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    "I have practice on Tuesday. I will be putting the Kemper into service at practice for the first time with the band. I will be bringing my VHT rig home and putting it up on eBay (I already sold my 4x12 cab, just my 2x12, VHT 50 ST and Digitech 2120 left in my old rig).

    I will be kind of sad to see it go. It has been a rock solid rig for me for around 15 years. My heart will miss it, but my back won't!"

    Hopefully, you used your new Kemper to profile multiple settings of the amp you are about to sell. Pretty cool trick to both sell it and "keep it"!

    My problem with no preview is solved, as it required further tweaking in my Virtual Box, on my MacBook. It will be great whenever the Mac Rig Manager is released. Please hurry! :)

    Whenever I run Rig Manager (latest version), there is no problem getting all rigs, and it has my local library folder, etc. This part loads up quickly with 0 problems. However, it will not preview any rig from the exchange, and whenever I copy a rig from the exchange, and place it in my local folder, it will not load into my Kemper, even after rebooting RM. I had to load my usb stick with the rig I wanted to test, and load it the "old fashioned" way, which of course defeats the purpose of the librarian. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    After uninstalling, reinstalling Rig Manager, Virtual Box, and Windows 7, several times, it finally synced with the KPA!!! I copied my rigs to the local folder, and tried deleting all on the KPA, but after two hours of waiting for the rigs to be deleted, I just stopped the process. As it turns out, no rigs were deleted, so I'll spend some more time with it, deleting maybe 25 at a time, and see where that takes me. I'm still anxious to get the Mac version, so I can utilize a full screen for the Rig Manager. Glad it works though! :)


    I think Windows comes with a free 120 day trial period

    I bought Windows 7 32bit Ultra, installed Virtual Box, on my Mac Book, and although the rig exchange shows up, the Kemper will NOT sync to my system. So......any suggestions?

    Sorry for the rant, but the whole reason I switched to Mac was to get past this antiquated driver crap in Windows. I have installed Virtual Box on my MacBook Pro, installed Windows 7 32 bit Ultimate(ultimate frustration), downloaded 2.3.1 on the KPA, downlaoded Rig Manager, and it grabs everything from the rig exchange, but simply will NOT sync with the Kemper, which means it is completely useless. Please tell us MAC users some real info!!!!! If I buy a windows machine, and the MAC version is released soon, I am going to be extremely pissed. Please Kemper, pick 1 - Q1, Q2, Q3, or Q4. Thank you.

    My Profiler will not sync with Virtual Box on MacBook Pro.I've tried the front USB and the back. The test connection says "ok" on either port, and I can get the rig exchange to load in the Rig Manager, but when I double click on a rig - nothing happens on the profiler, and I have 2.3.1. Any suggestions?

    Yes, I was hoping the future foot controller, would both control a full size KPA, and be a "play" only Kemper. That would give folks who wish for combining amps the ability, while being the foot controller for both.

    It is somewhat close, but really not ready for any live use, IMO. 13 pin will take you there with proper technique, on a consistent and reliable basis, you have to get over adding a pickup, guitarists add them for normal electric guitars, all the time. However, I can't wait for Midi Guitar to be fully realized. By the way, using it with Omnisphere (textures, etc.), or any strings, pads, etc., is not a good test. Piano is, and it is not quite there yet, but I hope Jam Origin keeps up their outstanding work!