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    thanks Andy... grabbed me some additional two-rocks.. hey when are you coming out with the new two-rock that you posted about recently?

    Thank you for the insight... I made a trip recently to do some recording in LA and at the end of the trip I scheduled some time with Tom A at his facility... he was kind enough to see me on his day off.. I really enjoyed the tour of the facility and especially the guitars he builds. Part of our conversation was briefly on this subject thus my previous statement. So your comment made me fact check back with Tom. My question, Did you ever build parts for Suhr or Pensa-Suhr? I'd read that you built parts for Mark Knopfler's trans-yellow Pensa-Suhr.... but was unclear on how long you provided parts for John. His reply is quoted below..

    "hi tim,
    yes we made bodies and necks for lots of people, them included through 1990. that's when we stopped to concentrate on our own guitars. yes we made all of those first carved top pensa suhrs.

    Tom Anderson
    Tom Anderson Guitarworks"

    the OP doesn't or won't give details or respond to the numerous suggestions given in good faith and continues on without trying any advice. Am I being cynical to suggest other motives at play here?

    I guess that part of being in a family of sorts, it can happen to the best of us.. I believe that the OP has moved on to new gear as a resolution to his issue and has offered an apology/explanation in his post. Probably time to move on, at least for me.

    Has anyone tried to record with the kemper on the ipad using an interface like ApogeeJam, Irig Pro?
    Isn't the level too loud(especially if you're using a distorsion from kemper) ? Doesn't it clip?

    what software are you using on the iPad for recording tracks? I have a couple and can adjust the track input volume without issues.

    lasvideo, I used one from the Rig Exchange.. Vibrochamp 1966, authored by Simon B; it provides a nice edge and brightness, along with reverb and delay. I tweaked it of course but it provides a nice tone.. back in the day we played through blackface Fenders to amplify our acoustics... still sounds good! Thank you.

    rothko61, thank you for listening and the feedback! it's not my intent to offend you with my beliefs, I apologize. I see music as music... a gift that I've been blessed with, like all of us on this site. I'm not especially fond of song with vulgar language but still will listen and provide meaningful feedback, such as you've graciously afforded me.

    thank you alwainwright

    Just finished a new Sowing the Seeds video... well... it's close enough to share.. there's still some additional work to be added but it's good enough.. Sowing the Seeds

    Randy and I wrote this sitting on my back porch during his visit a couple weeks ago while recording vocal tracks for our upcoming CD, My Hearts Desire. The acoustic was recorded with the Kemper track via LR Baggs M80 pickup (very nice, magnetic and is microphonic in one assembly) and a Neumann mic track, blended together.. guitar effects/ ambiance are via the Kemper..

    It's a laid back tune but has a nice southern style... Enjoy...

    yeah.. that makes sense for Roland.. years ago I used one to control my presets in my effects banks for my Marshall rig. The FCB and KPA units, while in Performance mode, used to allow you to change from one performance to another in a single step.. (still does), only before, the slot number stayed the same.. so if you were in slot 4 of performance 1 and you switched to performance 2, slot 4 was what you got.. with the new version, it resets itself to slot 1 every time you switch between performances. it's great for playing songs and live performance BUT not so good for managing rigs in a studio application.. I had/have a nice systematic approach to rig management... at least one that I like.. I just have to make two stomps/steps when switching between rig performances now..

    Switching to another performance bank makes slot 1 active? So, no random access mode without using MIDI program changes? If each bank is used for a separate song, I suppose it makes sense to automatically make it active.

    yup... and yes, that's assuming you want to use it for song mode... one might think a song could be an amp instead.. with variable settings such as clean no fx, clean or light gain with fx, mid gain... more gain... etc.. it used to work that way.. then they changed it... seems they would have just created a bit to turn "slot 1 reset" on or off and have the GUI reflect it for personalization.. it would have easily provided the best of both worlds. but... well it's kind of like the whole RM PC/Mac thang...

    If a guitar company makes great guitars then every guitar should be fantastic...

    If you have to search for the "good one", then the guitar company obviously doesn't make great guitars...

    well... even though they're all made of wood and metal, there's still variables within the parts.. take pickups for instance.. the number of winds on a coil, the type of wire, magnets and degaussing all play active roles in tone... even the way the pickup cover is or isn't applied makes a difference in tone.... again.. all from the same manufacturer and on the same guitar.. they'll sound different. and then the type of tone woods; how they're dried and applied all makes a difference in sonic quality.. and strings.. man the list goes on... thus the quest....

    use the KPA for recording all the time and I don't need a foot controller for studio-work.

    But anyway, would be nice to have one someday....

    me too... don't need the controller but it makes it easier to get to what I want faster.. still I hate the reset to slot 1 in Performance mode when you go between performances.. they changed it not long ago.. it really bites.. I use the Performances for different amp types.. then each slot get a different gradually increasing gain and mild alterations based on gain style.. it was cool before the change.. you could be in slot 4, for instance, and jump to another amp and stay in slot 4.. great for quick previewing guitar sounds with medium gain... now.. it's two foot stomps for every amp/performance change...