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    Will the new effects come with the next Update or is there another way to get them on the Profiler?

    Anyway thx for this amazing Support!!!



    There are a few electronic parts you can see after removing the bottom plate of the Kemper, that look like a Mini Moog. But Even soldering all of them to the Monitor out didn‘t sound like the Mini Moog ?! Other Suggestion?8o:P

    Hi everyone,

    I‘m looking for a sound to play the outro moogsolo of ELP‘s Lucky Man. I used the Boss GT-10 before the Kemper therefore.

    Any ideas, where to get that sound from?

    Help is very much appreciated - especially by my bandmates?



    Ich verstehe VJclaus Problem. Ich war schon soweit, den Kemper wieder abzugeben deswegen. Wir spielen mit 2 Kempers und Inear in der Band. Meiner hat die 12db Absenkung drin und säuselt (gefühlt) zum Teil vor sich an, der andere Kemper hat im Output keine Absenkung und klingt (gefühlt) viel voluminöser.
    Nun gibt es ja den einen oder anderen Handyfilmer (m/w/d) im Publikum - und das ist tatsächlich in meinem Fall für was gut: Ich habe festgestellt, dass nach vorne raus beide Sounds gleichberechtigt sind, und ich gar nicht säusle. …jetzt bleibt der Kemper da…

    ... or „Grüß Gott“ as we say for hallo.

    Finally I call this Kemper Stage mine. I only have it for a couple of days now, and I hope, I can fullfill me the livetime dream, to go and Play music with a sportsbag and a guitar. Like probably most of the people here, I‘ve been carying tubeamps, racks and 4x12 cabinets for a long time, to have a guitarist‘s sound on stage and the have the feel only a crancked up tubeamp can give you.

    As a matter of fact, Kemper Stage and me have to go quiet a while to become very best friends. But we are working on it every day...

    Let*s See where the road will take us...