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    That Pedal Show did a guitar rig tour of Neil and Liam Finn-

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    It's a great watch, but if you skip forward to 45:33, he plays it on the original guitar. He also talks about his delay pedals and delay times so you can dial in the delay for the song.

    You are never going to get the exact sound even if you have the guitarist's original equipment. You can only get close. If you are just doing a cover song for a gig then no one is really going to care. Just play it good.

    I agree, I'll never be able to replicate it exactly. But Its a brilliant tone (IMO) and I'd love to at least get the reverb and delay as close as possible.
    I've been using the club and concert hall reverb, as they more than likely didn't have a reverb unit live (could have been added post production).
    As for the delay, I've been using the Bison and Tape delay settings. According to that picture you shared before, Brian Robertson uses two Copicat delays in series. So he may have had one delay running a slapback echo and the other set to a longer delay.

    Davi G Burns have good Marshall tones for Thin Lizzy in Rig Manager .But Thin Lizzy didn't use Di Marzio pickups.Have a look at D G Burns Marshalls

    Thanks for the suggestion mate. They didn't, I also have an Gibson SG with the 490R & 490T pickups which is probably a bit more suited. But I love the SD. Looking at getting the Bare Knuckle Emerald pickups for the SG in the future

    You will have to double guitars to get the harmonies right. The reverb might have been added on the Master bus to glue everything together. I found this....…[email protected]

    At this point, I'm not too concerned with the harmony parts. Mainly the individual tones. I used that picture when researching the players and the gear they used, I used to love searching these up years ago before Rig Rundown existed. Still a good resource too

    Hi there,

    So I've always been a massive fan of the tones achieved on this album, specifically the tones used in the solo's for "Rosalie/Cowgirl Song" and "Still In Love With You". From what I have found, they used JMP100 amps live, with a Coloursound Wah, Watkins Copy Cat delay and possibly a MXR Phase 100 (especially in the verse & chorus of "Still In Love With You").

    I've been trying to achieve something close to this tone for a while now. I've been using a JMP profile from Blittle, as well as a 68 Mars PA 100 from Tone Junkie. I'm playing a Gibson Les Paul Standard (Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and a Air Classic in the neck). I've added the following effects in the profiles:

    Slot B: Treble Booster- for a bit more treble and attack

    Slot C: Wah High Pass- for the cocked wah tones Brian Robertson has

    Slot D: Wah- Pretty sure a Vox Wah preset with a bit more sweep

    Slot DLY: Bison preset. Delay Time: 216 ms. Feedback: 33%. Mix: 74.4%

    Slot RVB: Club preset. Unable to achieve the reverb sound at this point.

    I've spent a fair bit of time trying to achieve something close to the sound, but my results have been quite limited.
    Does anyone have any advice to get a bit closer to the tones from the album? I think the tape delay preset sounds more appropriate, but needs a fair bit of tweaking. Would appreciate any suggestions to achieve the reverb, modulation and delay sounds. Any amp profiles from the rig exchange that you can suggest to use as a baseline would also be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks heaps,


    Purchased it this morning. I have the original released pack, but can't load it into my Stage. Says I need to upgrade the OS, is it a requirement to have the beta OS to load these profiles? I'm hesitant to download the beta OS because I use mine for gigs.
    I'm glad to see he added the delay in, it's essential for the first two albums and the original was missing it. Ended up making my own delay patch (Tape delay in front of amp, 300ms with 1-1.5 repeats and running the mix at about 5%) Ended up sounding pretty close to Ed's delay sound for "Ain't Talkin' Bout Love" & "On Fire".

    This may be somewhat unrelated, but does anyone here recycle strings? I know D'addario have a string recycling program but it's only available in limited countries. Seeing as though I burn through a lot of strings, would be good to see more recycling programs for strings

    Carrying all your performances and the software on two USB's would be handy. That way you can do the hard restart (not what it's called), but I have had to do this prior to a gig. Lucky I had the USB's on me with all my performances backed up.

    Yeah nice! No issues with the vent under the stage? I was even thinking about getting the mounting kits and replacing the feet with them. But temple boards are also hard to get in my country (Australia). So I can't really take it in somewhere to test.

    Hi everyone,
    I know this has been addressed before but I am hoping I can reopen the discussion and get some more input from the community regarding this.
    I bought a Kemper Stage last year and it's been amazing, especially as a gigging musician (no more lugging heavy amps to venues). I have had it the Stage placed onto a Pedaltrain Novo 24 with the Mission Engineering EP-1KP. I haven't had either secured onto the Pedaltrain, as I am aware that you should leave the vent underneath exposed. My first option was to remove the feet and velcro the Stage onto the board, but didn't go ahead with this option. Instead I attached a block of wood to the bottom with some double sided tape and velcro'd that onto the board to secure it. It's a workaround but not entirely happy with it.
    I've been looking into getting a new board (possibly a Temple Audio Duo 34) as it has the space for the stage and supplementary pedals I'd like to have on the board. Mounting seems to be a bit more easier with these boards as well.
    What are your experiences with mounting the Stage to your pedal boards? What have you done and how successful was it? I can't find too much information on mounting these to boards online and I don't think Kemper has addressed this issue directly. Are some boards better for mounting the Stage than others?
    Appreciate the help.

    Sounds like Kemper products are pretty reliable and don't really require too much upkeep besides software updates. My first Kemper Stage bricked and the issue couldn't be resolved by the Support team, all the troubleshooting didn't fix the issue but it was eventually replaced by the store I purchased it from (Pedal Empire in Brisbane, Australia. Absolute legends)

    I might start taking a USB with the performances stored just in case. Now I just need to figure out how to mount it to my Pedal Train properly without blocking the vent at the bottom.

    Hey everyone,

    I am a new owner of a Kemper Stage and bought it for gigging. I was sick of lugging an amp + pedal board around and the fluctuations in tone when I had to push my amp a bit louder for more volume (Victory Sheriff 22). I'm loving the Stage and it's ideal for gigging and having consistency in tones.

    A couple of quick questions...

    1) What does everyone do for basic upkeep of their Kemper's? What can I do to make sure I keep my Kemper functioning and reliable?

    2) What does everyone bring to gigs? For instance- Spare cables, profiles/performances on a USB stick, contact cleaner etc...

    Cheers everyone!