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    As stated never tweak tones at anything but full band volume. The Kemper also tends to thin out when cranked so I lock an eq stomp in slot D for live situations. It bumps the mids at 750 and 500, +2db with a Q of about 1.000, I’ll adjust the mix of the stomp a bit for different venues. And yes use a hi cut to get rid of that fizz. Pretty sure you’d have to do that with a triaxis too if it had the ability to reproduce those frequencies like the Kemper does.

    Another culprit to look at is florescent lights. I always use a furman power conditioner and that helps. Also look at Clarity if you are using alot of Gain, sometimes you can turn the Clarity (in the Amp section, it mixes clean guitar into the signal) down which allows you to decrease the Gain but still retain the sound you want. GL

    From Support:

    "yes, that has changed. The EQ is now integral part of the amp. You find it also on page 4 of the amplifier. The new Stage models have no EQ button anymore. For future enhancements it is mandatory, that the EQ is a part of the amplifier, like in the world of analog tube amps. So, it'S locked if you lockt eh amplifier.

    If you intend to adjust your eq globally, please use the output equalizers."

    Who knew? :/:D

    FRFR takes some adjusting for sure, I stuck with it because I wanted to hear exactly what the audience hears. That way I know if a room is boomy or whatever in certain freqs, took a while to get my ears to like it but now I love it.

    Don't forget to always tweak at stage volume. Try different cab sims maybe thats what you aren't liking, get a profile of you fav cab or profile your own.

    And yes I will say it. Try Pure Cab. Many here bash it but for live it's awesome imho. I use it on 10 all the time. Not all profiles will like Pure Cab so it will take some digging. GL!

    Lowering gain to the point where they break into crunch often makes the sound much niceer and more distinguable, chords played then sound with a good resolution. Too much gain is destroying the character of a profiled amp, chords sound dirty and very artificial.

    For high gain profiles that sound like mud try increasing the Clarity in the Amp section. It brings clean guitar into the mix, increasing note definition while still keeping that high gain snarl.

    Rather than doing all that programming, what about just looking at the LEDs on the Stage for the FX slots controlled by the external switches to see if the FX slot is active or not?

    Agreed! Not really alot of programming, just set one preset up with all stomps in what ever starting point you want and if ever in doubt on stage hit that preset to get back to ground zero.

    Not a solution for 2 way communication but the only work around I've ever had success with on stage:


    Since the Kemper and GCP do not communicate in both directions (the GCP can't read for example the rig names off the Kemper, or have the status of effects transmitted to the GCP automatically. Easy fix for both though below.

    After your kemper is set up as above, select a preset with the GCP. Be sure any effects you want to load when you switch to this rig are turned on and the corresponding LEDs for those effects are lit on the GCP. click the Edit button far right top row once, then click bank down three times until a patch name shows up with quotation marks around it. Rename the patch using the bottom row (#1 to #4) buttons, when the name is correct click edit again, then #4 (yes) to save it. Now when that preset is called up on the GCP, it has your custom name and the effects that are on within the patch are on. Please note if say for example you don't have the GCP set up to turn the delay on, then it won't matter - however the preset is saved on the Kemper is how it will come up.

    Example - you have delay set to turn off and on with the GCP. Even if the rig you're selecting with the GCP has the delay turned on, if the delay button is inactive on the GCP when that rig is selected, it will NOT be active.

    Remember you are hearing the final production product with mic coloration, not an amp in your face. Pure cab can help get rid of that to a certain extent, some love it some hate it. It's a matter of taste as always...

    Try, as mentioned, sorting rig exchange by Gain. Test ones that are at the edge of breakup and then change the Gain in both directions and see if you still like what you hear. I'd start with Pacheco's Morgan AC20. If you don't like what you hear on that one then something in your settings is most likely wrong. GL!

    When you zero them both (monitor out first, master volume 2nd) you are calibrating them. Instead, I was suggesting, setting (calibrating) them so that Monitor Vol is at 50% when Master is at 100%. Should give you more play when adjusting the Master. Like I said, never tried it and not sure if it will even work but I feel your pain when it comes to the sensitive master on the Kemper ;)

    The ground lift switches can get rid of certain noise. Just try them all out and see if your problem noise goes away or not.

    Just thinking out loud.. When first linking the Monitor Out for use I calibrate it, that is I zero the Monitor Out Volume first then the Master volume. It may be possible to set them askew to help lower the volume of your Output to a better level for adjustments. I'd try setting the Master Volume to full while having the Monitor out to 50%. This should give you much better control at the lower volume levels you need. Let me know if it works!

    If by Mono cab alone you mean "Monitor Out" then yes, its perfectly normal to run that higher than the Main outs going direct to PA.

    In the Output screens make sure the Master Volume link for Main Out is unlinked and Monitor Out is linked. You can now use your Master vol to control just the Monitor Out to your cab.