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    STOP! Please.... please stop... I can't take any more great profiles. :pinch:

    lol It does feel like too damn much. I can't even bring myself to buy pack 2 before I'm done weeding out all my rigs and it's time consuming! :D

    taste is very personal..I've bought a few amp-packs and while they sound good, none of the are among my favourites. a few of the stock ones and a bunch from the rigexchange are my top 20...

    I'm in agreement. I have the Amp Factory bundle #1 and the full bundle from Armin, and while I find both of very high quality, I don't feel they're particularly head-and-shoulders better than that comes with the KPA. For a while they were the only rigs on my KPA and I got very used to them. I then added back the factory profiles and I found as I started going through all of them to balance volume output and make them "record ready" (here is where The Amp Factory's profiles shine, not much to do) it was pretty clear that I was enjoying many of the stock profiles just as much. One thing I find is that with The Amp Factory I more or less throw all the fuzzbox profiles. I don't think they sound very good. I get a way better sound by using just a raw profile and one of the modeled distortion boxes that come with the KPA.

    There are also some free rigs in the exchange that blow me away. 8o It's all good. My complaint is that there are just too many damn great profiles!

    When people talk about EMGs, they normally refer to those 81s that have been popular for metal rhythm sounds for a very long time. For that purpose they were very good at the time they came out. However, they suck at other genres. Clean and Crunch tones don´t come out nicely becuase ot the preamp EQ preshaping, they lack dynamics and string attack and like most active pickups there is a slight basic hiss. In the last years, more and more players changed back to passive pickups which also had the features that only active pickups had before. Before, passive pickup with high output always had the tendency to sound a little muffled because of the higher amount of wire coils. Now you can have all those featues at once. Passive (no need for battery, thus no basic hiss), bright and high output.

    When i had my custom guitar built, i got a recommendation to try Häussel pickups. They are a small company from Germany. Since i play metal most of the time i got the TOZZ XL in the bridge. This thing is a monster... Huge frequency response throughout the whole spectrum, huge output (i have to turn the clean sense down to 1.3). Sounds great in single coil mode too. Check them out if you like...

    I do love me some "metal" tones, even though I wouldn't call myself a metal guitarist. (too slow, too sloppy :wacko: )

    Maybe one day I'll change the pickups on this thing... but I have to admit that other than this issue which was pretty easily remedied, and user error more than anything else, I love the sound of this guitar. I don't hear hiss at all. The dynamic range seems really good to me, but I guess my experience with guitars is pretty limited. I went from a Rickenbacker 320 (hated it) to a G&L Skyhawk (love it) to my GM4T. I still have the G&L and the Steinberger and I love them both for different reasons. They may be "imperfect" but I'll call them "classic."

    I think this advice is good though I'd say it's more a matter of always having a back up of some sort no matter what. I used to have a Johnson V-Amp I'd keep in a bag just in case something went wrong, though nothing ever did. If I were gigging a lot again I'd create a "duplicate" of my patches on my POD HD500, just in case. It's just good sense. When I've done speaker support I keep a second computer running a duplicate presentation because you never know.

    Someone providing credentials and credibility for their review, that's who.

    "The sound operator (also commonly called production audio engineer, audio engineer, sound board operator, sound technician, sound mixer or A1) is the person responsible for the overall and total execution of all sound-related aspects of a theatrical performance."

    My bad. Weird, in my days doing audio engineering I never once heard this term, but that was a long time ago.

    OK, last night I spent a little more time trying to track this problem down, and I did. I also suspect that this problem manifested itself in an "ugliness" that I hear when I use Amplitube software in some situations. It's the EMG-85 humbucker that's in the bridge pickup! Here's the guitar:

    Mine's white, but that's the deal. The sound completely went away if I use the middle pickup or the neck/middle. I did have the bridge pickup pretty high, and backing it down did make the problem almost totally go away. I don't know if this could be part of the issue, but I have a Sustainiac Stealth Pro installed, so that's replaced my neck pickup. BTW, that pickup as a really cool sound when used as a pickup, but that's another story.

