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    For those who face an issue related to the Mac installer, please re-download 3.3.44 from the Kemper website and update manually:

    The description on the Windows version currently says "Windows 8 or higher". If you install it (and it will install on Win 8) it launches (instead of Rig Manager 3,3.44) an error window which says that RM requires Win 10 build (whatever) and "you should update your Windows install" - so beware if you are not on Win 10 yet.

    You might want to edit that and save the bandwidth ;)

    @Dyno - not trying to push Win 10 onto anybody. Just mentioned a tip for those upgrading as I will soon have to myself and using this thread for info.

    Also, Tony G. mentioned issues with drivers after a Win 10 upgrade. It is possible that a component driver is newer or delivers higher performance but is less compatible with running audio apps on a particular board/bios/set of peripherals. Therefore, see what the manufacturer recommends wrt to drivers for that model and maybe you can get a set of drivers that works fine with Win 10 on your older machine.

    Just on the driver compatibility thing. If you have a machine esp a laptop - that came with Win 7 or 8, the manufacturer would have chosen a set of compatible drivers for that hardware configuration.

    If you are updating to Win10, MS will supply their recommended drivers for your hardware but you might also find that your manufacturer has a set of Win 10 drivers recommended for your specific legacy machine. Eg Toshiba tech support used to have packages of drivers like this available for use with their older models and Win 10 (they sold their laptop division to another company some years back).

    If you are installing Windows again - or upgrading to Win 10 - on the same machine you should be able to use your old key code. This has worked up to the present time as far as I know but I guess MS could screw this up if they chose.

    There are various approaches to obtaining your key code.

    There is a vbs script discussed here:…your-windows-product-key/

    Also a free app:

    Menus and submenus?

    In the words (and voice) of Michael Scott from The Office: [screaming] "NOO GOD! NO. GOD. PLEASE. NO. NO!!! NO!!! NOOOOOO!!! "

    I disagree. I don't think Kemper really cares if others have engaged in the battle of price points. All of the units you mention are limited in their The closest thing is the Helix Floor and Rack and I'd guess a lot of players didn't realize the Rack existed for Line6. A separate floor controller doesn't exist for the Rack.

    Helix rack unit has a separate floor unit to control it - you may have to buy them separately but they have had optional floor control boards since the first POD.

    About a year ago, the newer versions of RM only worked on Windows 10. Kemper mentioned the Win10 requirement on the downloads page.

    I have been running all the new versions on 8.1 up until this one. When the editor came in with OS 7, they no longer ran on Win 7 but, despite some discussion about Win 10 only, they allowed Win 8.1 also. Win 8.1 is losing support from MS in the new year.

    This beta is not showing up for me with my win 8.1 machine. It doesn't show with "check software updates" and I have beta versions enabled.

    I opened up RM on a Win 10 machine elsewhere and was offered it. Are they excluding Win 8.1? If so, can you move an RM backup between these two versions? Maybe not. Is there info on that in the documentation for the new version?

    All the typical units for listening to TV/hifi that I have seen are bluetooth and have terrible latency. Not OK for guitar playing or recording. It would be pretty handy if builders of quality audio interfaces - eg RME built units which included radio outputs with low latency. With transmitters and receivers available you could just connect your favourite cans and get busy.

    Probably the best sound quality comes with lowering the input gain on the FRFR (in this case the QSC) rather than cutting way down on the Kemper. If the volume control on the kpa is in the digital domain (as I would expect), you lose 6 bits of resolution turning down 36 dB below max volume. Lost resolution means more quantisation noise and less clarity. You may or may not notice with the sort of program material we are putting out with guitar + efx.

    @mikitan - for sure there will be further updates. Even if a Kemper II is released, they have said support for the older hardware will be maintained. I don't think they will just put their feet up or abandon the guitar gear caper to bring out a range of green toaster ovens.

    Delays, Reverbs and Drives all took quite a while in development. New features like the editor and the Kab/Kone also. Things are quiet just now so I would guess some new developments are cooking away somewhere.

    The HX Stomp has a room/space-parameter built into the cab-section. But it's not functional on IR's if I remember correctly. Rumour is that there's gonna be a overhaul of the cab-section in the HX 3.2, wonder what it will be.

    Good to know. I gather from the discussion online that the Helix/HX cab overhaul is a major step up.

    Good demo. I listened to the first few mins - I wanted to ask: Does the Kemper have the "Space" effect active? Mostly I would have that on all the time but it is adding early reflections which add to the impression of an amp in a room space and the Stomp probably is not set up with a comparable effect in your demo. It might make a fairer comparison to add some kind of comparable room verb (emphasising early reflections perhaps) to the HX Stomp patches.

    Clearly the Stomp has a great deal of very usable stuff packed in that little box.

    But Rig Manager has had an editor for more than a year now. That critical comment was made in 2018 before the editor.

    The limitations about importing folders and not being able to drag and drop folders around as you would in an OS file manager remain.