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    Re your 1st question - see Main Manual 8.5, chapter "Technical Specifications", pages 354 -359. You can download Main Manual from the Kemper web.

    I have looked at the manual and i couldn’t find out whether those 1/4 inch outputs that reside next to the main XLR outputs where balanced or unbalanced. It also does not confirm these 4 outputs can be utilized at the same time which was another question I had about a month ago and somebody on here said yes you could run all of them at the same time. Maybe I missed something I don’t know.

    I have The Kemper Main outs, monitor, and direct out that run into a cat 5 box that is mounted inside the rack. that cat five box is connected via a RJ 45 Ethernet cable that runs out of the Cat 5 box into a RJ45ass through jack mounted on the side of the rack, from there I run a short 3 ft cat5/ Ethernet cable to another cat 5 box that sits outside of the rack, so essentially everything gets plugged into from the outside of the rack and the rear cover doesn’t have to be removed

    I run an FRFR monitor I have no issues with the hum for exception of volume hiss from the monitor.

    what is weird is I can take my TS cable to xlr cable and plug that into straight into the XLR main output to the FX return and the quilter is quiet for the exception the output isn’t as strong. As soon as I run that same cable from my CAT5 box (outside of the rack) into the effects return I get this loud hum using that same cable.

    I’m assume something about this Cat 5 XLR box doesn’t play well with guitar amps.

    I have a couple questions.

    1. are the 1/4 inch main output jacks, (the ones that sit right next to the XLR Main outputs) are they balanced or unbalanced?..

    2. What is the best/proper way to connect an unpowered Kemper Rack to a stereo guitar power amp so I can power two custom guitar cabinets?

    I have a nasty hum when I run out of my Cat5 snake box which is XLR output(male) to TS 1/4 inch to the effects return on my tone block 202. When I use a regular guitar cable and by pass the Cat 5 box, and use the monitor output to the FX return of the quilter the hum is gone.

    I tried a frfr monitor type of setup and it didn’t sound natural for me at all. When to a guitar cabinet using the power amp section from it only, and it cured my issues, turning odd the cabinet sim feature. Sounds that way it is supposed to. Example.. fender 65 Deluxe reverb

    Kemper: better with frfr or through power amp and speaker

    I have only used the kemper with a frfr… but it appears most “touring” bands use it through the amp or power amp… for the photos and interviews…

    Curious what the % of the group is and/or if people have switched from the frfr to a guitar cab…

    I switched from a FRFR to a guitar cabinet. Once I did the profiles came alive. they sound like shit before with the frfr, now with running through a power section and a guitar cab, a few tweaks and boom!..the sound pops, like sound like the real thing. minimal screwing around, when I should be practicing for my next Nashville gig..

    I call it amateur!.. these guys are too stupid to let the PA do the work, got to crank that fender twin to 8 and blow everyone in the venue and the people on stage away because the guy needs to heard, all while he has ear plugs in and the sound man is like “ what the F!”… 😆 there is a steel guitar player in this town that does that, and I’m not naming names.

    Why is it when I use my IEM’s the profiles sound more defined than when Go through a FRFR cabinet. The effects don’t seem to be as prominent and yes I have adjusted it in the rig settings setting it accordingly. Doesn’t sound anything like a guitar cabinets or running through the actual amp that is profiles like a fender deluxe reverb.

    The place that I play a lot has a sound guy that is absolutely terrible this venue is running a Midas 32 channel board with no Wireless capability and my IEM’s are the Shure PSM 900 that have stereo XLR inputs, What would be the best way to run out of thier board into my Kemper?.. right now the way I’m running it is just taking the Aux send and running it right into my left input of my wireless transmitter and I’m having a hard time hearing the Reverb coming into my IEM ears so my guitar sounds very dry, but FOH it sounds great, so I’m assuming either I don’t have it hooked up incorrectly or there’s a routing issue. I’ve looked in the output section and it all seems correct.

    By the way I’m running a ToneJunkie 65 Reverb deluxe profile.

    I’m using a Shure wireless transmitter P9T/PSM 900 it’s has two xlr inputs left and right. Can I run the two of the outputs in this case the monitor send and direct send directly into the transmitter to receive the band mix?.. OR the 1/4 inch left and right outs into the transmitter?.. I assume both Set of main outputs can be used all at the same time? Can the 1/4 inch outputs be controlled independantly from the XLR outputs ?