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    I've recently posted on TGP along your same line, arriving at the same conclusions: I've got everything I need for making music for the rest of my life. I've just got the active CLR.


    Yea untill it breaks and you need service from Atomic. Then you will have to go acoustic for a long long time...

    Is it really that hard to aknowledge that some people actually prefer the Axe-Fx over the Kemper?
    That some people ( by tonematching or tweaking ) find the Axe-Fx to be more accurate?
    That your truth and facts might not be the universal answer?
    I know for a fact that some people find both units amazing and extremely accurate.
    Both units have their strengths and weaknesses, Some like blonds some like browns.
    Acceptance is the first step.

    Who really cares what Helix does or dosnt. If it can play 10 amps at a time or not. If it cost 1400 or 400.
    If it sounds like Line6 it is still useless.
    Maybe we should wait untill we actually hear usefull demos from products before we doom them or dont.

    So has the FX8 been abandoned already then?!

    At at least with Kemper you KNOW you've made the right decision ;) :)

    Why would it be abandoned???
    You have 2 cars.
    Car 1 is buildt to pull a trailer. With that one purpose only.
    Car 2r can pull a trailer but is not buildt for it so it will not do as good a job at it as car 1. But it can do some other things that car 1 just cant.
    it drives alot better with no trailer attached or whatever.

    This doesnt make one of the cars useless.
    If you are sure you need to pull a trailer all the time, you buy car 1
    If not you buy car 2
    Or who knows, maybe there might even be a car 3 that fits you better. But that still dosnt mean that car 1 and 2 are useless.

    I don't get the constant comparing of FX8 and AX8.
    It is 2 different units.
    1 is a all in one floorbased moddeler the other is a all in 1 effect unit optimized for use with a " real" amp.
    How one can be overprized because of the price of the other makes no sence at all to me.

    I also don't get all the negative comments. Seriously, another unit means more competition which in the end means better products for us..

    Is that really the criticism being lobbied at the KPA? I am honestly asking because I don't visit other forums. If that is the case that is just silly and misinformed.

    While I would agree the KPA may not offer the same level of granular tweaking as the alternative (almost to a fault) I hardly consider the KPA profiles to be a static snapshot. In fact one of my favorite rigs right now is based on a M. Britt profile where I basically tweaked the gain and EQ settings until I found my perfect tone.

    This is the critism from the few fanboys. As well as a few here say that tonematch is useless.
    Both forums have their bad seeds. None better then the other.
    Both units perform very well, and both would fit pretty much any need for anyone.
    AND both units can easilly be tweaked to sound exactly like the "real" thing.
    I just wish this idiotic bashing on both sides would stop. But hey, its the internet so who am I kidding...

    I still have my NL212 and GT1000FX. I'm contemplating selling both for an all-in-one solution - something I can take to a gig if I need stage volume, or leave at home if not in use. The FR212 IS indeed awesome, but that doubles my carrying weight (it's close to 60 lbs., whereas the NL212, which I'm spectacularly happy with tonally, is around 30 lbs.), and doesn't solve the problem of hot having to take a power amp to a gig when I'm not using that functionality.

    Matrix Q12A ?

    I find it amazing that people have to write on other forums to get in touch with Atomic amps.
    Happened here, and also on FAS forum.
    I simply have no idea how anyone can call that good service?

    But glad you solved your issue.

    Yes Matrix Q12 will fit perfect for that. IMO the best choise for the buck if you want something that can do it all.

    I have used mine for Monitors aswell for quite a while now.

    Ist pretty simple. They put out exactly what you put in.