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    yeah but... they probably found 20 plus more opinions that were positive and from reputable resources... so I'm still of the opinion that you just leave it alone..especially someone representing Kemper.


    Also, since I AM a new Kemper user (and an engineer), I would like to make a few comments on both the review, and the rebuttals here.

    First, I play live. I do some multi-track recording live for demo's, but live is what I do. Lets say for a moment that there is a difference between a real tube amp (I am a VHT Pittbull owner, so I DO know what a good tube amp sounds like), once I mic it and put it through the channel eq .... and put a few efx on it, even my VHT tube amp is "processed" pretty completely. That processing gets the sound that I want out front. For ME (YMMV), it isn't that important that my KPA be able to exactly duplicate the sound I was getting from my VHT 4x12 (and 2x12) cab and head. It is important that I be able to create as pleasing of an end result ..... through the KPA and the channel processing of my X32 mixer..... and I can (I am well on my way to having a very nice stage setup for my KPA).

    Latency .... hmm. Lets see here. Any processing you do introduces latency.... in fact, reverb specifically introduces all kinds of latency to achieve a pleasing sound. I think it highly unlikely that the KPA latency can be heard. I am pretty sure I could make a test setup to see it with a scope, but fortunately for me, I have yet to have anyone in the audience bring a multi-channel oscilloscope to one of my gigs ;)

    Now what I would say is that the KPA does appear to be a bit immature in its development. As the author points out, this is a very complex piece of gear; one of the most complex pieces of gear ever created for this purpose in my professional opinion. It should have a good PC editing software program. I am in product development. I have found that many hardware companies have trouble realizing that they are ..... in fact ..... a software company that needs a piece of hardware to make their software a product.

    The KPA is ALL about software. Mr Kemper is most obviously an engineer (or he has some pretty good ones working for him). All we geek EE's were taught about system response curves, Nyquist sampling criteria, etc. KPA really shines as a new product in my mind. If I were designing amps, this is how I would go about it as well. This is a fantastic architecture (my hats off guys in engineering). All gushing aside, this hardware needs to have a software support structure surrounding it. Remember, the iPod wasn't the first MP3 player. It was the first to come with a software infrastructure that made the hardware a great product offering (and not even a very good software infrastructure IMHO).

    There DOES need to be several startup guides and videos IMHO. I recently moved from an analog mixer to a digital X32. One of the key decision criteria for me was that I could see a very mature internet support structure for the product with lots of video on how to make the mixer do what I needed to do.

    The KPA has tons of video and sound samples of people showing off their rigs and profiles. There are quite a few people showing HOW to do a profile. There are VERY few videos showing how to setup the KPA for your guitar and system to get the sound you want.


    I own an American Strat. I want a good 80's crunch for "Jessies Girl" cover type tone. How do I get it? What are my options? How can I narrow down even the installed standard rigs to get a set that might fit the bill? Is there any global settings I need to be looking at BEFORE I start auditioning the standard rigs? Is there a good method of testing out a rig for a specific purpose? What tools do I have to get the tone I want from a rig?

    These are all the kinds of questions any new KPA owner is going to find himself asking (although I am sure not many of them are going so hot on playing "Jessie's Girl" ;) ). A good set of tutorials on how to get up and running with the tone you want and the setups you need would be great.

    While the KPA doesn't have its own dedicated foot controller, there are quite a few good 3rd party solutions. Personally, I have found the information on how to get myself up to "gig ready" scattered and incomplete.

    The fine folks on these forums have been fantastic, but I do think it should have been easier to get where I am.

    Finally, I have played lots of rigs in my time with lots of guitars in many different settings. If you can't get a great sound out of the KPA ...... dude .... bad news ..... it isn't the equipment!

    I also play in a cover band. This is how I had my VHT rig setup for the most part.

    I currently have identified about 6 or 7 rigs that I really like (love), and have them setup in only 5 performances.

    As suggested, I don't flip from one amp to another, except to go from a clean to a heavy patch within a song. I have a boost set globally at +4.5db on all patches that I can turn on if I need a loud part of the same patch.

    A good example would be "Enter Sandman". Clean patch (fender blk face) with an octave (only used for this song btw), and a heavy (OLA - HND KZY330 RHY). The lead player stays on heavy the entire time.

    Some of you guys look like you play much more seriously than we do! Great vids on your pages. Great tones as well.

    Thanks for all the feedback. It is greatly appreciated.

    Do you have the latest version of the UnO4Kemper chip? If so, you might want to experiment with the different modes that the volume and wah pedals can have for taper (linear/log).

    Yea, I tried both ends of the spectrum and neither one really fixed the problem.

    I was thinking about making the range not go all the way to off and then finding a way to map my tuner to a foot switch option. I thought I remembered reading something about this.

