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    As kpahuitsing said, Janne, either your interface automatically synced to the incoming clock from the Kemper (from the KPA's S/PDIF output), you set the interface to do so or you just got lucky.

    Ok, I read his explanation the other way around... :S

    So I must really have had a extremely lucky day then... I did 4 complete tracks of rhythm guitar one day and then the day after I realized that I had forgotten to sync the interface with the KPA. ||

    Fired up the project in Logic and went though all 4 track both visually and by ear and not a single click in any take! :saint:

    Never have had that happened before...

    Yes, but this time was the first time I made a recording without any clicks and glitches without manually set my KPA to be the master clock.

    So I wonder if this new feature was pre-launched already in later versions of OS6?

    Did that auto-sync-on-input arrive with os 6 already?

    It would explain why I managed to record a 4 track session without any glitches even when I forgot to put the KPA as master... 8|

    It's actually a feature.

    If you think of the text as the name of the slot (instead of the what rig is currently used) it will make sense. You can then name slots as "Intro", "break", "Solo" etc.

    But as a convenience, when you FIRST load a rig into an empty slot I copies the rig name as the default name of the slot.

    If the slot already have a name it will not do that, but there is a button in edit mode that does this for you if you want.

    I’ve seen this reported by PC users too. Mainly laptop users.

    I’m on Mac and have had my KPA connected for years without any problems. But I’m using a desktop so my guess is that it have something with the shutdown of the USB buss when the computer goes to sleep that the KPA can’t handle.

    This might be different depending on both the computer model and operating systems. And I’ve seen some user reporting similar problems that been solved by changing usb cables or usb hubs.

    Yup, it’s a great amp. They approached the digital amp paradigm slightly different then Line6 by using real Celestion speakers (the speaker emulated output is not that great to be honest) so they could concentrate on the pure amp part.

    I also liked the decision to not focus on emulating specific amp models, instead do great clean/crunch/drive/lead models in two variations (English/American?). And the motorised controls are sick!

    I’d put some profiles on the RE years ago and the amp is now stored away since it’s impossible to sell it and way to good for throwing away...

    Superior Drummer 3 is amazing...

    Logics Drummer is actually divided in two parts, The Drummer: the AI part that creates the grooves and the Drumkit Designer: that is the "drum kit" similar to EZ-drummer, but with less options.

    What many people don't know is that you can just replace the Drumkit Designer with basically any other drum plugin that follows the GM standard within the Drummer track. Superior Drummer 3 even has a mapping preset for Logics Drummer.

    Strange. You looked at MOTU, right Janne? Mark of the Unicorn goes back to the early '80s in its association with Apple, and Digital Performer was Mac-only from 1983/4 -> just a few years ago.

    Yes I did and MOTU was definatly one of the contenders but price wise here in Europe Focusrite gave more bang for the buck... The other serious contender were RME, but at that time they were basically 100% Windows focused and did all Mac drivers as a second thought. Brilliant hardware but there were a lot of issues were people had to wait for updates... (and expensive also)

    This have changed these days and now we also have UA and Apogee as great choices!

    I still think Focusrite has the better price/value ratio AND a great Mac support.

    What are your experiences with Focusrite + Mac OS X - I hear Focuswrite also has issues updating their drivers. Don't want same issue as with M-Audio again.

    I don't know were you've heard that?

    I know where you are coming from, after a really bad stint with M-Audio having drivers that never worked for years. Then Tascam with an interface that got abandoned since they didn't really do their software in-house...

    I spent a lot of time researching what manufacturers really do support and use Macs themselves... and Focusrite came out on top, and this is 10 years ago!

    Bought their (then) new Saffire Pro 40 and have never had any problems using it at all! No driver issues at all! Sill using it on my brand new Mac using the FW400 -> FW800 cable -> Thunderbolt 2 adapter -> Thunderbolt 3 adapter... And it works like a charm!

    If this should break I would gladly buy a Focusrite interface again!

    I just got the new i9 based 27" iMac to replace my old MacPro from 2008.

    Amazing machine!!!

    10x times faster, totally silent and an amazing screen!

    It's great to see Apple deliver a real Pro class machine, but don't expect to afford it if you're not that Pro...

    Well I have to chime in here too.

    I have never before had any problem what so ever updating my KPA from RM.

    But today I had the exact same issue as Reufus described. After several restarts of both RM and my KPA the update succeeded.

    I updated from the previous official release, using the latest RM version. This on a Mac, OS 10.14.5.