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    Have you ever heard MBritt demos super downtuned? :D

    no, I just heard about them first time in this thread and googled them and listened to some profiles: I could immediately hear they would not work in my mixes.
    To brittle / sharp / and typical mice placement: right on the cone and too close. which is not good idea for a heavy tone. I have been mixing and mastering since the 90's so I know instantly if a tone will work in my mixes. Tonecraft have also very far away mice positions on some profiles so you can add a nice natural room reverb sound to fatten up your mix.
    Also I never listen to Youtubers about mixing / mastering or Kemper recommendations. 90 % of their mixes sound like total shit anyway.
    Listen to your favorite sounding records and found out who mixed and mastered them and take notes from them and what mices and gear used.

    which "revv generator" profiles are you talking about? Tonecraft or MBritt?
    As for now Tonecraft for me works best for metal and rock = very good and mix ready tones that fits very well.
    But you have to find two different tones that blends well together like I think they did in the link I provided.

    I mean just listens to these Marshall tones. It sounds like this too out of the box. No EQ needed.

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    had a look into the tonecraft profiles. As good as they may sound all the profiles have the same gain. Not very versatile in my opinion.

    I bought their bundle of about 280 tones. You are not correct sir; many tones have different gain levels. Some for crunch, lead, heavy, clean stuff.
    Also if you think a tone has too much gain.... just lower it on the Kemper.

    I don't think it sounds the same. Too honky and lacks that clarity.

    They useed Marshall + 5150 for the firepower tone. You can clearly hear the typical Marshall distortion in there.
    Now just try a bunch of profiles to get a similar tone. No clue what mice positions they used

    How do they compare to MBritt's profiles?

    Those are the Gold Standard in many people's opinions.

    I have not teste Mbritt profiles. I did check their homepage. I was not really impressed with the sound of their "heavy" stuff. Like the mice position is not in the correct places and perhaps should use more microphones?

    I have tried Reampzone, Choptones, JTM (Josh Middleton), TopJimi, plus hundres of free ones from the Rig Exchange.
    But these tones just sounds amazing. Like you are sitting in front of an amp. Not sure how they did this.
    Chrystal clear, highs sounds rounded and not fizzy. Simply amazing. If anyone is interested I can upload some sound clips.
    I have guitars with Seymour Duncan pickups and EMG81.…dle-kemper-profiler-vol-1

    Every time I take a small break from guitar playing and I come back, the Kemper needs an update. And takes forever!
    Also it messes up my settings.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Remember back in the old days? When we had our Playstation and Nintendo? It didn't need an update. Cause it worked!
    Can you at least make an option to chose not to update rig manager and the Kemper?

    I just got the Marshall Valvestate and the dual 5150 (I/II) pack. Thanks for the info!

    His page is a bit confusing, but the best tones (for me) was in the 5150 II pack and the 5150 III pack.
    You must buy them separate. His II/III bundle (16 presets) did not sound very good (in my opinion!) since it's mostly trying to match Chimaira / other bands.

    So get this:…0-iii-metal-kemper-pack-1
    And this:…/peavey-5150ii-metal-pack
    One cost 5 dollars and the other 7,50 dollars. One with 6 profiles and one with 5 profiles.

    Thanks! Actually I am super happy with this sound and got super inspired to write music now.
    I was very glad I went on this tone quest. I learned a lot. It took me many days and about 8 - 10 hours per day to get this sound.

    Drums: Steven Slate Drums 4: "metal 4" preset; Limited in drum bus with Oxford limiter to give more punch. And then Artsacoustic reverb for more space and live feel. Then routed every kit and EQ'ed the kick and snare. Also added some limiter on snare to give it more punch.
    Then EQ'ed the cymbals, overheads and room (cut some lows and removed some high pitching "whistle" sound).
    Bass: Cake on cake from Ezmix (Tweaked and EQ'ed a lot, also stereo pan)
    Guitars: Kemper profiles (Reampzone and JTM3 - marshall + mesa) = Marshall in middle stereo pan and mesa 100 % left and right.
    The marshall is more deep sounding but also has some crisp highs and mids that helps filling up the mesa tones that are mostly on the high end.
    Master: T-Racks compressor and EQ.

    Sort of getting there. But it still lacks that "spice" that Disturb has hehe. Probably impossible since it's recorded with real amps and I don't have the same mice placement and room reverb.
    I could not manage to replicate the sound with Randall / Bogner (which I know they use. The Kemper profiles I used were too dark / muffled for that. So I Used Reampzone's Marshall with unknown cab blended with Josh Middleton (JTM3 pack) Mesa boogie with Mesa cab.

    Because you said "If your mix has a bad drum sound, everything will fall apart". And I don't think most people will agree that Beatles albums are "falling apart". They may have a bad drum sound, but the whole mix is not falling apart.

    I am speaking of heavy metal mixes and sounds from 90's until today that has good sound and of course drums are very important. With shitty drums the entire mix dies. And you bring up old vinyl mono crappy sound with bad drum recording as an example? lol are you trolling?