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    Just a kindly tip. If you’re vague about your product, you will sell less of it.

    All the best

    How many profiles have I purchased because of the name of the amplifier only to be disappointed? I am starting not to care about the name of the amp and more about the name of the guy profiling it, because that has been way more impactful in my opinion. Now I need to watch out for Sacha haha, rad sounds man. I'll pick these up soon.

    I am having a weird issue that I am starting to notice with my kemper.

    I notice some input latency between when I pick and when noise comes out of the kemper output. I tried the exact same profile on my friends kemper and it does not feel like this. I also tried a factory reset and tried to match his settings and I am still getting the same thing.

    Does anyone have any advice or know where I should look? It seems REALLY weird and nefarious...

    Hey Sonny,

    So up to now I have purchased almost every STL pack. I have never been disappointed, but you know what would really make the packs special? Have the producers include a couple bass profiles. I have the STL Ampeg profile, but having a bass profile from Putney or Wade would be invaluable as it would pair well with their guitar tones. Maybe going forward this could be a part of the "producer" pack thing. Just tossing ideas at you! Love the packs regardless. The Great Wall Archon Heavy 2 is my current go-to for pissed-off rhythms :)


    Hey Ash, We only used humbuckers while testing and creating pack. We tested it with the following guitars:

    ESP EC1000 with BKP Blackhawks (bridge and neck) - this was the main guitar we used when dialing in the tones
    Ibanez RGD 2127FX with Lundgren M7 Bridge, SD Sentient Neck
    Les Paul Studio Baritone with Lundgren "The One" Bridge, Lundgren Heaven 57 Neck
    Reverend Roundhouse with SD Nazgul + Sentient

    So unfortunately all these pickups are geared towards heavier styles, from hard rock to straight metal, and all of them are humbuckers.

    And I am not sure if this is allowed but the STL tones packs are fantastic as well, they inspired us to try to make our own. The amp itself is capable of an insane range of tones for many genres, while our pack focuses mainly on the heavier stuff. Hope that answered your questions!


    The first official pack of Kemper profiles that we are offering is now available. Our first pack seeks to recreate a PRS Archon 100 Watt into a custom Omega 412 mic'd up with two SM57's in Fredman orientation. The Drive tones are made for aggressive styles of music and playing, and are relatively low gain to preserve clarity and player dynamics. The tones were dialed in very painstakingly with a BKP Blackhawk (high output) equipped guitar, and tested with other pickup and guitar combinations.

    The pack contains 5 sets of profiles (Merged, Direct, Studio):
    Archon Raw
    Archon + Bulb OD
    Archon + Mesa 5 Band
    Archon + Maxon808
    Archon Clean


    Please check them out and let me know what you think!

    My new interface does not have SPDIF unfortunately (RME FF802). So I am forced to use analog ins and outs. I don't want to capture the kemper tone right now, just to monitor with it since the latency is nonexistant but the latency in my daw can sometimes be detectable to a guitar player. I then edit the DI's and then reamp through the kemper. I also had issues with hot pickups and the kemper DI output clipping and could not figure out how to remedy this, so I don't use it as a DI anymore.

    So I run my setup kinda strange for tracking:
    Guitar -> Countryman Type 85 ->Amp output into Kemper
    ->XLR output into RME FF802 with Phantom power on.

    I am assuming the phantom power won't harm or even get to the kemper, but I thought I would ask... Will this kill my kemper?


    These sound so amazing! This will probably come off the wrong way but 400 profiles is just so many... it seems a little intimidating, do you guys plan on splitting it up into smaller packs someday? I don't mind spending the $53 its just I would not even know where to start with so many profiles. Or... are the profiles organized well? Maybe that would be less overwhelming. I do really dig the sounds guys!