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    I'm considering purchasing a Helix for my Kemper to use as both a dedicated FX unit and an interface. Well, that or an Axe FX II. One or t'other.

    Basically the idea is that the Kemper does all the amp stuff. Treat it as the ultimate amp head (now that I've figured it out and grown to love what it can do - for the most part). The Helix/Axe would be used for 4cm fx, impulse loading/blending/combining, and interfacing capabilities, with the possibility of blending a modeled tone from a different amp with a profile from the Kemper.

    I'm after things like more complex fx chains than the Kemper can do, despite the Kemper profiles sounding amazing I'm finding it a little limited in terms of IR loading and fx (and the non-existent interface).

    I'm wondering if this is too overkill though, or would it not work ie. would the FX unit not play well with the Kemper in 4cm? I basically want to be able to run fx both in front of and behind the Kemper profiles, with a multi-fx being able to do more than what's on offer in the Kemper. Or am I just overthinking the whole thing?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a little help.

    I have a Behringer UMC404HD interface, which doesn't have SPDIF. I also have a previously recorded DI guitar that I didn't do with the Kemper.

    I'm trying to get everything connected for reamping in Reaper, but I'm clueless as to how to go about it. All I get if i'm lucky is a rerecorded DI.

    Anyone got any tips for setting this up and connecting everything?

    Hi guys,

    I've been recording bass through my interface this afternoon, everything working perfectly ok.

    I then went to play guitar, but no sound coming through my cab.

    Power amp is turned on, and I can hear guitar through my monitors, but as soon as I turn my monitors off and try to get sound through the power amp and cab, nothing.

    I know it's working ok as I can hear a click from the cab when the power amp is engaged and disengaged.

    I'm pretty sure it's just a setting or something I've got wrong, but I'm clueless which one it could be - any help would be appreciated.

    The thing is as much as I'd be using monitors and DI signals etc to record with, for me I just don't think I could get used to having a recorded sounding guitar tone coming through my monitors for playback. I've always loved the satisfying thump and crunch coming through a tube amp and cab, and I think the transition to full FRFR would be a bit too jarring for me. Plus I'd rather have the power amp and not need it, than need one and not have it, and considering people have mentioned running through a tube amp power section to not be the best way of running the unpowered Kemper, I figured this gives me the best of both worlds.

    I can't wait to start getting profiles on the go - I've heard some amazing death metal, classic metal, Iron Maiden, modern metal etc packs on youtube so I'll definitely be grabbing a bunch.

    Thanks for all your help and advice guys - very helpful to get experience from people who own the units.

    I've just taken the plunge and ordered the powered rack unit.

    Should be with me on Friday for high gain fun times.

    I think ultimately I'm going to go down the road of a non powered rack unit. Way I see it is, if I don't like it through FRFR I can sell off the tube amp and get the power amp you mentioned (would never have thought of using a micro bass amp to power a guitar cab), and it'll come in at the same price or similar to the powered kemper anyway. If I do like it through FRFR, great - saved some money.

    When running through a power amp, I know I need to disable the cabs on it - is there anything I need to do for the power amp profiling?

    That's interesting, I've always ALWAYS come from a tube/cab setup so I'm very used to that over FRFR, although I do have a pair of Yamaha HS5 monitors that I use for home recording and I also kind of inherited an Alto TS215 monitor after my old band broke up, so I definitely have enough to hook the Kemper up to.

    Would you say there's a way to get the FRFR to respond similar to a power amp and cab? That's really what I'm chasing is the feel as well as the tone - I've heard a few people say that adding a sub or a monitor really helps with this to bring out the low end thump on chugs and palm mutes.

    I've heard a few things about the unit sounding a bit strange through a cab, rather than frfr - some profiles not sounding as good as they should and such. Is this something you'd say is accurate - profiles need a bit of tweaking to sound good through a cab, or would I be able to just literally plug into cab, download profiles, and go?

    I need a new toy for lockdown entertainment and I have the cash for either a guitar or a kemper.

    I'm just curious which version of the Kemper people would recommend.

    I'll be running it only at home, through either monitors or the power amp section of my 5153 and into a 2x12 cab.

    Would a stage be good enough for what I'm after - which is mostly just great sounding amp profiles. I have a Helix FX to use for any effect based stuff, although I'm not a big fx guy.

    I've heard the stage has some problems, so I'm curious if anyone has one or experienced those problems now.

    I'm also curious as to what benefits the rack and amp version offer over the stage in regards to recording and such.

    Would me running the Kemper through a tube power amp section into a cab negate the point of me owning this unit? Or do the preamps themselves sound amazing? Obviously for recording it's kemper straight into the computer.

    Also, How does it work for the profiles through a power amp? I mean, I assume the profiles are made on the kemper with the power amp also? I used to use an old axe fx and could just disable power amp for use through a cab, not sure if the kemper is similar.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.