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    When I set up and tweak my patches/tones, I do it by setting the outputs to flat and I also set the home monitor mix to a flat EQ. I also match the Kemper Power Cab levels, EQ, and output to the main output, so that when I plug into our live system my tones are spot on. Depending on the guitar of choice that evening, I'll adjust the output EQ to compensate for the different tones of my guitars and the room dynamics. Works like a charm.

    It's easier and quicker to send a picture as I have identified my patches with labels. Some do, most don't. It helps me keep thing consistent. I run my Stage in stereo as our system is set up for stereo and it sounds amazing. I have a Kemper Powered Cab, but I use my stage monitor in the live environment as it is sufficient. Feel free to ask questions. Happy tweaking!

    The first night I brought my Stage to practice, my band kept saying, "You finally finished the tone hunt, you can stop turning knobs!" Little did they know, it was just the beginning :D

    To reiterate what other people have said, you want to test your rigs at gig volume, rather than just headphones. Even if it's not through the exact system you will be using, if it isn't loud it isn't going to remotely sound the same. You also probably need less effects (especially reverb) than you have set going into your headphones. I like a little extra reverb in the headphones, to fill out the sound. That will make things muddy, live.

    Also, don't forget you can go into the output and adjust global parameters very quickly to fit the room. I usually have to make a few tweaks in there at sound check. And the Monitor and Main in the output have separate sets of global parameters.

    True. I found the global output settings to be the best way to adjust to various systems. It allows me to set my rig up and then it's a simple tweak during rehearsal or sound check.

    It was easy to download and set up. Even though there are limitations in the beta version, it's still a significant upgrade. I have a Stage and it's nice to be able to do tone tweaks while standing on my iPad. I'm sure the actual non-beta release will have more features and flexibility. Rock on.

    No disrespect to you personally, but I don't like this rhetoric. I see it on this board quite a lot. Someone will post a legitimate criticism, and others users will chime in, "Not a big deal to me — people just need to get over it!" And it's upvoted to high heaven. It's a big deal to some. Being a fan of a product, company, or entity doesn't mean not being able to see their flaws and wanting better.

    It's all good. Just an opinion based out of gratitude. Not bashing any prior comments. Enjoy and keep rocking!