy the cut knob alot. The tone pops out the speaker like kemper never has. I think its a case of its going to work on some old profiles but i think the gamechanger going to be doing new ones an seting the levels right. Hey we all had it a day, these things take time to settle in out minds right. Looking forward to some youtube peeps running through this all proper. Hope kemper does a tutorial video.

    I'm confused.

    Is the first profile needed or just a reference to show its authenticity/that you can find a sweet spot with that mike placement? He did 2 separate profiles and they don't interact do they??

    In other words, why not just set the dials to 12 o clock and the right LP and then profile?

    I just watched the vid an thought the same. I wasnt expecting that but very cool. It sets up your reference point a 12 oclock. vert cool

    Actually the Speakers you use with the Kemper make a huge very noticeable difference. More than Tubes vs. SS if both are trying to be used producing a clear clean signal. I have used so many different speakers with mine I know what I'm talking about.

    I just scored 3 1960s rola celestion g12s an oh man....... Look, im a nobody, an people get defensive with opinions. But i own vintage guitars an have played vintage amps an have a ear. When people hear all these great marshalls an fenders an the like what they are really hearing is........the speaker. Wether its a fenders chine through a old jensen or a vintage JTM its a raspy celestion, most of the tone is the speaker. People chase clapton or greenys tone yet its right there in the speaker. Its the immediacy an the projection of the speaker that makes a sound. The real tricky part with the kemper, an i have discovered this trying to get the best DI profiles possible is that what makes a good real cab tone may not make for a good DAW tone. Not all the time but when i dial in that shimmery valvey splatter the profile tends to not sound same in DAW. For me i treat my kemper like a amp that instead of having 5 amps an spending a fortune or using up space, I can have one simple unit in my lounge an be in heaven. I dont want a million amps, just 5 killer ones. The only thing digiital is the kemper an the rest can be vintage just like if i had a old amp to play. Having a cab with 60s speakers is going to sound better than the KAB, simple. Be no different if i had a bunch of amps an played through the same cab like many do anyway. Unfortunately its not a eq thing, but a physical thing. The KONE may sound like a vintage speaker but it will not project or feel like one. My valve kemp keeps me happy. I was playing my pro reverb profile yesterday an it honestly honestly felt like I was with a real one in the room. So sweet. Now with liqued profiling my dreams even closer.

    I think its just great that even with a piece of digital gear, each person can find their own individual way to use and enjoy it. What an example here.

    Absolutely beautiful and unique mod. And if it sounds and plays well for you, even better. Congra

    Do you have a ss kemp? send or show me a profile that you like on yours an that would be a good comparison an i do same.

    Well i gave it 20 mins an maybe im doin something wrong but with my own fav profiles i dont like it. Looking forward to a official vid explaining it all. I loose clarity an openess. Ones a vintage pro reverb so I thought the fender tonestacks would be cool. Another a modified carvin that I tried using the soldano. Hope im doin it wrong. This is through a real cab tho

    Tubes will color and sound different. A clean clear SS amp will reproduce the Kemper more accurately and if you're trying to reproduce a tube amp profile to sound the most like a tube amp, you want it to sound as uncolored as possible. To add tube sound to a tube sound is like using 2 cab sims changing the sound. That doesn't mean it couldn't sound good just that it's altering what was. I want a profiled tube amp to sound exactly like the tube amp does so I choose not to color it, I want it straight and natural. If it's a good profile you don 't need to "warm it up" with tubes, it already sounds like tubes.

    Im all for 100 percent. But its more complicated thann that. Some people listen to music through a valve block i dont see them complaining about distortion. To some you would not hear the difference. Some would say its richer, more dynamic somehow. Without it sounding like a 1940s signal. Im not here to argue whats better but do not think for a second that this is about adding distortion. Its about dynamics an feel, An the physcical aspect of it driving a speaker, an how it feels under the fingers is what i dig about it. Your talking about no more difference if you were using a EV honest speaker or a alnico speaker. You can say well its not 100 percent pure, well whats the difference if i am using a valve kemper with a high watt speaker an you using a SS kemper with a low efficient speaker thats colouring your a bit? So the arguments kinda silly. I get your point as im all about purity, an you see me here more than anyone bashing kempers profiling lacking compared to its competitors, but the differences we have on this could be so small it could just be speaker choice. I get a feel an satisfaction i do not get with SS. An this is designed to be clean, its more about feel. No point playing SS if your profiles are crap anyway. I played my pro reverb profiles today an it was pure valve satisfaction.

    Its out now dude!!! Im sure you've seen it but....

    Its out? when? Butter my buns an stick me in the oven!

    Your right an i wrote a big long reply about this an decided not to post. I have been doing lots of experimenting an have come up with my own thing that works. There lots of variables going on with profiling an it does not matter what pro gear these guys have it will not work if these things are in the chain. Plus it does not mean they have good taste in tone.