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    The behavior you prefer has been an "accident of history" introduced in a late OS 7. It is not the behavior described in the manual. If Performance Slots are changed via foot control, all edits should be withdrawn and Slots should be loaded as stored - except if Rig Manager is connected.

    Some Uno4Kemper users had reported this bug and OS 8.6.6 heals it. OS 8.6.6 is also fixing another issues closely related as the latency changing Slots was increased.

    Thank you for your answer, I understand.

    Is it possible to implement an option that lets the user choose the preferred slot loading behaviour?

    Why you need 8.6.2? You can go directly to 8.6.6!

    Hi vjelen, thank you for your answer. I'im afraid the latest release would change the way I switch between rigs in a performance. I like the way it is now and I have gigs scheduled, so I don't want to change it.


    Patch notes say:

    "fixed: switching Performance Slots via MIDI CC#50-54 didn't withdraw edits and took more time, which also affected Uno4Kemper as well as UI to MIDI"

    I have Kemper Head (OS 8.2.2) and FCB with Uno4Kemper chip. When I switch between slots within a performance using FCB, all edits are kept until I switch to another performance (even if Rig Manager is not connected).

    If I update to the latest OS, will I get a different behaviour? (slots always loaded in their saved status)

    Also, where can I find OS release 8.6.2? I wasn't able to download it in time before the new version came out, and I can't find it in the website old release section.

    Best regards, CT

    +1, but possibly as a system option

    When editing effects activation status in performance mode using Kemper Head buttons, that performance is put in Edit Mode.

    For example:

    I turn on stomp A in slot 1 (which is disabled by default), then switch to slot 2; when I switch back to slot 1, stomp A is still enabled.

    Obviously if I load a different performance all changes are discarded, so when I get back to that slot 1 stomp A is disabled again, and that's fine.

    If I do the same thing but using a MIDI controller instead of Kemper buttons, slots are always loaded in their saved status, even if I stay within the same performance.

    Reading some old threads I discovered that it used to work like the first case of my example even with MIDI controllers, but it was changed in an update.

    I understand that many users like the way it is now, but it wouldn't hurt to have a global option for choosing whether to reset slots status or not within a performance when controlling Kemper via MIDI.

    Thank you for your kind attention.