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    No real thoughts on your request.. sounds like a good idea.

    but, curious why you’re saying you have to carry a profiler around? If you’ve already got two kempers and the rehearsal location has internet.. why aren’t you just exporting and storing stuff in a cloud storage like OneDrive..?

    ATM I do not have two Kempers and mostly because of the fact that the synchronisation is not given like I described. I WILL buy another Kemper as soon as Performances can be synched, preferably via the iPadOS Rig Manager.

    Another use case: If more and more venues have Kemper Amps in their arsenal it would be possible to come around with only an iPad and put the most current song settings on this device. Using USB sticks for this is of course possible but so 2000-ish.. :)


    Maybe this might have been asked/suggested before in different threads already that I just wasn't able to find through some searches, so please excuse me if I am requesting the same thing again. :)

    I would like to be able to change Performance settings at home and synchronise them to some cloud space via Rig Manager on a desktop computer, so that I can download and apply the changes to another Kemper unit at the rehearsal room via Rig Manager running on a notebook or preferably via the iOS Rig Manager App on an iPad. The cloud space where this synchronisation is happening could be some small personal area in the Rig Exchange infrastructure. When limiting the personal area for every Kemper user to let's say 128 Performances, the additional cloud space needed should make no big difference in the monthly infrastructure invoice for the already running Rig Exchange.

    Why do I suggest this? I use Rig Manager on an iMac at home to tweak performances (I love it). To be sure to use the same identical settings in Performances/Songs at rehearsals, I need to carry around one physical Kemper toaster. While the Kemper toaster is not that heavy compared to a traditional combo or head, it is still something more to carry around. I would definitely invest in another Kemper unit (hint, hint!), if my Performances cloud be synchronised the way I described before.

    Thank you,


    Let's wait and see what is really inside of the boxes. Maybe they are just boxes with no content yet. :)

    Personally, I would prefer to get a release date for the Kabinett than a ready-to-sell floor board. Waiting for this Kabinett thing since Winter NAMM and still no release date. Same to the new editor. And we are already in Q3.

    Just a saying I heard once a while: "stop starting, start finishing (your projects)".

    Thanks everyone. TheRealTier the "Use Your V. Knob" and "Steave Lead" I believe came pre-loaded with the unit - do they switch the profiles from time to time with newer units? There is a small chance I could have downloaded them separately, but the only profile set I recall purchasing was the Eddie Van Halen "Top Jimi Brown Sound" pack.

    Hi again!

    Thank you for the hints! "Steve Lead" is still part of the factory rigs, but "Use your v. knob" has been removed some update ago. It was part of the factory rigs, but now it is missing from the current 6.0 Factory Rig Pack.

    Anyone still has a backup at hand? :)