    I have setup my FCB1010 with an Uno4Kemper chip and have my performances working with it well.

    The problem I am having is that the volume control essentially goes from off to fully on in only the last 1/4th of the foot travel on the top end.

    I have calibrated the FCB1010 twice, and tried adjusting the curve of the volume pedal (linear vs exponential). I have also played with the Kemper side .... which worked, except it made it so the sound never completely goes away ...... which would be fine except it eliminates my remote tuner capability!

    Any thoughts?

    Wow! A performance per song!

    How do you handle getting around between performances? I mean, does your performances map to your set list order? If so, do you then change your performance setup when the setlist changes?

    We change our set list around almost every gig (put different songs in, take out a few, add a new one here and there, party sets vs bar sets, etc). That would be lots of book keeping ;)

    I also am keeping the same layout (clean, drive, crunch, lead, special stuff) on every performance.

    As for the headphones, I hear you. It is really easy to get your tone out into the weeds by mixing on headphones, then playing on the big rig.... but I can't (or don't want to) bring the big rig home between every gig and practice (we practice at my drummers house where he has a complete stage, lighting system, bar, and party place built in).

    I was planning on equalizing my rig on my PA tomorrow. I am hoping that I can get the tone I am getting out of the headphones through the PA by use of the channel PEQ (and possibly a dedicated GEQ on the insert if necessary).

    I haven't changed much with the stock rigs (or the ones I have downloaded). I changed my guitar tone through the tone knobs. I have adjusted the gains to get different levels of crunch/clean.

    I would like to have a somewhat pleasurable headphone experience when practicing, but of course, the most important tones are the ones through the PA.

    I have also thought about using the global EQ on the Kemper to help out with this as well. So my arsenal of tools is:

    • Global Eq on Kemper
    • Insert GEQ on Mixer
    • Channel 4 band fully PEQ on Mixer with HPF.

    I have also standardized my "x" effect as a pure boost so that I have 2 levels on every slot in every performance.

    I have had my Kemper now for about 2 weeks. I have a series of gigs coming up culminating with a big outdoor gig for the Scorpions (motorcycle club). I intend to run my Kemper for all of these June gigs .... and sell my venerable VHT :(

    I have been working for the last 2 weeks on isolating rigs I like, setting them up for my guitar and taste, and laying them out in performances that work well for our set list songs.

    So my question is, how many performances do you guys use, and how do you set them up? How do you name them and keep them straight so that the right rigs are used on the right songs?

    Also, I have done most of my tweaking with my home PA (a pair of Klipsch KP301 3-way 15") and my HD280 headphones. It is my intent to do a good channel eq on our big rig so that what sounds good at home sounds good through the PA. Do you think this is possible?

    My thanks to djemass as well! Love the classic profile of the Mark IIc! Thanks for the tip, and welcome to the forum.

    I myself am a new user (going into my 2nd full week). I am still building up my arsenal of performances and rigs. This one is certainly among my favorites.

    Just a quick followup on the difference is output from main to headphone outputs.

    I hooked up the main L/R outputs to a stereo input (dual 1/4") into my Zed 10Fx.

    Using the same headphones, the sound out of the headphone connection on the Kemper seems a little more "smooth" than the one on the ZED.... which seems a little crisper and perhaps a tiny bit more brittle.

    I also noticed that once I evened out the volume into the headphones from the mixer so that it was about the same as the Kemper output, the difference was smaller .... but still there.

    This could be just a difference in headphone drivers. It is pretty small.

    Still have the bigger task of making my Kemper mix well with my band. That should be done by the middle of next week.

    Sonically the sound should be the same from the headphone output and the main outs. Unless you have some different EQ set at the output or using the space feature. Check the output section and see if the main out EQ is flat etc.

    But going through a PA will definitely color the sound in some way. It really depends on the quality/brand of PA that is being used, as well as the room the PA is in, volume etc. lots of variables when you add the PA into the mix. No pun intended :)



    Thanks for the reply. At home I have a small ZED 10Fx I will run into from the mains to more completely resemble my setup with my full FOH.

    I use a pair of DSR112's over PRX618S-XLF's and a Behringer X32 Rack for my mixer. The system sounds very good and relatively flat on DJ and Karaoke material, so my thought was that it would sound fairly flat for my Kemper.

    The Headphones are Sennheiser HD280 Pro (64ohm). They are perhaps a little light on the bass if anything.

    On our giging rig I use IEM's where we have Furman HDS wired systems into Shure E215's. I didn't have time to do recording and playback at last practice, but am going to go back this week and use some old recordings to play along with to see how the patches sound in the mix. Normally, the X32 is pretty transparent. What you put in, comes out. The speakers are setup a bit bass heavy (we play classic and modern rock and I like the kick and bass to punch).

    On the pure boost. I found it (thanks). How do I "lock" it so that it will occupy this slot for all my rigs? That is exactly what I would like to do! Thanks!!!

