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    I agree I don't like too much scooped mids either. One reason I asked if you judge guitar sound from a well known mix is because so many guitar players ask how do I get this and that sound. I remember I once read an interview with Andy Sneap and so many guitar player have asked how do I get the clayman sound? You can't have it. They way it sounds is because how it was recorded and mixed, he said. Many love Dimebags scooped sound but it's fizzy as hell too. Never liked that sound. I think you have already answered your self. Like you said "Sometimes it can even be a psychological thing." Are you looking for something that doens't exist? Well too little gain is better than too much gain. Have you tried EQ the profiles you like? Post EQ? The latter can make a huge different from a little bit dull to a wow sound.

    Exactly, but that's the nice thing with the Kemper, you can actually profile a heavily post processed tone if you have access to a really nice studio with loads of rack gear and stuff. The Boston pack from Top Jimi is not exactly a «Marshall miced up and barely high and lowpass filtered» kind of tone, there is quite a lot going on in that signal chain. Theoretically there are no limits for what you can profile, but obviously you need access to the right gear which can be hard and/or expensive.

    Yes, the Kemper EQ is what made the JP-2C usable for me. If there was no such option, I would probably have gotten rid of the entire pack. That was actually the issue for me when I was using the Kemper about one year ago, before I sold it; all the nicely crafted profiles which are essentially plug and play made me super lazy, and it didn't even occur to me that the less-than-perfect profiles could be tweaked to sound better...

    Also, I am not chasing a particular tone (anymore), if I would have to use the tones I have in my Kemper right now for the rest of my life only, I would be perfectly happy! It's just that I have a huge selection of rock n' roll low-mid gain tones which all sound great in their own way, but I have only a few metal-oriented profiles I really like. So I'm looking to expand the library essentially :P

    There are tons of good metal profiles out there. It's nothing wrong with the profiles out there. Some profiles sounds better with a different guitar/pickups. Are you satisfied with your guitar(s) and pickups to start with? Do you judge a guitar sound after how it sounds in a mix? Cause if you do, it doesn't matter so much how it sounds in solo.It's how it sounds in a mix that matters. And no matter what you use you will always sound like your self no matter what guitar or amp you use.It's been proven over and over and over again, use less gain than you think to get a good metal tone.. .

    I have never understood why some people talk like it's a «rule» that a guitar tone either sounds good in a mix, or alone. When I noodle around on my Kemper I don't have one profile for that, and another one for playing to a backing track or recording or whatever. That may be because I really love my mids, scooping them makes me physically ill... What you're saying my apply to some people who love to scoop the mids for that "modern metal tone" though, but I don't think I'm the only one who happens to like the same kind of tones in a mix as well as alone.

    To answer your question, I usually judge a profile based on what it sounds like by its own because it may give me that little something that I "need" to get the right vibe, to write whatever I aim to write at the time. I have plenty of profiles that sound great in a mix, and also by themselves but may not give me the exact vibe I'm looking for. So then I can use them for the vibe they have on its own, and for recording other stuff as well if the initial profile with the "right vibe" isn't the right one in the mix if you know what I'm saying. Sometimes it can even be a psychological thing, you crank up some profiles of a Marshall YJM100 and then you get the urge to play like Malmsteen (not that I can do that) :P

    Also, I almost practically live on the «Jailbreak Malcolm» profile from TopJimi's AC/DC pack and tend to use too little gain rather than too much :D

    Thanks guys! I did finally bite the bullet and buy TopJimi's Mesa Boogie JP-2C pack, and even though the profiles won't give a 100% accurate impression of how the true amp sounds, behaves etc I did find something odd with the profile pack at least. The low and medium gain (all relative to the amp's settings, not actually low gain and mid gain) profiles sound somewhat strange kind of dark and confused, and for those levels of gain my Marshall profiles sound a lot better to me. However, something happened when I changed to the one called "high". It had something that reminded me of glorious Marshall-esque aggressive bite, which became even more prominent after tweaking. And now I think I am probably there when it comes to metal tones! Really odd that it gets more bite when increasing gain, which is definitely not the case with Marshalls.

    Anyway, here's a short clip for anyone considering the same pack:

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    That's completely true, and I do almost use exclusively Top Jimi profiles, but I don't really like the really hi gain profiles hence this thread... And obviously everyone's going to be biased, but I was (and still am) hoping to see someone saying "oh yeah, this and this profile is like spot on that tone" and then I could have given it a shot at least. I have tried a lot of profilers, not gonna mention any names but Top Jimi's profiles are my faves. But I do have a 2203KK home in Norway, where I'll go for next week so I guess I'll have to grab an SM57 and do the work myself trying to get some more metal oriented tones :P

    Hi guys!

