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    I would change your gear a little bit, instead of the Apogee Duett I would use the new UAD Apollo Twin , but only, if your Macbook Pro is coming with Thunderbolt.

    The Apollo Twin offers near-zero latency and you can use the UAD-Plugins, too. It's perfect for recording guitars and vocals and it's very easy to handle. Because of the excellent preamp-section (mic/line/Hi-Z), you don't need a channelstrip for recording. If you want to record vocals or acoustic guitars with the Apogee, you urgently would need one.

    Why would he need to upgrade his interface to record vocals or acoustics????

    I have them Slate, Logic X and EzDrummer2 and EzDrummer 2 is easily the best songwriting tool and most intuitive to use. Logic X drummer is very good also but it just got kicked out the park. It will be interesting where they take it to now.

    Slate sounds better and SD2 prob does too, but EzD2 is a supplement that everyone should look to have considering its cheap and highly effective.


    Can you tell me why you like EzD2 better than Logic's Drummer?

    I like the idea - and I don't like it at the same time.

    The allure is obvious.

    On the other hand, I think that would mean that A LOT of new profiles would go unnoticed (because nobody would play those enough to make them appear in the top 100). At least in my sceptic view :)

    Hmmm... Maybe use the system to make a weekly or monthly roundup of the most popular (most played) profiles during that period (only once allowed per profile). That might "solve" both "problems"?

    Maybe it wouldn't be worth the coding etc necessary - on the other hand, I think it would help both fluidity and interest, maybe?

    I know that the audio user market may differ from the video user market . But as an editor i found the internet was over flowing with great tutorials for Avid, After Effects, Photoshop and the vast number of plugins available for video products.

    That doesnt seem to be the case for the Kemper. Its a great opportunity for someone who knows the device and is a good teacher. And its good for the company because it insures folks like the OP dont feel lost and end up selling the device.

    It's also a great way to market the device to boot. It's exactly the kind of thing I want to see before buying anything at this price (I mean how to use it and dial in tone - in a real-world application rather than just going through parametres). It gives a very good overview of tones, depth, capabilities etc. And if done broadly, will hit a lot of different genres, so people won't think "ah, it's just for metal - not the kind of music I play"... It's such a great device, but also a pretty radical idea, and I think many, many people need "proof of concept" rather than a feature list, endorsements, forum praise, etc. It makes the unit "real" to people in a sense. Lets the product speak for itself.

    Hey, look at me - I'm a marketing genious! ;)

    I am assuming that the LEDs in input and output ("master") sections of the Kemper does not flash red or orange.

    First of all, the Kemper needs to be connected to a Line level input. So make sure that it does not go into an instrument or mic input on the Apogee (don't know if those are separate inputs, or something you set up on the unit, or in the computer - your manual should tell you how to do this).

    Next, the output of the Kemper should be taken from the "master output" connections on the back of the Kemper.

    If these things are setup as described, check to see if the level control on the Apogee is set too high, maybe.

    Also: click the "Master" button on the Kemper, and tell us what the "Main output" is set to (the text above the leftmost knob below the display). THen, click the "page" arrow right, and tell us what the text says above the leftmost knob under the display says now ("main volume"). Also, in the top left corner of the display - is the "Main out link" box checked?

    Does the Apogee come with any kind of controller software for your computer? (i.e., not logic).

    When I connect to logic the signal seams to be high/overload even when my guitar input is low and sometimes none so I figure that I need some mix device to control the input...

    This is not an equipment problem :)

    1st question: How do you connect to your interface - i.e. what outputs from the KPA and what inputs of your interface? (please check to make sure you are actually plugged into what you THINK you are plugged into - I've made the mistake before :-))

    ...Tone tweaking... :)

    Good idea. The video medium is awesome for this stuff, and highly underused.

    Maybe a series of 5-minutes examples. Either a new technique each time (like's "5 minutes to a better mix" series), or examples of dialing in specific tones for different applications (preferably several examples of each; this is what is truly informative)

    YEAH !!!

    happy birthday & a happy ending , now let's write a song about it , I'll provide the song and you provide the leads, as usual ??

    Awesome wife, so not a country song.
    Happy ending, so not blues or heavy metal.
    Only the pop genre is suitable! :)

    Wait, this is actually material for several songs, all from horrible realisation, through to anger, then resignation and acceptance and then finally the happy ending!!!

    You guys need to do a whole concept album!

    You should totally get funding from Kemper to do this :D

    I have Logic Pro X and have tried the drummer. It's FAIRLY versatile once you slice up the sections into smaller bits (that is, not use just one region for the whole verse, etc). Workflow-wise, I'm a bit ambivalent.

    There's a push/pull control, which is awesome. I think it works directly on the underlying MIDI region (i.e. if you pull the drummer region to a regular midi track, it retains the push/pull feel.

    Biggest downside to Drummer I've noticed: No humanization to timing or velocity. All velocities for the snare for instance are e.g. "122" for all main snare hits within the region (I'm pretty sure, but haven't verified it - just something I noticed once). So humanization with velocities and timing still need to be done manually.

    What about EZDrummer 2, does it have humanization features to both velocity and timing - and do those transfer to another VI if you want to use e.g. Slate?

    I seem to remember these inputs described as TS in the manual (i.e. Mono unbalanced).

    If so, there may be some levelingvto consider, as I believe connecting a balanced line level signal to an unbalanced input yields a lower signal - if that makes sense.

    Yeah, I know- it's just that I don't completely trust my ears yet :)

    I also keep all the LEDs in the green (mostly, anyway). For recording, it's not really important to me that the clean volume is the same as the distorted. I put different settings on different tracks anyway.

    Click-hold the "master" button, and tell us what the display says over the "monitor output" section (first page, second from the left)

    Also, try the same test with all effects turned off (pre and post stack),