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    There is a simple solution.
    Don't buy today's Gibson.
    Buy Gibson alike guitars, there are many on the market, most of them did sort it out tuning issues, terrible ballance and weight problems, among the whole lot of another Gibson guitar design problems.
    They don't use cheap parts and worthless wood, components.
    Starting with say Tokai, stays in tune, lighter then Gibson, and cheaper a lot.
    By all means and blind test better than original.
    On the more expensive side, there is Tom Anderson Bulldog, the most perfect LP like guitar ever made.
    By all means, by blind test, today's Gibsons should costs £100 max comparing to supremacy of Tom Anderson Bulldog design.
    If Les Paul is alive, he will change his design to be more like a Bulldog.

    I know it hurts, but that's it.
    Les Paul do not deserve today's Gibson management, they all should be fired, before they completely destroy his legendary brand name.

    Glad you find the right way with KPA .

    Just a note , KPA is not ALL about profiles .

    By my humble opinion it is ALL about interaction between profiles and our guitar(s) .

    I have 2 powerfull guitars , with very strong pups, 3 are so/so, and one is with lowest output pickups one can imagine (YJM Strat original Dimarzio )

    What is good for weak, is not good for powerful pickups and vice versa.

    I have to tweak the rigs for each and every guitar . No universal rig can satisfy all of them.

    Let make an experiment .
    Get the few best , real amps money can buy ,and then play them through headphones .

    It will be interesting to hear how's the sound looks like .

    The letter "A" in KPA is staying for AMPLIFIER ,btw .

    It needs to be played as loud as possible .

    I used to play KPA first on PC monitors, then on QSC active speakers and finish playing almost exclusively on real , iconic guitar cabs .
    Mesa 2x12' and Marshall 1960 A , made in 1990 .

    Ha ! What a bloody sound !!!! No single real amp can match this set up . But yes, 1.000 real amps/cabs in the same room can do the same job ...maybe 8o

    Hint :
    Use looper to tweak KPA ,: record a loop , leave the place for few minutes to relax the ears , comeback and tweak with guitar locked in the case 8)

    Hi guys,

    Does anyone use original , made in England in 1990 (not in China like they do today ) 1960 A cab , with original Celestion GT 12 -75 W x 4 speakers ?

    What is your opinion on this set up ?

    Do you compensate a certain lack of mids by adding mids in Monitor EQ output ?

    Thanks !

    Someone said "can of worms " topic, and he is right .
    I am saying unless you try SS frets you cannot know.

    My journey with Jescar SS frets start with my two Tom Anderson guitars 5- 6 years ago .
    After that, I replaced Ni frets on all of my non-Anderson guitars.
    Simple as is. ,
    Example: 3rd, 4th and 5th frets on my Steve Vai Jem vwh were almost "destroyed" after only one year of excessive use .
    Do you think anyone have a time to replace frets every year and thus actually torture the guitar neck and guitar its self.

    After 5-6 years of use , there is no even smallest sign of wear&tear on my 5 SS frets guitar.
    They looks like a installed yesterday 8o

    SS frets sound ? I like it .
    Feeling ? Ni frets feel like playing over send paper now .....Bends and vibratos cannot be even compared . That SS glass , smooth ice feeling ....
    One of the side effect of easy bending ,is that I moved from 9-46 to 10-46 string on long scale guitars, and from 10-46 to 11-48 on Gibson type guitars ... Easier to bend and to vibrate . Simple as is.

    Good luck !

    Fricking awesome !

    But, instead of looking for VH sound, I actually trapped on AC/DC,Paul Gilbert , etc - perfect Marshall sound I was looking for ...

    To be more precise , I am talking about specific setup - built in KPA Power amp (fantastic work by JP from South Africa ! ) and Mesa 2x12'' cab .

    Some kind of magic was created between KPA , JP built in power amp, my 5 humble guitars and mighty Mesa cab !!!

    I keep guitar(s) volume just bellow 8 say , but KPA monitor volume is going 50-60 % .

    I know, the walls/windows are shaking, but this is Rock and Roll ! (luckily I can do that) .

    Playing via PC speakers and QSC's do not make such a kind of magic ,while still sound awesome...

    It looks to me like a these TJ Brown profiles are ideal for loud cab playing, they just really shine with full Marshall classic power and slightly rolled down guitar volume...

    Who knows what is this all about , but who care when the real Marshall Brown sound is on !

    Thanks TJ , you nailed it !

    Of course that Guthrie plays Kemper full concert !
    KPA is just at hand distance from him, and Remote is just at foot distance .
    And four five Miss's World on his right hand side as well !!!! 8o
    It can be seen here :

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    To the OP
    You want to buy something digital, according to your post , right ?
    OK, allow me to assume that if someone want to buy something digital, its mean he/she is looking for digital sound , isn't it ?

    If above presumption is correct , my advice is : "Do Not Buy Kemper !!! "

    Why ?

    Because not in a million years you will get that beautiful digital sound ( you asked for it -see assumption above ) out of this toaster .

    Only you can get is that annoying , dirty , or clean or crunch or whatever - organic Tube @Valve Amp sound .

    So , If I am you , I will say after trying KPA for the first time : I just wanted to escape from that old fashion amp sound , and to switch to some nice digital ground , but what I get is again that annoying tube valve cooking sound , WTF ??? Is this 21st Century or what ?

    So, buy some nice digital device , there are plenty on the digital market , which will deliver a nice digital sound ,accordingly and by default . ;)

    if you think I am joking , you are wrong ! ?(;):P:thumbup:

    In a last 4 plus years my toaster crashed only few times ,in that early period of vintage OS .
    It was not a big deal ,standard recovery procedure brought back everything in order each and every time.

    Today , I installed newest RM 1.6 and my comp get crashed and frozen several times .
    Automatically restart was not possible , so I had to restart comp manually .

    After hours of torture ,I get back to 1.5 .
    OK ,that's easy one , we will wait for 1.6 release .

    But , what about us , the guys who do not have their studio computers connected on line ?

    Is that mean that we will not be able to update new OS anymore , on standard way by USB ?

    Is that mean that new OS will be able to be updated ONLY via RM and online ???

    If that so , then it is big problem .

    Or , I am missing something here, please highlight me :thumbup:

    Thanks .

    Just trying to figure out how can I change rigs while playing over going loop .,without changing the original ,recorded rig loop.
    When I try to change the rig, recorded loop rig get changed as well .
    I want to leave original rig like a loop sound and then play with another rig over it - say loop=clean rig , playing over = crunch rig .etc
    Is this possible ?
    Tnx !

    About ten days later...very happy with Remote !

    Just trying to figure out how can I change rigs while playing over going loop .,without changing the original ,recorded rig in the loop.
    When I try to change the rig, recorded loop rig get changed as well .
    I want to leave original rig like a loop sound and then play with another rig - say loop=clean , playing over = crunch .etc

    Is this possible ?

    (I will open a new thread about this issue,sorry if it was already explained somewhere )