    After almost one year without the Kemper, initially selling it because tube amps were "cooler", had more of a rock n' roll vibe etc, I had nothing but problems with the amp that replaced the Kemper... Also moving from Norway to the UK wasn't really practical to bring my huge Marshall JCM800 (not the amp I had issues with btw), and a Powerhead turned up on the used market with almost uncanny good timing. I have been seriously changing preferences since the last time I owned a Kemper, back then I couldn't even listen to the profiles through a PA speaker, headset or whatever; it had to be through a real cab. Nowadays I actually hate the sound of a real cab, the only way I can enjoy it is to crank it up and use earplugs (good ones though) to roll of the worst highs...

    That's not really what this thread is supposed to be about though, sorry about that! I have so many great profiles now of classic rock tones, it's frankly insane how good some of them sound and replicates that low gain power tube distortion! My problem is that I cannot find any metal tones I like, the closest I've come is the 1984 Brown Sound profile from Top Jimi which is my metal profile of choice at the moment, but it's not quite there. Other profiles of more "pure" metal amps I don't really like, I got his Bogner Überschall TwinJet pack and while I absolutely love the first channel, it doesn't have enough gain for metal and the second channel is way too fat and dark, loose in the bass etc. That's the way most of them are, really dark sounding and loose bass response.

    I stumbled upon this clip tonight, which was not only cool to hear because of what it is but the guitar tone is also way, way better than on the actual album! I would almost go as far as describing it as the perfect metal tone, especially from what I hear from this point (the link was supposed to take you to 0:22):

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    Anyone know about a set of profiles that can recreate that particular tone?

    I have the pleasure of introducing a new set of profiles from Northern Profiles, seeking to emulate the tone of a underrated but very nice sounding amp: the Marshall 2203KK!

    From my web store:

    A fantastic set of profiles, for everything from that classic Marshall breakup and grind to modded aggressive hard rock and metal tones!

    This particular Marshall amp is a highly underrated one, due to the arguably hideous tribal pattern found on both the metal faceplate and front grill. What's good about that is that it is a full blown, 100% pure JCM800 at a really good price with an alternative design and built in boost!

    Four of them are also boosted with a J. Rocket Archer, based on the Klon Centaur and without doubt one of the best boost pedals I've ever heard. Works really well as a pure clean boost, but I liked it best with gain at 9 o'clock which the profiles also feature.

    What's really unique about this pack, is the cabinet and speaker part of the profiles. The cabinet is an EVH 5150III 4x12, loaded with Wizard Rock 20 speakers custom made by Eminence for Wizard Amplification in Canada! They are 20 watt speakers made to be a little more similar to the 25 watt Greenbacks, and they are a little tighter and hold together better at high volumes than the stock Heritage Greenbacks. Extremely hard to come by, unless you cash out 2000$ for a Wizard cab!

    This pack features:
    - 4 settings in stock mode, 4x merged and 4x studio profiles.
    - 3 settings with the Beast mode activated, 3x merged and 3x studio profiles.
    - 4 settings in stock mode boosted with a J. Rockett Archer, 1x merged and 4x studio profiles.


    Link to web store: http://northernprofiles.bigcar…turing-very-rare-speakers

    Sound clip recorded using a custom mahogany Telecaster w/ P90s:

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    Well, I figured that it was harder than I thought to properly open it, but Kemper support told me that it was the most important to get the nut out (in case of any short circuiting). So I managed to move the back plate maybe one centimeter, and it was just enough to get the nut out. The Kemper has worked flawlessy ever since :)

    I did some more experimenting, and there is definitely something really strange going on... Profiles from the new package with gain at about 6-7 are not even comparable to profiles from the first pack, when it comes to amount of gain. The HBE Low (gain 6.8) from the new pack is maybe comparable to other profiles with gain at 3 or 4. This can't be right? I checked everything from clean sens to effects (none are active or even in the slots), rebooted my Kemper where it checked all the rigs etc, but it's still the same. Are someone else experiencing this? It applies to all merged and studio profiles.

