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    Selling my Kemper Powerhead (like new condition, only 2 tiny scratches on the bottom near the feet, version6.0 software, reset to factory settings) , Kemper Remote (mint condition), and Namba Bag (new condition). All gear is in a smoke free home. Bought all of this during a time I quit playing out so it has been home gear. The remote still has the plastic on the screen and hasn’t been stepped on with shoes.

    Asking the following:

    Kemper Powerhead- $1950.00-sold

    Kemper Remote- $350-sold

    Namba Bag- $100-sold

    Honestly, you won't go wrong either but if you have the money I would buy the powered version for the simple fact you can be ready for any situation without any extra equipment (I am a minimalist). I use mine with Yamaha dxr10 and Mesa 4x12 and the KPA rocks through both setups. I think with your situation you would benefit from the powered version but just my 2 cents.good luck

    Another great option is the voicelive play gtx. Same types of effects as the voicelive 2 only in a smaller stompbox. I use a midi controller thru the kpa to control both units simoutaneously. just another option. Good luck

    I'm not real sure about matching volumes but I can say that I have the powerhead and still use a powered speaker. I just wanted to clear up confusion that the powerhead can't be used with the yamaha dxr10 because that is my set up as well as using it with a mesa 4x12. I haven't experimented with using them at the same time but you just have to use the appropriate output for whichever speaker setup you are using. The mesa 4x12 takes the powered out while the yamaha takes the nonpowered outputs (monitor or mains). I can say the yamaha get extremely loud as well. I hope I have made sense and didn't misinterpret previous statements. Best of luck.

    I just want to thank the contributors of the wiki page because it has helped me countless times and I've referred potential buyers to the site as well. It is a wonderful resource and a first stop if you encounter a question about the kpa. It actually does away with silly questions on the forum as well. I hope that it lives on, but I totally understand the time/resource discussion and wish you all the best. On my behalf, I sincerely thank you for all of the effort put into such great resource that doesn't exist for many other pieces of gear out there. Thanks.

    @lightbox....Congrats on the dual kpa's. I was originally joking about getting a third and making profiles, but it just spiked my interest. Anyway, it sounds like the dual kpa's are a killer setup. Keep on rockin. -Adam

    Just for my own curiosity, and it's very possible that I don't fully understand the process, but I remembered reading the following thread that said this had been successful (3 kpas for dual profiles). If you get a chance check out the following thread and see if its my mistake or if it might be possible:

    "Black and white Magic: alas, the universe did not cease to be: profiling two Profilers"

    I am having issues with latency when switching rigs on the kemper too. I'm also having latency when using midi thru the kemper into a vocal pedal. Does anyone know if the Kpa could be causing the latency in the vocal pedal since it's going through the "midi thru" in the back of the kpa?

    I'm also trying to figure out if any of it has to do with my midi pedal sending too many messages but I'm not sure how to check this. I might have to email the manufacturer.

    I searched for a similar setup for a very long time. I ended up with a liquid foot+ mini+. It doesn't have an expression pedal attached so you would have to buy one separate, but it has 8 switches, is customize-able in any way that you can think of, it will display the tuner and names of the rigs through midi, and can be phantom powered through midi. The best part is that it's only 11" x 5". It is pricey, but I thought I would reply to your post in case you hadn't checked them out before. Good luck with your search/build.

    Instead of waiting on the kpa foot controller I decided to purchase the liquid foot mini+ controller. I cannot imagine a more comprehensive controller and it could very easily be used in a professional situation. Its only limitation is your mind and its dimensions are 11" x 5".

    The price for a new unit was 420 dollars so it's not that much more than many of the other controllers. I know there are many third party controllers that kpa users are more than happy with. I'm sure Kemper will make an outstanding controller but I am 100% satisfied with this solution.