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    Hi all. I'm having some trouble setting up my KPA to record. I have the Apollo X6 and I'm running Reaper. I can monitor my KPA, but the SPDIF isn't showing up in the channel input list. Is it a hardware or software issue?:cursing:||

    Sort of. As you say, it can't be used to switch between profiles, but you can change parameters like volume and gain. Additionally you can, effectively, turn things like delays, choruses and reverbs on and off by using the mix control. For example, if you had a crunch setting in 1A and wanted a lead setting with a long delay on it in 1B, you would turn your delay on in 1A and set the mix to zero. Then, when you set the levels (gain, volume, mids, what have you) for 1B and then turn your delay mix up to the desired level. Works well with delays and reverbs, but not so well for overdrive stomps as they will always colour the sound.

    Is anyone else having problems with morphing with the remote? If, for example, I select slot 3 on my remote and then tap the button a second time, the patch will change to the morphed sound without ramping. When I hit the button again, it ramps down, as it should. Every time after that, it will ramp up and down as it should, as long as I stay on that slot. If I were to change to slot 4, the second tap on the button will again change to the morphed patch without ramping, but will ramp normally subsequently, as long as I stay on slot 4. I'm sure this was all working as it is supposed to, this morning. Perhaps I've unwittingly changed a parameter, this evening, while playing around. ?(

    Since a gig a couple of weeks ago, I've been having a problem with the volume pedal. I have my expression pedal in pedal 6 which is set to wah with the wah to volume checked. When the wah is in, the pedal works fine. When there's no wah, the pedal has no effect on the volume. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Everything was working great until the last FW update and things started to go a little screwy.

    Yeah, I've got the Trainwreck, too. It's cool but it's not really an AC tone. I really miss my Tiny Terror that I left in the UK when I moved back to the US. That thing had the best tones I've ever had from an amp. That thing through my Vintage 30s 2x12 had the best marshall dirty tones coupled with great vox clean/broken up tones out there. I really miss it.

    Has there been any news on a Z Wreck profile? Michael has been teasing with this for some time. I'm really jonesing for it! One of the main reasons for getting a KPA in the first place was the promise, from other profilers, of having a Z Wreck profile but none of them have been much good. I REALLY enjoy using the RX and the 3P Acs, as well as the Vox AC profiles but a Wreck would just be pant-wettingly amazing! I just updated my KPA and RM and somehow managed to delete my favourite and most oft used performance (PAISLEY LIKE A VOX) which were 4 Britt ACs, tweaked just so, which I now have to rebuild but I thought I'd hold off because I heard a whisper from a little birdie that a Wreck might be on the cards in an upcoming pack. Am I right? Don't make the little birdie a liar. PLLLEEEEAAAATHHHHEEEE!

    I've got 3 of the new packs and they all sound great at home. I've got an interesting dep gig on Thursday with a disco band. Any amps in the new packs (or the old ones for that matter) for a cool Nile Rogers type sound? Also, I asked before about the Dual Citizen and you mentioned your signature amp, the profile of which I have and love, but the interesting thing about the Dual citizen was the ability to blend both the US and the UK channels. That sounded amazing on the NAMM demo. Anyway, I'm excited about the Z Wreck profile. I have a profile from somewhere else but it isn't very good and I don't use it which is a shame as I love Mr Paisley's tone when he uses them. I'm really hoping you use the different speaker configs that you have been doing lately as the Zs (the amps themselves) tend to implode on themselves when the gain is cranked. I've only ever heard the amp with its own speakers, a blue and a gold I think, so it'd be really interesting to see if the V30s can do something about that.
    Thanks for all the hard work!

    Hi there, I have all of your packs, to date. I heard a rumour of a new one on the horizon. Is this true? If so, very exciting. I saw the NAMM video of the new 3rd Power Dual Citizen a couple of weeks ago. I think it may be my favourite bottle amp in the world. It sounded worthy of its own pack. I'd buy it. If you're interested, I recorded a track of my own using the Dr Z Rx, the Blackface Deluxe and the 3PAC from your various packs. I don't see enough country around here. I tried to remedy that!

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    Hi there, I'm Alex, long time listener, first time caller. I've had my Kemper a few months and I love it more now than the day I got it. My good friend teleologic first brought the KPA to my attention a couple of years ago when I was using a Marshall rack (JMP-1 & 20/20 Power Amp) for my rock shows and a '90s AC30 CC2 for my country shows. I also used an Orange Tiny Terror any time I could because they're amazing! I liked the KPA at the time but there was no way I was getting rid of my bottle amps for no digital wizardry! Fast forward to the end of last year when I heard the profiles from TAF and my interest was piqued. Once I had heard Michael Britt's profiles, all bets were off. I sold my Marshall rack, another marshall head that the guys from Mat Amp had breathed on for me, a Marshall 1936 cab, a Peavey 412M cab, a kidney, A LOT of blood and sperm (not at the same time, that would just be weird) and my first born and bought a powered toaster. I regret nothing! What a majestic little box filled with wonder!
    I've read many posts of people whining that the KPA doesn't have this and doesn't have that (pre delay, pre delay, pre delay pleeeeeeeaaaaassssseeee! :D ) but anyone who was a kid who saved up for their first real valve/tube amp and finally got it and got to gig it and make ungodly, parent terrifying noise with it, will realise just what a gem this little green goodness really is. I'm a big Brad Paisley fan and I have 2 of his amps inside one little box in my living room! I'm a big Brent Mason fan and I have a couple of his amps, too. ACDC fan? I have an old JTM 45, probably my favourite Marshall amp ever but then I got a Friedman Dirty Shirley! FFS! In our collective quest for more, bigger and better tones, I think we perhaps forget what Herr Kepmer has given us, here. The Ark Of The Covenant? The holy Grail? The Spear Of Destiny? You can keep 'em. I'll take my Tele, my Les Paul and my KPA and the world is mine.

    A fun song I wrote and recorded with Michael Britt's incredible profiles. Prescription Extra, '68 Deluxe and 3rd power AC.
    Thanks to Jon (telelogic) for all the help, drums and a great mix!

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    Hi there, I'm after some help. My master volume knob is doing nothing to change the volume of the Kemper Power Head. The volume bar on the screen moves as I turn the knob but the volume doesn't change. The only way I can get it to work is to link the master to the monitor volume but all that is really doing is adjusting the monitor volume. This is happening both in the speaker output and the main out into my audio interface.