    Got the new profiles mailed today. I want to start with, that I actually think the profiles of the "defect" amp sounds great! Running the HBE Low-profile (studio profile with cab sim off) through my cab gives me maybe the best guitar tone I've ever had, actually so great that I bought a Friedman Pink Taco (not arrived yet) which I'm very excited about. So, I thought that these new profiles have to be freaking stunning if the first amp was defect and this one works as it should. I hate to say it, but they are not even close... Profiles with 6.4 on the Kemper gain scale have much, much less actual gain than profiles with 6.4 from the first pack, and the overall tone is simply inferior. Please notice that this is not a complaint, but just a heads up. I am very satisfied with the first pack, but I think it's very, very odd if the new pack is supposed to be the same with an amp that sounds and works "better".

    Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and Suhr V60LP in neck/mid. Fantastic sounding guitar, not only is it the best sounding and most versatile pickup configuration I've ever had, but it is also achievable without any jibber-jabber with resistors to achieve 500k on the humbucker and 250k on the singlecoils etc! The guitar itself is also really good, plays great and very lightweight (lighter than any american Strat I've owned). In my opinion the finish and matching headstock is «beautifully tacky», but it is far from everyone's cup of tea I've figured :D [Blocked Image:]

    Alright, so I was going to pack my Powerhead to make it ready for a flight tomorrow. When I lifted it up I noticed that there was a strange sound from inside the Kemper, definitely a loose part. I thought about opening it up from the back and see what it was, but I don't have any torx screwdrivers available here, and every single screw is torx (which is a good thing though). However, I managed to twist and shake it such that the nut appeared right at one of the lower cooling ribs. It is a quite small nut, probably not bigger than M3. I don't feel like shipping it to Kemper in Germany (I live in Norway), because I am attending to a music school where I use it every day. The Kemper also functions flawlessly. Any idea about what it could be, and is it fixable by myself?

    Not the actual guitar, but very similar (I think mine has a slightly darker fretboard though) and also mint condition! Been looking for an SG with P90s for quite some time, and it will look great beside my yellow LP Special DC and red SG 61' RI! Not the biggest Townshend fan actually, but there is nothing on the guitar itself that bears resemblence to Townshend. The crown on the headstock is just an SG 50th anniversary silkscreen. I think it looks pretty cool, but if you have done your homework you will know that it is a Townshend signature. And the hardcase has a pretty huge "the Who" stamp on it, so... But I don't mind that it is a signature, as long as the guitar kicks ass! :D [Blocked Image:]

    You wouldn't be interested in sharing these profiles of your awesome amps? :D

    I find it rather strange that you can profile channel one and two, but not three. The studio and DI profile I made of channel three sounded the best by far. Channel two was a bit hard to get right, but it sounds pretty good with the right guitar. It is a truly awesome amp that I would have loved to keep if I had the space and money, the metal and hard rock tones are simply outstanding! For more vintage voiced cranked/modded Plexi tones it doesn't hold a candle to a real Plexi (or profiles of one) though, but it is and always will be a metal amp :thumbup:

    I can confirm that the tone is very different when you listen in profile-mode compared to browser-mode. Trying out a new profile in profile-mode sounded very weird and not good at all, but when I changed to browse mode it was almost like an entirely other profile. A little bit strange, but I guess the profile-mode is only for profiling and comparing levels with the amp that's being profiled.

    Do you profile the second or third channel on the EVH? I have been doing some profiling of an EVH 5150III 50w yesterday and today, and the profiles of especially the third channel sound simply stunning! It sounded so good through the PA speaker in the practice room that I almost considered going back to FRFR (I run a Powerhead with a traditional 2x12" cab)! The profiles of the second channel was not quite as good, a little loose and too much bass, but so was the real amp at that setting. I read some people claiming that the Kemper has its own gain structure and makes the amp sound tighter than it really is, so I thought that it would not be a problem. Turns out that it is in fact insanely accurate (which I honestly never doubted for a second)! :D

    EDIT: Didn't actually read the thread; just the headline. I have profiled a few amps (Fargen Mighty Plex, Marshall SL-5, ENGL Invader, EVH 5150III) and I did have issues profiling the SL-5. Why? Impossible to say, but I know that there was some strange stuff going on with the Kemper. Something was not quite as it should. Profiling the Fargen at a later time, which is a comparable amp (both Marshall style amps), was completely trouble free (with and without a TS). The other amps were also profiled without any hassle whatsoever. Insanely accurate tones, especially the DI profiles which are easy to compare also. I don't believe that there are certain amps the Kemper cannot profile, even the Invader profile sounded great even though the actual amp has a built noise gate. Your Kemper is acting up, and I wish I could tell you how to solve it but I don't... My Kemper started profiling accurately after I upgraded from 3.3 to 4.0.2 beta, but I have no idea if it in fact had anything to do with it. I think other people tried the same thing, and it didn't work. But it is worth a shot, there is a brand new beta out now ;)

