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    BOME midi translator. You do not have to calculate anything. Set the imput and output hardware, draw a line between them. Push the footswitch for it to learn the comand and tell it which output NRPN message to send to KPA.

    Same here, mate. I had trouble with ancient Greek as well, but I made the looper work with a classical midi foot-controller. I used a midi translator. I hope the picture helps. (I still couldn't program the STOP footswitch, but I am working on it)

    I have an ideea. I don't know if it has been posted before but .... Rig Exchange for performances. I am tired of researching for every song the gear and the settings that the band used for intro, verse, chorus, solo etc. I really need a separate section in the Rig Manager where I can search for performances by song or by artist, made by people smarter than me. What do you say?

    Another ideea would be ... guitar backing tracks (or bass) linked to performances.



    I can see two new things in the FB pic. A new two-buttons footswitch and the new Kemper automatic screwdriver (excelent for tremollo picking). They are hidden, therefore you cannot see them at the first look.

    I did an extensive check, meanig that I turned all the knobs and soft buttons on and off and I found out that the sound card had a problem with the "headphone space" button. I turned it off and now I get the same sound through the analog in as well as through the S/PDIF in. Curious thing, other soundcards did not have an issue with the headphone space feature.

    The 44.1 pops and clicks still remain an issue, but not one I should consider. I keep everything at 48 and I raise the latency at 10ms, which is acceptable. No issues there.


    Hi, guys!

    I was trying to play my kemper the other day against some backing tracks ad GP tabs and I ran into the 44.1/48 issue. My rig is as follows: Kemper (digital out) >> Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (digital in) >> speakers. I have no issue to paly the Kemper by setting everything to 44.1 sample rate. However, other media (mp3s, backing tracks and gp tabs) have serious cracking and popping issues with this sample rate. I would increase it to 48 but then the Kemper can't provide that as a master clock.

    Some may say that I should go and use the analog outs of the Kemper into the analog in of the soundcard. I did that and the preamps of the soundcard (which are good, btw) amplify everything, as they are supposed to do. I get incredible volumes of reverb and delay and I cannot use such effects. The mp3s sound well at 48.

    Therefore, I want to use the digital in of the soundcard by keeping the 48 sample rate.

    I found these litle critters on the web that are supposed to upsample the audio signal and solve all my petty problems:

    ESI DR DAC prime -

    The ESI one looks more promissing ar it has digital in and out.

    Has anybody used such products to change the sample rate? Do they actually do what I am trying to do? Or am I wasting time?

    I came across some hi-end sample rate converters but they cost 1K+ and I am not willing to spend that amount of money on sound conversion.


    Hi, M_M.

    The FBV 2 is bus powered (I used it previously for PodFarm software). Just connect it to the computer via a USB 2.0 cable and there you have it. I have never used a CAT-5 as I do not have anithyng to connect it to :)

    The FBV 1 has no usb or midi port (i guess that one is yours). I found this on Amazon :…ble-Adapter/dp/B004XYEXX4

    I don't know if the adapter works but if you find out, please share it as it may help someone.

    Best regards,

    Hi, all!

    I made my improvisation the other day and I hope it helps other people too.

    I have the Line6 FBV MK2 (yes, the one without midi ports). I use the Bome Midi Translatosr (just a software) to send midi commands from the FBV, through the computer, to the sound card midi out which, finally controls the KPA. The sound card is a focusrite which functions as a midi breakout box.

    So, it is the FBV >> computer (midi translation software) >> sound card >> KPA

    It works like a charm, no latency. It was not intended, just discovered that it works this way when I installed the sound card and decided to experiment a little. You may use any usb/midi cheap interface instead of the sound card. It controls performances, rigs, effects, pedal parametres... you name it.

    My guess is that the software can translate regular midi messages into NRPN messages, but I have yet to take the time and program it.

    Have a nice day,

    Hi. I don't know if anyone mentioned it before. How about the possibility of harwireing the "space" feature. I know it it already linked to the headphones output, but i rarely use it. My KPA goes to the sound card (via direct output) and so are the headphones and I really like the "amp-in-the-room" sound. For now, I have to turn it on for every rig i load.


    Hi. Sorry for digging out old topics. I was about to use the vg-99 as a guitar modeler in front of the KPA. Would it burn anything if I plug the normal output of the vg-99 into the front input jack of the KPA? Or should I use one of the alternative inputs of the KPA, the ones in the back?