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    Hope someone can help me configure a way to do the following with my Power Rack:

    I use a Lehle 3at1 to switch between electric and acoustic guitars, to a common output connected to my KPA input. Either guitar goes to the Main Outs but I also want to monitor my electric guitar (not the acoustic) through my onstage cabinet linked to the Speaker Out. At present, both my guitars reach the speaker. The only way I have found to keep the acoustic signal out of the Speaker Out is to send the signal on my acoustic rigs to the FX loop Send and route that separately to the FOH mixer but then I lose the stereo imaging on my acoustic rigs.

    Is there a solution to this?

    Simple things first… the Tap Tempo button configured to *be* tap tempo? It can be set to a bunch of other functions.

    There should be a page in settings where you can check/choose.

    I can't find such a setting in System Settings or in the manual.

    I have a performance with 2 rigs in it, tap tempo enabled on one of them. When I use the front panel Tap button, no problem. When I use the Remote's Tap button, the Profiler fails to respond accordingly. Is there something wrong in my setup?

    ad 1. Regarding the pedal function, if this has worked before, two wires might be crossed. This is either a cross in the TRS cable you are using now or the pedal is wrongly wired. I think somewhere tip wire is soldered to ring and vice verse.

    ad 2. The switch in the pedal is latching and not momentary as should. The PROFILER requires momentary switches.

    This turned out to be correct in both cases. I had to modify the pedal by swapping two of the wires, and install a momentary switch (raided from my Mission pedal) instead of the latching one. Thanks for the advice, Burkhard!

    I'm trying to set up a new expression pedal to replace an old, faulty Mission EP1-KP. The problems I'm experiencing are:

    1.) Pedal action is reversed (toe down is minimum value, heel down is maximum). Tried both Pedal 1 and Pedal 2 modes, recalibrated each time.

    2.) Toe switch requires 2 button presses to activate. I have tried all three pedal modes, and set each option to produce the same result (turn a stomp on/off) and the result is always the same.

    Can anyone help?

    I see this has been requested by others but I would like to add my support for making the frequencies of each of the bands in the Graphic EQ customisable. Also, having a choice of EQs (5-band, 7-band, 10-band) etc. would be useful. As it is, I reach for the Studio Equalizer first as it comes closest to what I'm looking for but on its own isn't as flexible as I would like.

    you can send MIDI program changes to two external devices from any Profiler. Since the Stage only offers a single MIDI out you need to assign a different MIDI channel to each of the external devices and connect them either with a thru box or by utilizing the MIDI thru of the device that is connected directly to the Profiler.

    Ah, many thanks for the clarification!

    Your PROFILER was in our Service Center initially because of a perceived power amp issue you reported, which could not be reproduced nor measured. You had provided the information, that this issue only affected the SPEAKER OUT and not any other outputs. Is there still such an issue?

    When the PROFILER was already on its way to our Service Center because of this power amp issue you raised an additional request to check the PROFILER's Ethernet port because of Remote loss of contact issues. The Ethernet port of the PROFILER has also been tested and measured without finding any defects. If you are absolutely sure, that your Ethernet cables must be in order, what about the Remote? The Remote has not been checked. I guess, if my colleagues had known about this second issue, they had asked you to send PROFILER plus Remote plus cable. The way you describe the issue, it cannot be hard to identify the trouble maker and fix it. So I would say, you didn't give it a fair chance.

    Perhaps your have access to another Remote ... a friend, a colleague, a shop? I would still try a third cable, perhaps a short off-the-shelf cable. And I would check the contacts at the Remote side.

    Yes, that is a fair point. I dare say the Remote contacts could be at fault but I don't have another to try out. I do feel it's unlikely to be the Remote however, as moving the Remote or wiggling the cable at the Remote side does not break the connection with the Profiler, while as I mentioned this is what happens at the Profiler end of the connection.

    How might I confirm the integrity of the Remote's contacts? BTW, what is the expected working life of an Ethernet cable (how long should I expect it to last)?

    Regarding the power amp, I have tried it out briefly at low volumes without noticing further issues at present.

    This happens to me all the time, regardless of whether or not I am connected to RM. My Profiler has even been back to Kemper HQ for inspection but I was told everything is normal even though the remote continues to lose connection to the Profiler if I so much as touch the ethernet cable or move the unit with the cable attached. (Changing out the cable didn't help.) I have given up hope of this issue being satisfactorily dealt with and resigned myself to reinserting the cable connector each time it goes down to bring the remote back online.

    I have two Mission EP1-KP pedals; one spring-loaded one with a toe switch which I use for Wah, and another without the toe switch for volume pedal duties. The Wah works perfectly and I never have to mess with it. The other one seems to have some issues as the treadle has become stiff over time, and no amount of adjustment to the tension screw or the application of lubricant to the gears has improved its performance. I have recently noticed that it also appears not to calibrate accurately at the heel end of the sweep. (ie. it will only go to zero if I keep pressure applied with my heel... When I let go it bounces up a few notches.) I have not been able to determine whether the pedal stiffness and the calibration error are related.

    Unfortunately, as the pedal is no longer under warranty and there doesn't appear to be a Mission service centre in UK/EU, I appear to be left with the choice between buying a new one or attempting to fix this unit myself. Does anyone have any experience or advice to offer?

    Anyone have any tips for getting rid of the warble created by the Transpose feature when raising the pitch? (I'm only going up 3 semitones.) Trying to use it as a virtual capo (clean/acoustic tone).

    Wouldn't a dedicated expression pedal be the logical choice for such opportunistic foot control volume interventions? Why repetitively overwriting a Rig with other volumes which used to fit during rehearsals and in other environments?

    IMO, if a part isn't loud enough, it's not usually because the environment is different; it's because the rig wasn't properly dialled in to begin with. While I could use a pedal to make adjustments on the fly, I imagine playing with the treadle to get the level right being potentially distracting to my performance. Might give it a go, though.

    That does sound really good. We do this song in my band too, and over the years I've used profiles of many different amps to try and achieve this classic tone but nothing's quite nailed it for me. Right now I'm using a Dirty Shirley profile by Tim Owens.

    So you have the acoustic on a stand and the electric on the strap? Seen that here and there indeed...

    I remember seeing a video on YT some time ago where the acoustic was routed through the return input of an effects loop in the Kemper. You can place it in Slot A and have the full chain to process the acoustic within one rig. Switching to the next rig for the electric, stepping back from the acoustic and grabbing the electric is probably the quickest way within a song. Problem might be how the FOH receives and treats the signal, might not be ideal to have acoustic and electric on the same channel of the PA. With the Kemper Stage you could utilize the second effects loop to route the signal into another channel on the FOH. I remember as well a solution which routed using the classical outputs but not sure how this was done exactly...

    Yep, on a stand just like you said.

    Do you happen to remember how this FX loop method was set up? I just tried plugging the acoustic straight into the FX Return but noticed the response was nothing like at the guitar inputs. Much lower output.

    I'm in a prog band that features many songs with acoustic parts. Swapping the cable/wireless over isn't practical, so the piezo pickup method has been my solution in the past. However, that won't work going forward, as I need an acoustic with a capo on one number. I've also never found the piezo solution terribly convincing.

    I might look into the Godin gear.