    Mostly I change slots for songs. But on some slots I kick inn effects, mostly Boost for lead fills, somtimes to add a delay, asn sometimes harmonizer.
    Have stomps on upper and slots on lower. All stomps are on same location in each slot so I can add/remove effect if needed.
    Dont use Performance Mode but have set midi channels so it works the same way on browser mode. Dont like Preformance mode since it changes some when I press bank up or down. In browser mode it dosen't change sound until I press a slot in any bank.
    Banks are set slot 1 clean sound, 2 chrunch sound, 3 drive sound, 4 clean/crunch lead, 5 drive lead. Som banks the sound are near dry and some have more effects.

    Use FCB1010 witk Uno4Kemper.


    I am still working on getting things setup well, but this is the path I am on.

    I don't think I will have the need for too many different performance slots, and like you, I intend on keeping a standard lineup of what level of gain is in each position.

    What works good for you to boost into leads, and how do you set this up? I am new to the Kemper but am learning quickly. Thanks!

    Did the OP just change from OneEng to OneEng1? How did that happen? Is that supposed to happen?

    Welcome to the forums! Which is the real you? :)

    I signed up as "OneEng", asked how to upgrade my account to an owner after I received my Kemper, and still haven't figured it out. Since I wanted to start downloading and trying out some of the great free profiles here, I ended up making a new account as "OneEng1".

    Both are me ;)

    I would be happy to ditch the new one if I could figure out how to put my SN into the old one and have access as a KPA owner!

    On with the review:

    Well, practice was a mixed bag. Some things simply sounded great, others were either too loud, or too quiet .... or just didn't sit in the mix properly.

    Sigh ....

    I also received my Uno4Kemper chip just before practice, but decided not to tempt fate ;) I just installed and tested it tonight and it appears to work fine and has all the features I would expect from a dedicated foot controller.

    I need to figure out how to get a boost of ~4-6db for leads. I could always just have another position within a performance, but I would prefer to simply add a boost to my output chain and be able to boost any patch I am playing on in a pinch for a lead. Any thoughts? I know I can get the floor controller so that I can use the top row of switches to turn on/off the 4 output control assignments. Can I put a boost into the output?

    Another issue I had was that through my headphones, and through the headphone jacks out to speakers, the kemper had a high frequency edge to it. I rolled off of the treble on my guitar and strayed from patches with too many highs in them.

    When I hooked up the XLR main outputs to my full PA, the patches were kind of dulled out a bit. The good news was that using my bridge pickup solo sounded great! Very cutting sound with no harshness. The bad news was that without being on my bridge pickup, things were a bit washed out.

    My plan is to clean up my performances a bit (my volume levels between patches needs some work which wasn't obviouswhen playing by myself, but that was pretty clear when playing with the band). I have a multi-track of the band and plan on going back next week early and spending a couple of hours jamming with the virtual band and adjusting my volume levels between tracks, and in the mix.

    Is there a different tone you get between the head phone output and the main L/R output?

    As an aside, last night was the first time I have ever ran a guitar rig stereo ..... I always thought it was silly. Some of the clean patches were fantastic in stereo in our IEM's. The intro to "Kryptonite" was simply fantastic using a tweaked version of "Chorused Surface". Just lots of WOW. Also the cleans I used on "Slide" were a big hit.

    The heavy patches need some work go make them sit in the mix better. I need to get a handle on the eq on my new rig.

    Brought the VHT home. Sure is a nice looking head ..... and pretty darned heavy too!

    Another night playing around with my performance setup.

    Man! After you weed yourself down to a group of amps that are in your taste range, it is just hard not to like them all!

    I just don't see how it is going to be possible for me to decide on a single patch from each genre. There are several in each range of gain that are uniquely just fantastic.

    First practice with the kemper tomorrow, first gig at the end of the month.

    Still waiting on the Uno4Kemper to arrive.

    Welcome OneEng, Hope your fingers heal soon, but probably not poosible

    Thanks! Eventually, they will toughen up again and it will be like I am 18 again ;)

    Ok, maybe my fingers will play like I am 18 again. Perhaps hoping the rest of me reverts to my 18 year old self just because I now have a Kemper is putting the bar just a little too high :)

    Loving on the TwoRock amp profile!!! I also downloaded my first amp from the free exchange. A clean which sounded simply fantastic!

    Wow. Just .... Wow!

    I have practice on Tuesday. I will be putting the Kemper into service at practice for the first time with the band. I will be bringing my VHT rig home and putting it up on eBay (I already sold my 4x12 cab, just my 2x12, VHT 50 ST and Digitech 2120 left in my old rig).

    I will be kind of sad to see it go. It has been a rock solid rig for me for around 15 years. My heart will miss it, but my back won't!