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    I really need to try one of these outside of a music store because I really didn't like th one I played. If I had the money I would get the Mesa JP2C though.

    Matt sent me the profiles and I checked them out and purchased. These are very good. Contrary to a previous review, I do not think there is too much high end anywhere, they do tend to have a bit more low end then some of my profiles but i don't think that's a bad thing. I also thing the cleans on the amp and the profiles are very nice. If i had any tiny criticism or wish list would be to get more profiles in the mid to high gain BE mode (maybe some alternate settings or cabinets) without activating the switches (HBE/Fat/Sat)...just alternate EQ choices (or the cabinet tones), and second, with all of the BE100 (and Friedman) profiles out there I have never really heard one that totally captures that "super tight low end that Phil X talks about in his infamous youtube review", maybe that's just a Kemper thing. I have not had time yet to use the DI's but i'm thinking they are going to be great as well. Overall a tremendous pack and recommended.

    Thanks. You should have my facebook link under the same name (let me know if not), you had sent me some prerelease test profiles and i sent my suggestions...Not sure i can pick it up right away though, just bought a few packs recently, but it's on my possible list.

    I get the feeling a lot of people are either buying/selling the heads, or borrowing though, I doubt a lot of the people retain so many amps.

    On my Sony headphones I definetely liked the Cameron one better, it had less fizz and a bit more low mids. In the car (where I like to evaulate sounds because it's familiar and I don't prefer headphones these days), I would say the Cameron still edges yours out by a bit for the same reasons. However, they are very close, and it comes down to does someone want a little more high end or a little more low mids... Either way, I really like all of your Cameron and Aldrich profiles and I play them as much as any purchased profile. For $5 i'd defintely buy the Cameron profile (singular) and maybe even $10...but not $40. I'm really after that Dokken/80's sound I hear in my head (which isn't always what i hear when i go back and listen to the albums :) But the sound is what i heard from some old Cameron CCV Youtube clips or Mark Day's Friedman clips on youtube.

    I am tempted, certainly. Also by the recent JJ and Marshall by Choptones, and the Mars by Sinmix. I already own a couple of packs from Matt and they are good. We are being saturated with Marshall or Mars - like packs lately!!!! The demos of the Friedman here sound good, sure, but perhaps the guitar track alone may be more reliable. I checked up those in Matt 's website and I liked them. And it is not necessary to be a pro to play good music, Matt. Some pros don't! No excuses are necessary IMHO.

    Agreed. I've been interested/looking at the same group of profiles (plus Sinmix's BE100 pack). Personally, the Amp Factory and Michael Britt have the best setup for showcasing profiles from a player's perspective, nicely played, not too short not too long clips of the pack/profiles). If you are primarily an engineer you probably like to hear it in a mix, but if 95% of the time i'm worried about playing and i find those worthless for evaulating profiles. I would also say maybe only 10% of all the profiles i've purchased (or less) are usable for my tastes/preferences.

    I agree with others about Guidorist. Singles and Packs. Also the price is right so I buy all of his profiles as soon as there are released :)

    I'd be curious to see the sale/dollar ratios between a model like Guido's and one that costs a lot more but may sell a lot less packs and see which wins out :) For example, the infamous $40 (or $50) profiles. If it were $5 or $10 a ton of people would have bought it from name recognition, but at $40 probably not very many. I don't personally have any idea how many people have Kempers and how many purchase profiles though...

    Hmm... What about a strategy like Soundside, which is individual packs but after buying 1 pack getting 1/2 off on any other you add?

    Actually that is one of the reasons i haven't bought any packs from Soundside, i felt too much pressure to buy everything at one go and in the process just never ended up getting any (that and the previous lack of clips). I like the Amp Factory's setup, Bundle at a discount, each amp at reasonable prices, each with nicely played solo clips of the amp profiles (i know it may not work for everyone however)...although we're still awaiting that for his latest pack :)

    Also not a huge fan of only packs, since quite often the buyer only wants/needs a few and they are not in the same packs. Maybe singles plus a discount on bundles?