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    yes ,

    I think that il will be a good thing if I had something to use when I bring my KPA on the road . :S

    I don't have anything to protect it and the idea to use the original box it's... ''Naaa'' :thumbdown:

    At least a Soft bag or ..

    a sort of ''shell'' just for the front and the rear pannel..

    just a metal plate with a ''U'' profi..sorry a ''U'' section or.. i don't know..

    Has anyone got the same wish?

    have You already solved this?

    ok ok du iu niid en inglisch translescion of mai previus post?
    (ok ok do you need a translation of my previous post?)

    :D This Forum is so funny!

    Hi Jimmyno! it's a pleasure to see some other fellow countrymen!

    Yeah I'm going to profile everyting...and share with you of course!

    just a little patience (as said the red :D )

    I'm not at home right now so...just wait next month :thumbup:

    I saw that someone else profiled the afd100, and maybe the 2550 is already available in kemper

    isn't it?

    (honestly i didn't have time to browse and check it till now X( )

    thank you all!

    no no plaese don't call me slash .. as I've said before the nickname it's just for fun :D

    that's the story:

    years ago I've got a Slash tribute band ( see also Fuckin Project on youtube if you want )

    and one day the drummer asked me:

    ''what's his real name?''

    ''humm .. S A U L not soul... Hudson''

    ''ah... like huston huston we got a problem! ''

    ''ha ha Hudson.. like Azzon I suppose .. ''

    '' oh.. ok Sol..azzon .. or Sò l'azzon.. Sollazzon''

    '' yeah, something like this''

    some times later i started to subscribe and log in some italian i needed a nick name..

    .. i've got some problem with ''angelo'' ...''angelone''.. angelo81... in the end it was Sollazzon cause it's always available .. on youtube, twitter, anywhere..

    That's all..

    it's also funny cause in Italian Sollazzo ( no final N) it's a word.. with a meaning.

    it means... hummm.. i dont' know how to explain ... sometihng like Relax.

    Of course i found that sometimes my nickname brigs people to think that I Wish to be Him but that's not true.. I'm a huge fan of Slash and/but I'm happy to be myself. 8o

    Hi I'm Angelo,

    my nickname ''means'' Saul Hudson but don't worry it's just for fun :P

    I bought KPA last week in Milan

    I'm so happy to be in this forum and I wish I will learn all the tips to get the best from it !!!

    play it LOUD :thumbup: