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    Michael. You know we can't help it. It's like any other addiction.

    Do I really need this?

    But do I buy it??

    So much dead slamming guitarsound. Do I ever use it? Probably some few of them a few times. Maybe one of them as a new favorite to be used live.

    But I just got to have it. It would spoil my sleep otherwise.

    And in the end of the day I'm just greatfull and thank you on my knees.

    My wife moved out so it will not get me in problems this time.

    You are the greatest.

    To be honest, I saw that the guy playing guitar at night by the fire got all the girls.
    So the reason I started playing guitar was pussy.

    But soon I discovered the power of music and what it can do to you when it works.

    That was really a bit 'tongue-in-cheek'. I appear to be cursed with either being too damn picky (most people who know me know thats generally not me), or not being able to find 'the right strat'. No matter how good the fit, I always find something that just doesn't quite work.

    The search goes on!

    I had the same block - that's until I played a Suhr. Now all my other guitars collect dust in the stand.
    It's a shame mostly for my PRS and my 79 Ibanez Artist. And my Suhr is not even a custom model.

    I just had to have it.
    And i realize now that i need help.
    It's time to form AKPA. Anonymous Kemper Profile Addicts.
    And please Mike. Dont do this to us. We cannot help ourselves.
    But WOW. Killer sound. Again.
    Who can tell me when I really dont need more profiles???
    Maybe that is what a wife is for!!!

    I resently saw a video where he's pushing it from some Laney.

    See for yourself:

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    These profiles are doing well.

    At least for my Suhr SC PUs which are picky and difficult to please.

    The clean is warm and full without any tweak and that goes for the midgain as well.
    Only the highgain profiles need to have the definition lowered at bit. (for my taste and ear)

    For my HB guitars everything plays out of the box.

    I didn't try them out at my live gear so I had to use a speaker in the rig to play on my studio monitors.

    I have for quite a while been using MB-profiles. And they are still fine. But I can't stop looking for the "don't miss this" profile on RE.

    And I've found one now.
    Tried it live this sunday, and I was blown away. And some of the digital sceptics told me, it was the best sound they had heard from my KPA ever - for what that might be worth.

    I'm talking about the DB SLO 100 HG from an author named Dave.

    It just played out of the box. No tweaking at all. It's rare for my Suhr PUs that often makes it harsh and fizzy in the top with most profiles, gained or not.

    Michael Britts profiles is the best thing that have happend to my KPA.

    I had promissed myself not to purchase more commercial stuff after a number of dissapointments.

    But I realized that these profiles was a game changer and I had to respond.

    Kemper should cover him with gold and include his profiles.

    The KPA is only as good as the profiles avilable and these profiles make the KPA so much better.

    There is a little problem with the KPA.
    Too many awsome profiles.

    I have a performance bank for testing new profiles out of the house and use it to give the ones i like a shot on the stage. (I know - risky, but nobody dies.)

    Yesterday I tried the Speedster Cranked 2 out live and it stayed on for most of the evening. Only a few songs called for a more high powered JP profile from Djemass.

    This Speedster is a keeper. Only needed a tiny tweak to adapt it for my Suhr. Might be my prefered standard to go for a while, until next time something hits me and my unfaitfull heart are lost to another sweet profile.

    Thanks to Hays for this. Awsome!


    I agree with Meambobbo : there is no way to share tweaks. I think this is a reason that the kemper FX are under estimated! Take any rigs (free or commercial), add a bunch of fx (eq, chorus, pitch,...) , eventually change the cab, and you can get tottally another sound. Are Many hours of tweaking less valuable than a profiling session. IMO, i do not think so.

    I'm not sure this is correct.

    I have to tweak the sound for the pickup I use it with for my Suhr. And it is hopeless to use a rig tweaked for the Suhr with my Ibanez 2630. Or maybe I should say that the color of the sound is so different from what I aimed for in the tweak.

    I even think that the PU used in the profiling session determines what PU it should be used with in order of not to be too woo-ish or too treble-ish.

    For a long time I played live over a setup with 2 Tech21 PE 60 with greenbacks. Then i changed to FRFR and none of my tweaks worked as they were ment to after the change.

    I do believe that a tweak is for at least the guitar and the breakout and hence the sharing of the tweaks is not that importent.

    Because it was tweaked for something els.

    I came to this conclusion when I had a rig swap session with a friend. He has a Suhr with mid-boosted Michael Landauer PUs while I have a model with the line of Suhr PUs they used before. And we simply could not use each others tweaks.

    What a stunning profile it is. The Fuchs 2.6.0.

    It needed only a tiny tweaking. I can't get my arms down.

    I've been using it live - it was 100% and the only rig I used that night. For now it's my #1 fav. (It changes fast with this thing you all must know. Unfaíthfull is my middlename when it comes to sound on my KPA.)

    Man.. Thanks for this unbelievingly complete profile. With just a tweak on volumen on the guitar it goes from clean to screaming on the same rig. No stumps. It's responding so well to my Suhr.

    And to Kemper. Thanks for bringing this authenticity into the rigs with this update. Can't wait to see whats comming now.