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    I read my first post again, abit amazed how people read it.
    I can now see how it can be misread.
    I did in no way intend to say that Kemper didn't give free updates.
    I meant that it sounded like someone was jalous on the freqvent updates comming from Fractal.
    Sorry if I was misunderstood, english isn't my native language.
    As to vibro's comment
    The OP refers to this. A way to 'sense' an amp and emulate it better.
    I think that is what the Axe-Fx is all about, and was meant for from the very first standard came out 8 years ago.
    I dont think that have alot, if anything, to do with Kemper.

    I guess some are more paranoid then others.
    I am still happy with both units and ANY new update, no matter how fast it arrives.
    And exept from tonematching in FW 6, what other features made it " more like a KPA"?
    That is really just BS IMO.
    Regarding your last point. I have been through every update since 3. something, and it NEVER changed my tone to more then 2 min tweaking would give back.

    So he releases yet another new update for free, that people can use if they want, or leave it if they dont.
    How on earth can that be a bad thing?
    I agree that " Oh now it sounds even better" seems a bit off when you hear it for the 10th time, but seems to me that alot of KPA users here are pretty jalous that they dont get free improved updates. (Wrong written. Read post 27)
    And regarding to destroying your tones??? Isn't it your choise if you want new tones or not?
    Anyways i have both a KPA and an Axe II. Like them both, but would still welcome every single improvement from both sides.
    Not gonna flame someone for improving anythig. That is simply to low.

    Yes Lukather is a great player.
    As for the others on Kempers list I simply dont know them.
    That might be my mistake, dosnt really matter.
    I was simply asking for a reason why the artist list was so much more impressive on the Axe, that's all.
    But jeez ppl take that as an offence.
    Last i looked it was only gear. Not religion.
    I will be quiet now.

    LOL, don't worry. You did not offend anybody but still you have not answered with any example of top selling artist using the Axe Fx for its amp sounds.

    Steve Vai
    Madonna and Monte Pitt
    and the list just goes on and on.
    I am sorry for you if you really see this as trolling.
    I just find it hard to imagine that all these are wrong.
    But hey that is just me...

    As I said, I also don't really care, but comparing the artist list IMO the axe wins by 100000 miles.
    I am deff not a pro so i often look to an "expert" rewiewing a product.
    I just don't see any experts on the Kemper side.
    With experts i mean top selling artists.
    And i really wouldn't count Muse in, since they also own and use the Axe.

    I see alot of "Kemper sounds much better then the Axe" here.
    I have no part in this and don't care much, but howcome that is not shown on the artist list, if this would be true?
    No offence, but no big names at all uses the Kemper. Or am I just looking the wrong places?