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    A good few updates ago, it was announced that the display on the Profiler and Remotes changed slower than the actual sound. This was a deliberate process designed to prioritise the functionality over visibility.

    Not to say that it hasn't suddenly gotten worse but to explain that the displays have always intentionally been sluggish.

    So you really need to check how quickly the profile changes sonically, not the display.

    It all changed for me when I had to become the singer too. Suddenly, all I needed was to be able to hear my guitar just enough.

    When I was a teenager, I was that guy that always got told I played too loud but I didn't care, I was having a great time. I must have been unbearable.

    Now I make sure whatever cab or speaker I'm using is positioned to reach my ears, not my legs. I keep the tone consistent and just loud enough to hear what I'm doing. I don't do anything much with EQ but my profiles are tried and tested live but somehow still sound good at home.

    Now I get asked by others in the band and sound guys to turn up (if I'm using a cab, admittedly I mostly use IEMs).

    My sound also got much better in 2017 when the second guitarist quit. He was another one of those crank it, point the cab at me and stand somewhere else guys. He even admitted that if i played lead, he would boost his sound to fill in the void....... So many decent guitarists out there but which have no concept of good band manners.

    I recall some people (right or wrong) running 2 batteries with their EMGs. Can't remember what it was supposed to do.

    I thought since EMGs are low impedance they would drive longer runs better. (like a mic cable vs. guitar cable)If not, that's another reason for me not to like them. Something about them always struck me as flat and inorganic. Just my opinion.

    Each to their own, of course.

    But phrases such as 'inorganic' tend to be banded around a little as if it's a trait of EMGs. Many of the best basses I've played have had EMGs. My favourite Strat sounds came from an EMG loaded Strat. The 81? The ones I've played have always been in guitars that didn't interest me before I even picked them up so I was destined to be non-plussed but I can't say as they were a problem (a LTD and an Epiphone before you ask - both aimed at the metal side of things).

    Don't know what to tell you. Tested with 3 different guitars. Probably just because the cable of 10 meters was 8 euro's and is just horrible quality.

    8 euros for 10m? Yeah, it's garbage. I am SO not a cable snob but it simply can't be made with decent parts or made well.

    I have indeed. Mine lives in a 10U rack case, with a behringer x18r, IEM transmitter, patchbay, Famc Liquid Tracks unit and psu strip. The Kemper is cable tied by the strap buttons onto a shelf. During transit I do have a piece of foam that wedges between the top of the toaster and the Liquid Tracks. It doesn't move.

    In a drawer below, I have an iPad, Boss SY200 and Line6 wireless receiver.

    It weighs a huge amount but is so quick to set up.

    I spent a lot of time chasing tones when I first got mine, Marshall this, Diesel that, Friedman something or other. I tried most of the big profile producers and got really close until I stumbled across a Splawn Hot Rod profile on RigManager. A quick tweak and it was everything I was looking for and covered so much ground for me.

    I settled predominantly on a Friedman BE100 for clean, Splawn for crunch and the same profile with added mids and volume for lead. I played the hell out of that until I found a Mesa profile and then it was that final 2% I wanted.

    I would never have thought that my favourite tone would come from a Mesa and my cleans from a BE100 but it made me stop listening with my eyes. I don't need a profile of my dream amp, I just want to be able to make my Kemper sound like the tone in my head.

    I don't like making drastic tonal changes with my band so i stick to variants of the same crunch profile across the whole set. My saved tones work well live to FOH, headphones at home and in recordings. I tend to reduce the gain and effect a little when recording but otherwise they work brilliantly.

    I don't know the song but Google tells me this. You could use the auto swell effect in the Kemper but i reckon the way it is done in th8s video will be better:

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    FWIW, when I first spent time with my Kemper, i chose a number or profiles and immediately set to using them at rehearsals. Having levelled them all for my needs, with the loudest I use falling just short of clipping the output, I ALWAYs find professional and RigManager content to be significantly quieter.

    There might already be untapped headroom in the profiles which hold back the full output.


    You can't plug in a standard guitar into a standard modeller such as a Kemper, Helix or AxeFx and get this. You need to add a Roland GK or other MIDI pickup plus a MIDI capable device such as a those you mention. One doesn't tend to move the MIDI pickup freely between guitars, making it a semi-permanent feature and so not really a standard guitar anymore.

    So yes, you can buy those things and do that and thank you for telling me that I was wrong.

    I've had this issue for years. Have you tried aggressively moving the expression pedal bad and forth repeatedly? If i do mine for about 5 seconds, when stop the sound continues to change for a second or two....

    It gets much worse if I link the wah to morph etc but no matter what, it is never quite right.

    There are no modelling devices which will make a standard guitar, tuned to standard pitch tune to something like drop D, drop C# or similar.

    You could add a midi pickup, go the Line 6 Variax method or something like you have suggested.

    My band play in a few tunings, so one guitar will never do the job. I have a b-b tuned baritone and another in drop D. I simply learned to play the songs on either of those, there were a couple of compromises in the process but the only person to notice is me.

    It might be flawed, but I use a combination of open strung and 12th fret harmonic. I try to pick moderately, I accept that the harder you pick the sharper it will go but I also play very softly so there will always be a compromise to be had.

    Before people assume that #2 is a brand new Kemper, I would like to remind people that the predecessor to the profiler was a synth. No one saw it coming and the next product might be just the same - might not be guitar related or even music related.

    I even seem to recall Christoph talking about moving into medical technology at some stage.

    I watched the video before I became aware of this thread. I'm not here to goad or troll, in fact I'd liked your previous videos but this one just misses the mark and at least to me, I don't think you're presenting your point in the way you think you are.

    Comments in this thread perpetuate this.

    In this shit-show of an era with cancel culture at the fore, one has to be careful in what they post. I'm loyal and ignore the hysteria that rises but even so, based on what I've witnessed, you've tarnished your channel.

    Sorry, I think you've got this one wrong.

    Erm I'm a bit confused about this...

    Performance mode works bang on for me, I don't use midi so I've not seen this but if true I agree needs sorting.

    Performance mode is perfect for me too. But yes, I can confirm that if you throw loads of MIDI at the Kemper it will crash and needs to be turned on and off.

    I run a decent midi footswitch and a different 'page' for each song. That page sends performance changes to the Kemper, midi to the DMX lighting controller, digital mixer, Boss SY200 synth pedal and even a sample player. If you scroll rapidly between songs, Kemper death occurs. This isn't an issue live as our set list is in order but at home it can occur.