    So anyway, my adjustment brought the problem down to nearly zero, and a quick pickup change eliminated it totally. I guess I can live with this as it only seems to happen on some clean models anyway, but this schmutz was probably there the whole time, though masked by distortion.

    my brand new lap top can be called " beta " if compared with problems Kemper (did not ) giving to me .
    so , call that ALFA , and stop that beta bulshit . :D
    Kemper will always improve its OS and content , so it will never be "final " .

    Kemper is not a refrigerator , which is done once for ever regarding management and user interaction .
    (anyone for cold beer from my refrigerator ? 8) )

    Right, and I understand that it's nearly impossible to release a buggless release of any software driven device as complicated as the Kemper... but some of the "I got a software error because I had too many profiles on my machine" is the type of things that should be caught by a good QA department. In fact, I'm shocked that someone at Kemper isn't running a KPA with every single factory and Rig Exchange profile on it for beta testing.

    Anyway, I'll go for it, as I do want some of the features for sure and although I have what I think of as an excessive amount of profiles, it's not near what those who were having the update bug had on their machine.

    Bringing down Clean Sense should yield to the same result.
    Did the output led go red ever?

    Nope, I was getting the artifact even when the signal was loud but still pretty in the green. I'm going to call it an "artifact" because even though it was linked to the volume and sounded distorted, it was more like a lower level distorted signal overlaid on top of the clean signal than an amp over driven type of sound. My initial reaction was to blame the Kemper because lowering the cab volume did make it go away, but perhaps it just pushed it down closer to the noise floor and made it unnoticeable. I revised the title of the thread because now that I can no longer reproduce the issue I think it may be related to the world outside the KPA. I'm still looking for the cause.

    I'm another person who was waiting for a release version of 1.1... and now it's been skipped with a new beta? I know the terms "alpha," "beta," and "release" get trashed a lot in the software world (I was shocked to find people in software development don't seem to know that features are supposed to be locked in a beta) but should I just update and forget the "beta" designation?

    Here's a copy of what I just posted in The Amp Factory forum:


    OK, this is weird. I switched to my G&L and lo and behold, the problem went away! Bad Steinberger!

    ...OR IS IT? So then I plug the 'berger back in to see if some pre-amp EQ might get rid of the issue... and now I can't get the Steinberger to do it any more! WTF? The cable is good... the batteries fresh... I don't know what the hell could be going on. Sunspots?

    So... yeah. Not sure what the hell is going on, but the only thing I did Kemper wise was bring down the output volume to 9 as suggested... maybe that was it? So strange. I have an odd feeling that it might have been the Steinberger though, maybe some weird internal wiring? Maybe I frightened it into behaving better when I picked up the G&L? 8|

    Thanks! That's about exactly the conclusion I've come to, but it means bringing my higher gain levels down a lot and most rigs. I do keep the output volume maxed though... not sure why I wouldn't for best S/N. One thing I may also try is throwing a studio EQ on the first pedal slot in case it's the high frequency output of the EMGs that's messing things up.

    The KPA has tons of headroom!
    Does the clipping disappear when you bring down Clean Sense?

    Nope, doesn't seem to have much effect.

    I did some experimenting last night and I notice that while all the Amp Factory clean amps seem to do this, not all the included profiles do it, so perhaps it's something in the profile and not inherent to the device. I basically found if I make sure I leave a ton of headroom open and bring down the distortion rigs and up my input level on my audio interface (a MOTU 828) I can tweak around it. It's not the audio interface though, as I hear the artifact clearly in the headphone output too.

    Check if there are eqs in the Slots with Volume slightly turned up.
    Bought some profiles from and44 yesterday and also had clipping when struming hard. Had to turn down Volume of the otherwise flat eqs and gate to 0 (from around +1.5)

    Yeah, that's been my solution for his profiles. I think I need to actually visit his forum and suggest that he is a bit more careful with the gain in his Rigs.

    Still though, I wish the Kemper had a bit more headroom. There's one other issue it might be. It may be my guitar's fault, as my batteries may need a replacement. I'll check it tonight and see if that helps.