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    So glad you're on this forum and more importantly still making videos. (I used to watch them religiously years ago).
    Fun fact: you taught me the sweet child o' mine solo!

    Always loved your fun sense of humour and glad you're also a member of the Kemper klub!

    Nice collection and studio tour!

    Hi, just wondering how the 3.0 update with direct profiling is going to effect the future of purchased profiles, (and the content of old packs).

    Has anyone heard any chat from profile dealers such as The Amp Factory, whether direct profiles will be added to the old profile packs?

    Hi guys, i'm looking to trade my unpowered Kemper toaster for a Kemper powerhead.
    It's in great condition with the latest software and comes with around £80 worth of additional TAF profiles but i'll obviously add cash to the deal.

    I'm based in London (UK), but could have it delivered with a little guidance!

    Thanks guys, i'm not denying that the Neumanns might be brilliant, just meant that if I were to buy the higher priced monitors on my list they would have to be secondhand for me to be able to afford them, and since I can't see any Neumann KH 120as for sale secondhand in the UK at the moment they're not really an option for me. Not trying to shoot anything down, I will keep any eye out for them!

    Raoul - Why do you think they are only 'quite' good? What are they lacking for you?

    Thanks for the quick relies guys, much appreciated!

    skoczy - Have you tried the more recent HS8 / HS7 series and how do they compare to the HS80M? I'm not too worried about the size of the monitors and would assume the HS7 would be a little quieter anyway but let me know what you think. The Equator D5 is high on my list but I'd prefer to buy second hand and haven't seen any on the market.

    gitarrenschlumpf - Also just had a look for some second hand (as these would be out of my budget new), but can't seem to find any in the UK. Any more info on why you'd recommend them?

    As another question, would any of the monitors be more likely to give an amp-in-the-room feel, e.g. pushing some air about like a cab or is that an unrealistic expectation?

    Please keep the recommendations coming!

    Hi guys, i've been doing as much research as possible over the last week around choosing some studio monitors to play my Kemper through.
    I've got it down to a few models (though other suggestions will be welcomed).

    I would also like to use the monitors for general music mixing (mostly acoustic/folky rock) and listening to music, but my main concern is that they sound good with my Kemper.

    If you could pass on any opinions/comparisons of the following monitors it would be a massive help. I realise the price tags vary a bit so please also feel free to comment on which are the best value for money, (e.g. if the higher priced items are worth the difference). Also i'd rather buy second hand if I can find them so durability might be a factor.

    Potential Models:

    - JBL LSR305
    - Yamaha HS7
    - Yamaha HS8
    - Equator D5
    - KRK VXT6
    - Mackie HR824
    - Genelec 8040

    Thanks! :)

    Tried everything and still seem to be getting the same sound. It's not awful but it's nowhere near my live sound out of my combo speaker (still sounds more digital and processed).

    I'm thinking it might be my monitors but should they give the most accurate representation of the true sound since they are flat response?

    Has anyone got any direct out recordings they are happy with that I could get the same profile for and compare?

    Thanks again!

    Is there any way to connect a Kemper directly to a laptop via USB cable for direct editing of profiles (even simply adding and removing stored profiles), rather than transferring via USB stick? This seems like an obvious feature to have.

    Also is there any word on when Rig Manager will be available for Mac?


    Thanks paults,

    The monitor output section shows 'Master mono' with '0' on all the EQs and the 'Monitor Cab Off' is not ticked.

    But interestingly, I've just seen the 'Main Output EQs' are set to Bass: -4.0 Middle: -3.0 Treble: -3.0 Presence: -3.1
    Should I maybe change those back to zero?

    Hi cudbucket, just tried the direct out but it only gives me the clean guitar signal. Is it meant to be something else?
    I then just tried another test running through my combo and using two mics to record it live (panning l+r) which is can hear below:

    Kemper Test 2

    It's not perfect but obviously sounds much better the previous where I was going directly into the apogee from the kemper. (both clips were using the same profile).

    Is there a way I can get a sound closer to the second clip without having to mic everything up? That was the main reason I bought the kemper!

    Thanks guys, i'll try both!

    Londonjeepster - do you mean run two cables from the left and right outputs into the two inputs of the apogee and pan left and right? wouldn't that just be the same signal and therefore sound the same?

    Hi guys,

    My Kemper's sounding great through my combo power amp/speaker and not bad through my cheap PA either, but I did a quick recording test today to see how it sounded through the monitor out into garageband and was not very impressed with the tone, seems to sound like just another cheap amp sim plugin. (Grainy and artificial).

    I was going from the monitor out of the Kemper into an apogee duet and then recording on a dry track in garageband, (listening through Alesis monitors).

    Here's a little sample I made to demonstrate the tone i'm getting using a Friedman BE profile.

    Kemper Recording Test

    Any ideas what I could be doing wrong or is that just as good as it gets? :/

    Thanks Ingolf, I found the rigs folder after double clicking on the .tar file! (Does that mean I have decompressed it?)

    When you say "re- compress the content of the whole backup folder again, not the folder itself." Do I highlight all the contents of the .tar folder and click compress?

    I'm still confused as to why I would have to alternatively delete all the rigs manually on the KPA before doing a factory reset as surely the whole point of that is that it would wipe everything that is already stored on it?

    Also, if I want to add back a few of my favourite profiles from the existing rigs after I have reset it is that easy to do? (I'm guessing I just drop them back in the shared folder?)

    Again apologies for the computer illiteracy, really appreciate the help though!