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    Hey Everyone,

    I was attempting to profile an amp with my Kemper Stage and thought I had a ground loop. I clicked on the return 1/2 ground lift and the return 3/4 ground lift. A warning message then appeared saying do not press all ground lift buttons. I quickly reclicked the ground lifts back off.

    I did not have the send or any other ground lifts pressed while this happened. I did have my guitar plugged into the input of the stage, and the amp attached with send 1 and return 1. Also have the mains run out with TRS cables.

    I’m concerned I did damage but maybe he message stopped me from getting that far? It seems to play and act normal.

    I had a similar issue with my Stage running XLR outputs to my Motu M2 interface and the quality just wasn't as good. Problem was when you connect XLR out from the Stage to the XLR inputs of the Motu, it activates the mic preamps which change the sound.

    I am switching to TRS cables to solve the issue.

    Hey everyone,

    Anyone have experience capturing an amp that has a fuzz running into it? I’ve bought amp profiles that were captured with a klon or boost pedal. Was thinking this should be doable - just send the kemper to the fuzz then the amp and then return to the kemper.


    Hey Everyone,

    Needing help - does anyone know how to set the delay correctly for Happiest Days into Brick Part 2? I am using a dual delay of 1/4 and dotted 1/8 note and it just seems to be too much.

    I hear that there is a quarter note delay kind of, but it's tricking my ears I think.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    Hey Everyone,

    So I have Motu M2 as my interface. Currently I go from the Stage’s XLR main outputs to the XLR inputs of the Motu M2.

    I recently discovered the Motu manual says don’t use XLR +4 for inputs, use 1/4inch for +4. I am assuming this is +4dB which the Kemper manual says the XLR output is.

    I’m getting a bit overwhelmed- how should I connect my Stage to the Motu M2?

    totally unnecessary because the XLR outputs already deliver a balanced line-level signal.

    If your interface only supports TS inputs you can go straight from the TS outputs of the Profiler into the TS inputs. If the interface supports TRS inputs use XLR to TRS cables.

    Can you run just run XLR from the Kemper Stage to the XLR inputs on the interface? My interface can handle TRS or XLR inputs. But -

    After digging into my setup more, my interface manual does say not to use XLR +4, to use 1/4 inch if XLR is +4

    Hey Everyone,

    I heard someone recently mention they use a DI box between their Kemper and audio interface. They ran XLR out to the DI box and then 1/4 inch to their audio interface.

    Anyone try this? I hadn’t heard of needing one before.

    is this even necessary?

    I wonder if you would achieve that last 5% by adjusting the high shift and low shift for the cabinet on the Kemper. I did this and it made such a difference in tone and feel for me, more so than the EQ on the amp settings or an EQ pedal in an effects module.

    I saw a tutorial that explained it to me as if these settings are moving a microphone around the speaker.

    Adjusting high-shift - like moving the mic from center to off-center of the speaker
    Adjusting low-shift - like moving the mic closer/farther from the speaker itself

    Hello Everyone,

    I want to try and capture my Friedman amp. I'd like to get two separate captures at two different times (not joined, different profiles/captures) - one with my microphone on the cabinet (Royer R-10) and one with the Captor X from Two Notes (I would change the cabinet to my liking).

    My question is the connection back to the Stage. Both the microphone and the Captor X output to XLR. However, the Stage requires TRS to Return 1.

    Can I simply buy a cable to go from XLR to TRS? Or should I be using a DI box like the Radial ProDI (but that may just be TS, not TRS?)?


    Hey Everyone,

    We use midi to change between performances and corresponding slots during our show. There is a performance that we do not want tempo to match the song; the tremolo effect is already set to the correct speed. I turned off tempo match on the rig but it keeps turning it back on and slowing my tremolo effect when receiving the midi message.

    How can I stop just this rig from matching the tempo from the midi controller/DAW?

    Hey Everyone,

    I use the iOS Rig Manager on my iPhone and when I clicked on Amp menu button, it only showed (1) amp choice. When I go on the Kemper Stage, I have 40+ amps to choose from. Am I missing something? Do I need to load them differently?