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    The duller profiles seem to work extremely well when going direct to a PA and playing loud. Just as stated before in this thread.
    Tweak your sharp sounds and make them duller for a great live sound, and the other way around for your dull ones to practice in headphones :) Usually a little prescence tweak does the trick!

    I don't really "get" the backpack thing. I had one for a Helix for a bit but it meant I was carrying the guitar.

    Rather than carrying an expression, cables, wireless system etc and having to set it all up, is it not easier to mount all that on a board, have it ready to go and just carry a guitar on your back?

    Frees up both hands if you’re carrying two guitars in hardcases. Or in my case (pun) frees up one hand completely for a beer :D

    it's always best to simply try and compare.

    Fuzzes are weird. No two are alike. Some don't like active pickups, some don't even like humbuckers.

    But very few exhibit the classic Fuzz Face behaviour where turning down the volume pot on the guitar almost works like a switch to a cleaner sound.

    Yes, might be best to just make some profiles with the Fuzz face in the chain and try that.

    Hey! I’m in Denmark, so the shipping should not be too bad :)

    How much will it carry apart from the Stage itself? I need a backpack that can also fit an expression pedal, cables, laptop/iPad, IEM’s + wireless system. Do you think this bag is able to fit this much?



    Big front pocket can fit a 9,5” IEM, small front pocket fits an expression pedal, there is room for some cabling, and a separate pocket for laptop/ipad. Maybe, just maybe a WL could fit depending on how big your receiver is! A full 9,5” then perhaps no...but something like the Line6 g50 yes probably!!

    I have 2 questions about Stage model :

    - is it possible to set Space parameter on monitor stereo output ? I actually use monitor output on my rack for ear monitoring, and I really like the Space effect on earphone out. It would be a nice addition to get it on monitor out too.

    - is there a way to easily migrate rigs / settings from a kpa rack to stage ? As they don't operate the same OS, I'd say no, but still...

    I made a feature request for space on monitor out a while back. Glad to hear there’s more of us that miss it when in ear monitoring :)

    On my Kemper stage i will use the headphone out to my in ear and take my other mixed signals into the Kemper, Cause i want that space!

    My old Eleven rack had automatic impedance matching. Depending on what pedal you put first in your chain, the impedance would change to match. I never tried fuzz and strat turned down....But maybe someone with a Headrush could test this, cause it's the same engine if i recall correctly.

    Hi Folks, I have just acquired a powered Kemper and have yet to really dig into it. But one thing I have noticed among the stock profiles is that if a delay is present then, to my ears at least, the delay tails seem to be what I can only describe as 'swirling' or almost 'phasing'. Might there be a reason for this? Is it part of the particular profile, or is there a basic tweak that needs applying? I run the Kemper into a Zilla Guitar Cab (not FRFR), with Monitor Cab off. Any advice much appreciated.

    There are a _lot_ of options in the delay settings :) Try editing the delay and turn down for example modulation. You'll find other parameters to play with as well. :)

    An automatic leveling has been requested numerous times.

    The problem is that the perceived loudness is often completely different from an objective loudness parameter (like dB). Clean sounds with lots of transients and peaks can be very loud dB- wise but have much less perceived volume than a saturated sound with less transients.

    The recommendation therefore has been (and will be) to use your ears.

    On a side note: the Kemper stock content has been leveled by the mothership so this is always a good starting point when you want to level other profiles against the stock ones.

    Ears are the best. No argument there!

    But if anyone could come up with a smart solution to this it’s definately the Kemper team!!

    I hear you PG, but all the sounds of the universe will be perceived by mammals according to the same laws! :)
    If you make your sounds at room level with a tube amp, when you go louder you'll have the same phenomena happening. That's why we always say that sound must be made at volume and in context and, if possible, in the venue.

    A mammal perception menu sounds great :)

    I also have a Shure PM 300 and a Shure 535 headphone with the large foams Shure EABKF110L; I use a small mixer(A&H ZED-10FX): Channel 1 my vocals (from a splitbox); channel 2 a ambi mono mic; channel 3+4 stereo from my Kemper and channel 6+7 a stereo mix: the rest of the band. From the A&H I go stereo to the PM 300. This setup works fine for me.

    Sometimes when it's offered I use a tablet with wifi and so I can mix my monitor channel myself.

    One of my bands: Rock Trio SMILE! Cream, Hendrix covers and more:

    I use the same stuff, and same approach as you. Small half rack mixer, ambience mic in mono, guitar and backing tracks in stereo. I get all the vocals and other instruments that i need through the ambiance mic (don't sing myself). Shure PSM300 and se535's

    There are places that can custom mold earpieces for the 535 :) I had those done and it's incredible!!