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    Given that SHARC processors are used extensively in automotive, motor control, power and process controls as well as security and test equipment - the shortage has to be a good part of it.

    “0 in stock” is a common theme for SHARC processors right now.

    They were having major delays before the shortage, so ?‍♂️

    I think the chip shortage isn't the major factor behind QC's lack of availability. They have been plagued (no pun intended) by delays since they announced it, and they're still way behind on several promised software features. I think they, like most other companies at some point, underestimated how difficult designing, building, and supporting a hardware modeler really is.

    Assign a 5th effect switch to an unused tuner, looper, or tap button.

    That can be done already, I've Looper assigned to D and Tuner assigned to X

    ??? I thought you could just reassign some other global things and morph.

    I'm on vacation right now without access to my Stage. I was checking on reassigning options in the manual, but it doesn't actually have all the options listed.

    Anywhoo, that's great.

    Just thinking out loud here: other than some "quality of life" UX improvements (typing values into Rig Manager, copy & paste blocks, etc.), I really can't think of any major new feature that the Profiler needs updated to stay competitive. All the effects and drives are now as good as anything else out there.

    Some things I'd love to see, but are by no means crucial:

    • Snapshots / scenes for Perform mode
    • Lock effects blocks per performance, not just globally
    • Assign a 5th effect switch to an unused tuner, looper, or tap button.
    • Allow for effects switches to be recalled as default saved, or as last used when switching rig slots in perform mode
    • ???

    So yeah, any major features or updates that you all think are still needed?

    Nope. It’s never been marketed as an FRFR.

    FRFR speakers make no attempt to remove the microphone from the equation. That’s the Kone’s main reason for existing. Which only works when paired with a Profiler.

    Right, yes, I understand that. But the manual refers to "full range mode" many times, or when Monitor CabOff is disabled. So that leads one to believe there is a full range mode, similar to an FRFR, that can be used on any kind of audio signal. But it sounds like I have my answer here in that it's not an optimal solution.

    From the Main Manual 8.5:

    The KEMPER Kone speaker and KEMPER Kone mode in the PROFILER are a perfect match. Therefore, please do not run the KEMPER Kone without the KEMPER Kone mode activated. You should also refrain from running the KEMPER Kone speaker with any sound generator other than the PROFILER. If you do, it will not sound good, and will certainly not sound as intended. The same applies for running the KEMPER Kone mode into another speaker — this will also not sound good.

    Interesting. My assumption from other reading was that it would work as a basic frfr since imprints would be disabled. But if kones only work with a Kemper regardless of whether imprints are enabled or disabled, then a Kabinet is still proprietary to Kemper. So then the Kabinet really isn't an FRFR speaker.

    I have a Profiler Stage that I love. Being that I don't play live right now, and probably won't be playing any venue larger than a small club in the foreseeable future, I want to downsize my 2x12 Avatar Orange-style cab to a 1x12 FRFR, preferably powered (I have an SD PS170 for my power amp currently). I've been eyeballing the Power Kab because it looks so clean. Here's my problem, though: I'm a practical gear head and I don't wanna buy something that I can only use with a Kemper product. I will likely get a Quad Cortex or Fractal FM9 at some point, and it would be nice for anything I use with my Kemper to sound good with one of those (or other modelers I may check out).

    Does anyone have experience using a Kab with a non-Kemper product? Obviously the imprints won't work, but it should still work as a functional FRFR, right?

    Yeah, you can definitely do that on the Kemper delay by setting delay time to milliseconds and adjusting it as it feeds back. Another fun trick is doing the "El Capistan" signiture sound by setting the delay time to 0ms, feedback very high, and cranking up the Flutter intensity. Gives you that warbly old tape sound.

    I think this is more of a question of your own preferences. Do you use the Kemper mostly just for amp tones, and use a pedal board for your drive & effects? Don't need to do much switching on the Kemper itself? Keep the head and CLR you have because there probably won't be much of a sound difference compared to the Gemini.

    If you (like me) use lots of Kemper effects and switch rigs a lot, go with a stage but keep your powered CLR. There's probably not much difference between the power amp of the CLR and the PS170 anyways (I have a PS170 and it's just plain clean power). You'll have everything you need for footswitching, and just one cable to send to your CLR.

    Hi friends! I just released this track. Mixed and mastered it myself. All guitars are from my Kemper Stage.

    Some profiles used:

    STL Tones Eddy 5153

    Lasse Lammert Silver Jubi

    Tone Junkies Twin Reverb

    Top Jimi Match DC30

    All effects are Kemper, other than some reverb sends on the various tracks.


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    Can the Captor X take a signal without a speaker load? You're better off exporting your favorite Captor / Wall Of Sound cabs as IRs, and importing those into Rig Manager.

    +1. As someone who has used Helix and Fractal stuff, I would also really love this feature for KPA.

    I'm pretty sure you can assign 2 effects to one switch, at least on the Stage, but that's pretty limiting compared to what scenes / snapshots could do.

    The main reason I sold my Fractal Audio FM3 and got a Stage was because of the pretty unacceptable lag between switching scenes and channels, which are supposed to be instant according to Fractal. I wonder if something is up with your Stage specifically because I am also extremely picky about switching lag, and I have never noticed any lag on a Stage. I don't think the clock sync error has anything to do with switching at all. It just means you have to enter the date every time you power the thing up (which is also super annoying, I also had that issue and got a replacement from Kemper).