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    Price is negotiable and will separate the Monitor, Remote and Kemper. No trades.

    $2,850 shipped for all.

    Powered Kemper head - good condition, full with 1k profiles. $1,800

    Remote - $400

    Mission Kemper Expression Pedal - $125

    Electro Voice EXK 12P - $500

    Kemper Carry Bag - $100

    Flight Case - $75

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    One Kone should be enough to compete with just about any practice situation and even live ones where there's no PA. I mean, if a 200 watt speaker can't get it done, how can speakers with way less than half that rating (Greenbacks, Vintage 30s etc) have done so since the dawn of the electric guitar?

    There is no issue with the wattage. That only becomes relevant when you turn the power amp up too far. At which point your ears are going to be bleeding anyway and the speaker is going to let you know you're screwing up by sounding horrible.

    Because most people use 4 of them with 100w-120w amps?

    Would be nice to get a single 12" speaker to use. I will stick with EV monitor unless they make a 4x12 Kone Kab.

    I am kind of new to Kemper so maybe this is user error but the profiles I have (professional like Sinmix for example) I can BARELY keep up with the band at practice using the Kemper. I can get there but there is zero headroom. I would definitely blow a Kone speaker unless I had 4 of them.

    I have downloaded the manual and have asked a ton of questions (Facebook group seems to be way more helpful then the forums, not hating just honest) but are there any tutorials anywhere?

    The manuals can be overwhelming but there are so many simple, basic questions people like myself may have.

    Eg. How to save a rig as permanent? Where do I find stomp boxes to add if the profile didn't already have them? Just tons of random basic questions I have and creating a thread for each one seems like me spamming so I was wondering if there was a course or tutorial that is good that will cover the most frequent basic questions?

    Just curious, how much? Those are good cabs.

    If you were to audition a lot of high gain amps through the same cabinet, they largely sound the same. The cab is a lot more than half the tone.

    And your playing is a big portion of the other half. Often surprising how much great guitar players sound like the sound even when they change their gear over time :)

    Agree to an extent.

    I have owned several high gain amps - Bogner, VHT, Peavey, PRS, and more. They all have their own voicing where as I am finding many of the profiles I have tried (only a dozen or so thus far) do not. Just wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong.

    Very new to Kemper and I have come to realize that using the powerhead with guitar cab may not be ideal. I am being told by many users that when I run FOH this will sound very different than my 4x12 and that is troublesome.

    So what is the best method?

    Studio Monitors?

    Powered FRFR?

    Non powered PA speakers?

    My goal is to choose a profile at home that I like best but when I go to play live and run FOH have it sound the same.

    Just got my first Kemper.

    A very Interesting NGD for me and I am unsure what to think yet. It had a few basic profiles installed from the previous owner, I used it at band practice and damn it sounded great, pleasantly surprised it actually sounds like an amp. I chose the best random profile and it actually sounded better than my 6505+ (let the other guitarist use mine while his is in the shop) the bass was just so much deeper and tighter. Sounded pretty damn good for a plug and play. Now I have some college courses to take to learn this thing.

    So anyway the ultimate question/observation. To all the long time Kemper pros......Does every single profile sound the same? To me, so far they do. I got some (Cameron/Bogner) profiles that are supposed to be legit and IDK. I DO like the Kemper and it sounds good but I was expecting a bit of a difference between profiles.

    What I mean specifically here is the voicing. They just all sound the same. Different EQ sure but the same core tone every time. Is this user error? Or is this Kemper?

    I am using the Powered Head into a 4x12 guitar cab and (I think) I am turning off the CAB sim by simply pressing the Cabinet button. (kind of sounds the same with it on or off anyway)and I go straight for the high gain metal tones.

    Hello, I have been on the fence for years and have finally ordered a Kemper. While I am waiting for the mail I have been researching all of the profiles to see what I will start with however I am trying to get a collective on tips and tricks concerning the hardware side of things as I am sure I have much to learn.

    I will be using a powered toaster into my 4x12 guitar cab and running FOH to start with I believe. Open to other options later but for now what are some things that you wish you knew when you first got your Kemper?

    So far I have seen the following:

    There is a -12db switch, use it.

    Disable cab sims

    Do an initiate globals in the system menu. Make sure Purecab is off in the output menu. Initiate globals will turn this back on (Not quite sure what this even means, is this a fancy way of saying disable cab sims?)

    I will certainly be reading the manual and experimenting but anything else I should know?

    I said a "studio" Kemper as something specific. Yes you can use it in the studio but it is to profile guitar tones. Im speaking of profiling recorded (studio) tones. As in taking stems or guitar wavs and profiling those. I don't think that's going to be the same as a matched eq tone. That, like the mooer is simply taking your tone and matching the eq to another tone afaik.

    Im aware of how other instruments affect the sound of a guitar in a mix. It could still work and be a benefit. Sure not everyone will like it or use it but that is essentially the same thing as saying SD3 midi packs are useless because they aimed for a specific thing when they recorded and mixed them. Just an idea. Not everyone will like

    This was not my idea. I will credit Racerxrated on the Rig-Talk forum and I am unsure if this has been discussed here or if it is already a thing. I am unsure exactly how the Kemper works but I assume it captures the wave data. We also have plugins like eq matching and all this crazy tech today.

    Why not come out with a studio kemper? Something to cop recorded tones, there are isolated guitar tracks all over the web from your favorite albums. This could be something really cool.

    I am sorry to do this. I am sure it has been beaten to death and everyone is tired of it :p

    I have asked around other places but I wanted to hear what the (potentially) Kemper biased players have to say before I make my decision.

    I really wanted the Kemper when it came out but I bought a Rev 2 Uberschall instead. I love the amp but I have become a pedal addict spending money :) and even then I hear other amps like the Gemini or Elmwood among others and get the GAS all the time. I have finally decided to pull the trigger and go digital.

    I cannot afford every amp that I hear and I figured this would be the closest and best solution to be able to get my fix whenever it may arise.

    The AX8 has had me very interested and actually made me decide that I am going to get something digital. The portability really appeals to me. I have a Giant 116 lb cab and a 53 lb amp plus pedals. I play with 2 groups and frankly I am tired of lugging gear.

    Those are the two reasons I have decided to go digital. Portability and endless options. I was all set on the AX8, I have signed up for the waiting list and am ready to go but my friend reminded me of the Kemper and I cannot stop going back and forth between them.

    I will say that I prefer high end, high gain amps for brutal metal. Up until today, on here when I found a specific Uberschall profile video I was very disappointed by what I have heard regarding profiles of amps like this. It simply did not do it justice and left much to be desired. With that said I feel with the Kemper I will be limited and at the mercy of the Profiler. It seems in order to get a really good profile you need to come out of your pocket and spend more money which is fair but not appealing since I am trying to just get something and be done buying gear for a while.

    With all of that said TL;DR why did you go Kemper? What benefits have you found? What struggles have you found?

    Trying to decide if I should go with the Kemper or the AX8. Hopefully this is allowed and sorry to post something that 10,000,000 others have posted. I am trying to do and have been doing all of the research I can. Last stop was talking to the Kemper guys n gals.