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    Hey Everybody!

    Happy New Year to all of You, I hope you're all getting through this weird times fine and healthy!!!

    Lately I talked to Sigi,we discussed what to profile next!

    There are some Majors,Super Basses, a JTM45Reissue,the Yngwie-Amp ,another 60ies Plexi,the AFD and a nice old Park we had an eye on!

    Since I got a really good attenuator now, we would like try to capture the RR-Signature Amp(the loudest amp I know!=O) as well!

    What are you guys(I know besides from Direct Profiles;)) missing?

    Cheers and stay safe


    Hey Everybody!

    Thanks a lot for your kind words!

    I'm still pretty busy producing a very long Music-Project ,but I think in October we'll going to do some more profiling because we got and get so

    many requests!

    As something that started as a private project for my and Sigis own purposes its turning out to be pretty crazy's ,so thanks again for the interest in the Katzbach Profiles!

    But for now ,please stay safe everybody!!!



    Thanks a lot guys!

    I hope i have some time in the end of the summer to do some more profiling!

    Some asked for merged profiles and i will do it,but i´m more into studio profiles!

    When i buy profiles i want to hear the character of the whole chain and the idea that the profiler had in mind with the adjustments he or she did!So my focus is more on that!

    So what would you like to have?


    Hey Rene,hey JuLai!

    Yes in the first round of profiling we didn´t consider doing merged profiles,but we´ll do it maybe in the future!I want to explore the process a bit more and if the results are good then we´ll do it!

    What´s your impression on merged profiles?How do you use them-are you tweaking a lot?Or do you feel the need to change the cabs on "studio-profiles" a lot?Do you use them more than "studio-profiles"?

    BTW please check out my friends from austria,if you´re into CAB-IRs:

    From Sigi´s Museum there are a lot of amps left to profile...which one would you like to have as a profile ( ?

    HEY CJ,

    thanks a lot man!!!

    "I am a lazy tweaker",well i´m kind of both-i like to fiddle around and tweak but when it comes to recordings or live situations i need quick solutions!


    Hey Luntho!
    I tweaked a lot and i turned the knobs until it was there where i wanted it to be!
    But...this is just my take on it!These sounds suit my needs and i use them in all my productions without the need to further tweak them
    or have some crazy EQing going on(on the board or in the DAW) which could introduce some phasing issues!
    Feel free to experiment with these!



    Hey Everybody!

    We were already topic in another thread a few days ago,but i think now we are really ready to announce our profiles!

    So please check out our Katzbach Kemper Profiles at and !

    You will find some sound-snippets,a few infos on the Profiling process and some free profiles of our voyage of discovery through the british sound with the big M!


    Godi Hildmann

    Hey Everyone,

    i apologize if there´s trouble with the paypal system!Paypal seems to work fine for the most but we have trouble with US-Customers payment via PP!We are working on that!!!
    If you have any trouble please give me a sign on [email protected]!If the download-link doesn´t work,i´ll send you the zip-files directly!
    I´m glad you like our work,please spread the word!!!

    All the best


    godi hildmann

    Hey Everybody,hey Ash!
    Godi Hildmann here,i´m the founder of the Kemper Katzbach Profiles!We are quite fresh out with our page,and were are still changing some stuff!If you don´t have a link yet,please let me know!I´ll inform our webhost and you´ll get a link!You can contact me via [email protected] also!
    I´m glad that there´s some interest in our stuff!If anyone has some questions,criticism,ideas,then please let me know!
    All the Best from Göttingen/Germany