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    Since using all betas of fw 4 I am experiencing slow response when switching slots in a performance bank? Does anybody else have the same issue... this is also valid for the official 4.0.6 fw? Is there any fix in progress? In my studio this is no problem for me, but live on stage the delay is a little annoying since we musician struggle to zero latency. :P



    I am using RME sound card with Kemper connection over SPDIF. Since I am recording on 48k there is always a message and related problems, when I turn my Kemper on... Is it possible anywhere to set a higher sample rate than 44,1k?

    If not, is there any development in progress regarding that matter?

    Hello KPA development team,
    is it possible to fix the audio spike when booting the KPA connected via SPDIF? Since it is digital I guess this can be fixed... :thumbup:

    Anyone else noticed this?

    Hello Kemper tech guys,
    is it possible to implement in future FW of the KPA a more detailed Rotary speed options instead of Fast and Slow. IMHO sometimes the slow mode is to slow and the fast is to fast... in suggestion. And yes, I do know that in general Leslie speakers had two speeds :)

    I must admit that Pure cabinet is a great feature. I am using IEM and the Kemper is connected direct in the FOH. I enabled it in my studio and the tone difference was there... more real, more air. At the next gig the sound engineer came to me and asked me what did I do with my profiles - they sound even better than before...

    Values are Pure Cab=4,5 and Space=2,0.

    Thanks KPA!

    If you need help or would like somebody to make this for you - I can be your man! ;)

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    Tnx paults... I know this "work arround"... was thinking to have a more advanced Rig manager... with the word manager I am referring to manage not to list selection as it is now in the app... hope we will se soon this handy upgrade of the application.


    Is there any other than the manual way on the KPA to manage Slots in performance mode? It would be great to manage it over RM... Does anybody know if there is a development in this direction in the near future? Fractal is much better in this subject also for tweaking and managing rigs... 8):S

    mattim, do you use Uno4Kemper? Did you solve the issue?

    Is there anybody with same problem... did not find out the solution to the problem -> if it is firmware based or hardware based...

    Find a buddy in the neighbourhood who owns a KPA and a Uno4Kemper upgrade FCB1010 and the result is:
    Both footcontrollers - mine and his working fine on his KPA (with the latest FW), on mine KPA non of them isn't working in both directions... so that excludes the possibility having troubles with Uno or FCB1010...

    All help would be welcome!