    I recently got my hands on a cute little Amplifire for home use and maybe as a backup for the Kemper (even though I cannot think of a possible scenario where the Kemper might fail). The little bastard can emulate some pretty good tones, but it is very time consuming trying different IRs, amp models, and tweaking this and that. Using my Kemper exclusively for a long time made me almost forget how to tweak an amp. It was by pure accident I discovered that my old Silver Jubilee needed to have treble at 9 o'clock to get that great meaty sound, while I scratched my head for months wondering why it sounded like ass with everything at 12 o'clock... I actually had an amp tech to check it out as well (a very embarrassing, but valuable lesson). But even after that I rarely tweak the Kemper unless I use a cab with T75s; then I have to boost the mid range quite a bit. Using Top Jimi's merged 1968 Plexi profiles with a H30 loaded cab and a Gibson SG is simply a very inspiring and fun experience! Can't wait to power up my Kemper again tomorrow and try his new Brown Sound-profiles, really doubt they will require any tweaking either :D

    The Youtube video, is that something you have made or is it just a reference? If the tone from your headset output is bad (very shrill, sterile and overly bright) it may have something to do with the adapter you are using. I've had problems with that before, can't quite remember if the problem was that the adapter was not stereo or that it was simply bad, but I bought a brand new Planet Waves stereo adapter and the tone got so much better right away! I figured that it had to be something like that, because it sounded epic through speakers even when I fed them from the headphone output (with a guitar cable).

    If your 4x12" has four 16 ohm speakers you could easily rewire it if the cables have lugs (not requiring soldering). Rewiring everything to parallel (two and two speakers wired in parallel with each other, and then the pairs wired in parallel with each other.) will result in a 4 ohm load, and if you take a picture of the original wiring it is very easy to reverse. Unfortunately you cannot achieve an 8 ohm load with four 16 ohm speakers, but 4 ohm is safe as confirmed by Kemper.

    If you for some reason don't want to do it, I would strongly recommend you to try another cabinet. 97db speakers and 16 ohm will lower the perceived volume/power to 150w compared to 300w with 100db speakers and 16 ohm. I sincerely hope you will find a solution to this issue! It isn't just a pain when gear doesn't work as it should or expected, but you also deserve to experience what it is like to gig a Kemper without worries! Because it is simply a wonderful thing :)

    It's not just about the ability to scroll fast, but it is about organizing and making a neat and effective file system. If my Macbook came preconfigured with say ten folders, and I could mark certain files as "favorites" and that was it; it would be a nightmare to organize and find a certain file. It is of course not quite as critical with the Kemper, but the favorite-option just categorizes profiles into two categories: favorites and non-favorites. Not Marshall Plexi, Marshall JCM800, Fender Deluxe Reverb and EVH 5150III profiles. Yes, I can sort the profiles by amp but I still have to scroll through the 150 Marshall 1987X profiles (I'm not exaggerating!) to get to the other Marshall profiles.

    There is one thing that I want to ask, and it is important to emphasize that if some of you perceive it as crass; that was never the intention. And it may be a simple misunderstanding also, I don't know. But it seems to me that when certain features have been requested, for instance a pc editor but also this request of mine, the response from Kemper themselves have often been that it is, or should not be required with a pc editor or that you can tag rigs; and therefore it is not required with a folder system. But it is the users who have spent a lot of money on the Kemper, and know best what they miss; not Kemper GmbH, who seem to often base whether the features are useful or not on a theoretical basis, not a practical basis.

    I might be entirely mistaken, I am not very updated on the responses from Kemper. What I do know is that they have listened and given us (or are at least working with) some new delays (and reverbs?), but I also know that an editor have been requested since the first days of Kemper. The Line 6 Helix is even more user friendly and has a fantastic UI (that's the only thing Helix is better than Kemper at imo), but it still has an editor.

    All of this being said, I truly love my Kemper! Every single one of my tube amps have been sold now, because they feel inferior to the Kemper even when I just use it as a regular amp with a cabinet. The EVH 5150III that I recently sold sounds fantastic for metal and heavy rock, but it lacks the mid range growl and warmth of an old Plexi. The Silver Jubilee sounds like a JCM800 on steroids and can also do metal fantastically with a pedal, but it has to be run soo loud to sound good! Way too loud for almost any application.

    This post got a bit off topic, but it's okay I guess. My point is, that a user assignable folder system would be a really nice addition to an already fantastic product. Cheers to all fellow Kemperians :D