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    I'd love a monitor area, assignable maybe to the looper switch. For when you use the Kemper live as your IEM or floor you can adjust your signals-balance on the fly with your feet!

    I picture it with:
    Switch 1, selecting guitar sound
    Switch 2, selecting Aux sound
    Switch 3, Monitor EQ-Low
    Switch 4, Monitor EQ-Mid
    Switch 5, Monitor EQ-High

    And the up and down switches increasing/decreasing volume of the selected....

    How can the same software be in a beta state for hardware A and in a release state for hardware B ?
    I would understand if hardware B was older than hardware A, so you could say that the software is beta for the new hardware because of the new features. But since as we know, the stage is the new hardware, this doesn't make any sense.

    The reasoning is that it was not possible to sell a device with only beta software, so they decided to call it release instead, but the stage is indeed sold with beta software. Which makes me think the stage release was rushed (for financial reasons ? ).

    We will see betas for the stage as well, when they’ve hit a stable first release for it.

    since I already have an Axe FX 3 and a Helix floor unit, I'm not sticking my neck on the chopping block.

    I just always said if Kemper came out with a floor version I'd add it to my collection again. It'll be here early next week from Zzounds. Guess I'll find out first hand if I get one with hardware/software problems.

    Won't be mission critical with my other noise boxes!

    Yup, said the same thing and got it at release. Love it, and when the bugs are ironed + editor is available out it'll be great!

    Yes. I guess they're working hard to iron out reported bugs on the Stage as well. We want a stable version for the hardware, before starting to edit on the computer. Editing rigs and performances with freezing hardware would just be a nightmare. But they have a lot of tempo worked up correcting bugs now so i'm sure it will all be available and working soon :)

    An acoustic sim will be awesome! Can't wait to destroy that sound with all the effects in the world :D
    I hope Kemper gives the software dudes a short second vacation after all this LOL!

    I followed the instructions in the manual and it works fine for me to go aux in....'til the Kemper Stage freezes. But i'm hoping for a software fix soon...
    Just go over your connections again. You have to use return 1&2 and set the aux level in the output menu.

    No, I don’t have 7.0.5.

    When you contact support with your problem I believe they will make a new build very fast that should help you out.

    Earlier versions (7.0.0. and following) had a lot of (different) issues.

    Yes, they're always fast and great with that kind of stuff. I remember reading that one of the updates fixed a midi thru-issue. I bet that's the one where it happened :)

    You mean you didn’t have this problem with 7.0.5 and lower?

    Please contact support.

    I didn't have the problem with the version (whatever it was) delivered with the Stage... 7.0.something. Same gear, same MIDI-material.
    I skipped 7.0.5...

    Then i waited and upgraded to release version 7.0.6 and got this problem. I can reproduce the problem easily by just starting and stopping one of my songs a couple/three times....I have contacted support before asking here.
    On the website i remember it to have older versions that i could downgrade to, but can't find it now? You wouldn't happen to have kaos.bin 7.0.5 for the stage laying around Ingolf?

    My Stage is freezing up when controlled with MIDI (simple pgm-changes and midi CC's to swith performances and automate some stuff)

    I have decided to downgrade from 7.0.6 until i find a more stable version. But where do i find the old ones??

    Sold my trusty rack and got a stage some weeks ago.

    I am controlling it via midi from a backing track player. No changes from my old setup that i used for years the exact same way, only now with a Stage instead of the rack. Same midi material that has worked great for me, switching rigs, automated wah-wah’s, everything.

    FW 7.0.6

    Last night the Profiler Stage froze up with a screen telling me to take a picture of the screen and contact support.

    ...Two times in an hour’s live show it froze up. Had to unplug mains cable and reboot both times :(

    I’ve also noticed sound gaps when switching rigs inside performaces via midi, but no gaps when switching with the built in switches. The sound gaps affects also aux in, and not only the guitar sound. This is not in all performances, but some...

    So has anything happened to Midi-code that causes the stage to crash, or would it have crashed anyway you think?

    It’s going to be great to be able to see more parameters at once!

    I don’t know how other musicians here do their work, but i mostly do prepare my live shows in front of the computer at home or in the studio. Practicing, putting performances together, match time based fx with the material and so on. It’s going to save me a lot of time so i can’t wait for it to arrive! :)