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    Hi All,

    Just recently, (after the latest operating system update I think??), the KPA turns on blasting white noise with the input LED showing bright red. This happens about 1 in 5 cases on turn on and absolutely fine for the other times.

    Anyone else experienced the same problem or have any ideas for troubleshooting please. If I had to guess I would say the OS update was corrupted as I do remember it being problematic with laptop issues etc but I'm not sure how to re-initialise the OS when rig manager already recognises I have the latest version.

    Thanks for any advice.


    Thanks everyone.

    I did have wah to vol linked, (although no wah activated ) and when I unchecked it, I got the boost. Weird! And now cannot repeat the error.

    This pedal however is definitely not for me and I think I will buy a Dunlop DVP3, (especially as I have just discovered morphing which is a fantastic function).
    I appreciate your time. Such a cool forum!


    Hi finally, yes I am.
    I realise I can accomplish this in other ways but I’m trying to work out why the boost configuration (+ve pedal range settings) won’t work for me.


    Hi all,

    I bought a mission ep1 kp pedal and tried to use it as a volume boost post stack or post rig.
    After configuring as a volume pedal at the appropriate location in the chain and setting the pedal range to +5 (max), I’d understood that I would get around 24 db of volume increase at the toe but get nothing like this. If I listen carefully I can just about detect a change in the level from heel to toe but no way you could call it a boost.

    I have calibrated the pedal and can see the midi number (cc?) go from 0 to 127 so don’t see an issue here. The pedal also works very well as whah so I’m a bit stumped why it doesn’t in the application I described.

    After looking through the forum, I see I can achieve what I want in other ways such as morphing the rig volume or morphing a boost in the output but it’s bugging me that this configuration doesn’t seem to work as it should.

    I have tried with the range set at -5 btw and it does work (although it transpires that this is certainly not a nice pedal to use for vol in my opinion). So it’s just positive range settings where it falls over.

    Any ideas of what I am doing wrong or similar experiences?

    Thanks a lot,


    Hi everyone,

    I think I will buy an IK iLoud to listen to my Kemper at home. Sacrilege I know but it’s only for noodling whilst sat on the sofa and I don’t intend to do any mixing or recording. I have yet to hear how it sounds with the Kemper but It ticks a lot of my boxes being small and portable and stereo (ish?) so thought it was worth a punt. Near field monitors won’t cut it for my application as I just want a single box balanced on top of the Kemper - I don’t have anywhere to set up a permanent ‘station’ tbh.

    Anyway, the question is whether I should connect it to the headphone output or the XLR outputs. Any ideas what would be the better option please (and why, just for my education). I should have all the appropriate connections/adapters for either solution and will of course try both if/when I do pull the trigger but good to know people’s thoughts.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.


    Thanks for trying to help Gianfranco. I'm not entirely convinced its the USB because I am able to communicate in one direction (preview mode loads the rig from rig exchange on to the KPA with no issues).
    I have now emailed Kemper and they have already replied (on a Sunday!!!!) so lets see how they can help progress this issue.

    Thanks again for your time,

    Hi Gianfranco and Oozish, thanks for taking time to reply. I do not see any progress bar so no handshaking going on I guess (any ideas how to fix this?). I have never progressed this problem since rig manager was introduced and have always felt I'm missing out on this useful feature.

    (BTW Oozish, I've never had the problem connecting to the rig exchange , it's the interface between the unit and the software on my laptop that is giving me grief).


    Hi all,

    I hope someone can help as rig manager is driving me nuts.
    It seems to recognise the KPA no problem as it shows up just under rig exchange (on the left) whenever I plug into the USB port. However, it shows no rigs .... "shawn(0)" regardless of re-installing the software, uninstall and reinstalling coinstall drivers, standing on one leg whilst blindfold and every other bit of advice I could find on this forum.
    Anyway, today I tried something new which may give someone a heads up what is going on - I previewed a rig from rig exchange (this works perfectly BTW so the software is obviously taking to the KPA) and then hit "store" on the KPA. Guess what!! It now shows "shawn(1)" in the rig manager.
    How the devil do I get it to recognise (synch???) any of the other rigs on my KPA.

    I'd love to work this out because I have been trying ever since rig manager was introduced. Any help very much appreciated.


    Thanks for a prompt response G String - your support of the product and continual enhancements are a credit to you and you deserve every success with this brilliant piece of kit.

    With regard to the question in hand, I noted your comment "device name not very important right now" and was happy enough to take this onboard without full understanding. However, I can confirm that (for my setup at least) RigManager recognises 'device name' and not 'owner name' - when I plug in the USB interface, it is Mau_KPA(0) that shows in the left hand window of RigManager (with a pictorial representation of the Kemper unit) ie the 'device name'. When I changed this in the system menu on the Kemper to match 'owners name', I could then see Shawn(0). This does seem to contradict what you stated in your reply and either way it is still not recognising any rigs in the unit. (And yes, I did lose all my favourites status with the name change - worse things happen at sea!). BTW, I was sure to make sure that the 'author's name' in the software's settings correlated with my changes so this isn't the issue.

    I suspect that this may be due to the fact that the software is still in beta and I've decided to put to one side for the time being and will revisit at a later date. It will no doubt be a great addition to the Kemper's functionality sometime soon.

    Best regards,

    Hello everybody,

    Thanks for a very helpful and informative forum. I have a very simple question regarding the info contained in the 'system' 'show tag' section ....

    I have two line items here detailing device name as 'Mau_KPA' and owners name as 'Shawn' (my name). I think the 'Mau_KPA may be an artefact of using another member's backup in the past - Maurizio70 (He kindly posted his backup to give new users a headstart) but not really sure and I didn't have too much success understanding the relevance or function of this data from the manuals.

    The question has actually arisen as a result of trying to use the new rig management software - I connected to the rig exchange fine (folder now contains 3926 rigs) but have another folder named 'Mau_KPA' that shows 0 rigs inside. I want access to the rigs on my Kemper and I think that my failure to do so is something to do with the 'show tag' naming issues.

    I don't wish to confuse the question with my rig management software issues - I will no doubt work it out in due course but will really appreciate it if anyone can get the ball rolling by explaining the difference between device name and owner name, what function do they perform, should they be the same, should I delete one of these entries, etc etc.

    Thanks in advance for any help.