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    Ciao Rob, welcome here :)

    I'd advise about the wiKPA as a further source of information.

    As for the system Reset, I'd advise to perform one after updating. I use to do one after each update and this helps me getting rid of some perspective flaws the process may generate.

    I'd also suggest you give a look at passive or active linear or semi-linear cabs to be used with the Profiler. It's a meaningful step but it might be your best choice ;)

    Feel free to connect the monitors to the Profiler.

    I believe that the Focusrite is ok (unless it's broken), and would look at the monitors. Also, their placement might play a big role here. Are they close to walls\corners? Are they laying over resonant surfaces such as a wooden desktop? Is the room very small, quite cubic or rather empty (free walls, ceiling, floor)?
    Each of these elements can strongly affect what you hear.

    After trying the direct connection (to rule out the sound card) I'd advise you to try your monitors in another room and by placing them onto not-resonant surfaces (a straw chair, a pillow, a folded blanket) caring that they are at the same height they were in the original room.

    These simple tests can tell you a lot.
    If you feel intrigued, you might find this link useful and entertaining as well.

    HTH :)

    Surgical Iron? Why did you choose this? Milling shouldn't take 40 days, but I guess if you have to send it out..

    It's just the most sophisticated material, and the best for resonances.
    Milling took a lot more than expected because not all the machines are gifted with tips hard enough to carve it. They needed to proceed at the least speed, and tips were changed three times because surgical iron just eat them LOL

    If you take the components out of any speaker, you have a box. What does the box cost to build? Not much.

    You're oversimplifying here. What you write can be true for a guitar cab, but it's certainly not for a linear cab which requires a deep study of the crossover, of the internal volumes, of the resonances, of the dampening... also the case material changes the resonances and the overall behaviour.

    As far as guitars, a guitar only takes 6 months to build because of volume, nothing more.

    No, the bridge of my guitar has been carved from a full block of surgical iron. It took 40 days for just this, including finding an artisan with hard enough tools for the task and travelling there (to a different town) a couple of times.
    The abalone was worked and polished by hand and then cut accordingly to a custom design which took days for drawings alone. Then the fretboard was sent to an artisan able to laser-carve the seats for the single inlays. abalone was inserted with no glue, so much the cuts were perfect.
    The making of my guitar is a beautiful story in itself, inclusing the original '50s piece of furniture he bought in order to access the Brazilian wood he wanted. I've just reported a couple of details to show how complex its making was.

    Everyone who has played through it likes it. The win goes to the peoples vote.

    I'm pretty sure this is the case, and I wish you all succes! You've never specified whether you build guitar cabs or rather linear cabs, where people's opinion is just one element in the equation tho. I don't care if most people prefer a certain linear cab because it's more scooped here or there and makes a distorted guitar sound "better" (for example because of dampened highs): I want my linear cab to sound transparent, and will fix my sound at the source (Kemper).

    Again, if you can build a cab with better measured specs than a CLR at a fraction of the cost... the modellers' world is yours :)

    Can you make a guitar cab from $300 sound as good as ones selling for $1500? Absolutely.

    Oh, definitely agree. But a linear cab is a completely different beast (BTW I obviously meant CLR ;) ).
    Also, I'd not trust just anyone when it comes to evaluate any device's linearity by ear: it requires a great experience, training and great skills.

    OTOH, if you mean that the average Guitar Joe would not be able to tell what's more linear and transparent between a CLR and say an RCF I completely agree, again. But this would not be meaningful for me, and Joe can definitely grow, if he educates his ear by listening to premium quality gear.
    I'd also agree that listening to an arbitrary, tight-band source like an electric guitar doesn't necessarily empathise the difference between two designs.

    On a side note, if you spend 1,000 $ for building a guitar, I believe 5,000 $ is a fair shelf price. My custom, 5,000 € Makassar took 6 months to be built and three visits by me to my luthier for adapting the neck and the cuts to my body. At the end of the process he had earned 3 € per hour...
    Imagine if he had needed a distributor and then a seller... add 20-40% for each passage, not to mention transportation, wharehousing ecc.

    Now, if you do it in your free time and you are very skilled you can certainly create something extraordinary that costs you a fraction of its commercial value, but doing it for a living is something completely different. Unless Joe has got a skilled friend, an expensive (linear) cab still gives him the best possible sound IMO.


    Why would anyone want a simulation of a real amp, when we can get closer with the profile from the real amp directly ?

    There are hundreds of Axe-Fx profiles around... Basically IMO it's the "I do it because I can" syndrome (which translates to "why not").


    I don't care about the profiled amp or cab... I just relate to the way a rig sounds. So I basically go by ear or by big categories (like by author for example. Or I sometimes search for a Fender or a Lonestar Special).

    When searching I use to order the rigs by gain, then move from there. This is true also when I search within a certain author.

    I have also collected together some rigs because of their fx section, and this is of inspiration too. When I like a certain fx layout but not the amp tone I just treat the fx section as a preset.

    Of course experience helps, specially in relation with the instrument(s) you use:
    I know I won't go exploring the M. Britt folder for certain sounds, or the other way 'roud.

    HTH :)

    Maybe they have retuned\rescaled the qualifications?
    I see that now I am a "Professional", while I was a "Master", an "Enlightened" or something along that line.

    My posts counter seems to be intact.

    Try and exclude each element of the chain: use headphones, change instrument, change cables... all one by one.
    Does this happen with all the rigs or just with specific ones?