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    Vielleicht könnt Ihr mir ja Eure Erfahrungen betreff Einsatz eines Doublers und Stereo Nutzung im Live Einsatz mitteilen?
    Vorteil sollte sein, dass die Gitarre insgesamt voluminöser/voller klingt.
    Nachteil könnte sein, dass die räumliche Einordnung der Gitarre ins Gesamtbild verwaschen wird.
    Außerdem könnte es beim Monitoring Phasenauslöschungen geben, wenn Bandmitglieder sowohl den linken als auch den rechten Kanal der Gitarre auf den Monitor bekommen, oder?
    Eure Erfahrungen?

    I think it has a lot to see with the kind of music you play. I'm into rock music, from clean to dirty, but not into metal. And I find that for sounding convincing I have to cut from... Let's say 250.

    Isn't 250 a little bit high?

    For live use I have it turned off, so the FOH engineer can set it for the venue. and when I record, I adjust the individual tracks in my DAW.

    That's the way I did it until now.
    What happens, if I use the Low Cut at 120 for live, so the FOH can (but doesn't have to) set additionally a Low cut which has (maybe) no effect, if it is f.e. also at 120 ?

    I would like to know what are your settings of the Low Cut settings in the Output Filter of Output?
    Please, I prefer no discussion if low cut is unneccessary or senseless or not needed.
    I only would like to know your settings.

    Well, as I wrote, maybe I got that wrong.

    But it is not very polite to make jokes about customers requests, is it?

    music - i don't get what you mean. please elaborate.

    Well, it‘s based on the post of Burkhard, in which a member of a company makes fun of the customers or their wishes.

    Maybe I got that wrong, but that‘s the way it sounded.

    Thanks guys for your post.

    In Germany, meanwhile it‘s always a pleasure to see, that customers are seen like vermin which only make lot of work.

    Well. My old amps, mostly Marshall and Boogie, were on stand by.

    And if somebody changed my settings, within some seconds the settings were restored.

    With the Kemper, that‘s different.

    If somebody on stage changes something in the Kemper, first you have to search what was changed. Or you have to restore everything.

    My concerns are not about other bands, but about organizer or pubs hoster or sometimes even audience (in pubs) who can access the equipment very easily.

    Sometimes switching off the Kemper is not very practical because the Kemper needs some time to load and the attached equipment sometimes does not like switching off a gear, f.e. an active monitor box.

    You cannot block other guys Kemper if your have, f.e., a master password to unlock your own Kemper.

    Come on guys, this is a basic setting on lot of devices and it works all over the world.

    Not cool, that Kemper still doesn‘t have it!

    An USB lock stick is not the same as a code that can protect your Kemper from unwanted changes.

    I also would like to have the possibility to lock my Kemper via code and left it for some minutes on stage switched on but unprotected/unwatched by band members/soundguys.