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    Can't say for sure but not too much. I'm in the process of selection atm. But...I'm looking at , let's say around 5 good profiles per channel including low, medium and high gain setings.

    Seems reasonable. What about DI? Too many can sometimes also be overwhelming, but defintely there are times where there are too few as well. It would be great if you could set the kemper somehow to visually show where the knobs are, or if profilers would photograph the settings as part of the documentation. For large packs i think it would be difficult and tedious, but for the people that don't have large packs i don't think that would be too tough.

    what guitar were you using?

    Did you watch pacocity's video?

    That's an extreme example but while strumming his open chords it makes a raspy, distorted (not in the good sense) sound. I hear this even with most Marshall-esque commercial profiles as well.

    Agreed, I'm starting to believe the reason I'm running into this issue moreso than others, and it is so obvious to me, is because I am specifically focused on that Marshall-style midrange type of tone. Whereas many people now days seem to have moved on to more modern tones. So a lot of folks are reading my posts and scratching their heads wondering WTF I'm talking about because they are happy with their tone. Or maybe aren't using the KPA for release quality recordings of those kinds of tones.

    I always say this.....the late 70's and early 80's hot rodded Marshall tones (meaning the ones with the cranked amps) are hands down the hardest, most challenging thing to replicate with anything but real amps. It is the ultimate litmus test for modelers/profilers. That's why I gave up many years ago even thinking it was possible after having experienced the first round of POD's and the like. But the KPA really seemed like promising technology, like it may have finally cracked the nut. However, as far as I've experienced thus far it still isn't there. Has so much potential, and is so close I haven't been able to bring myself to throw in the towel quite yet. But at the end of the day, it either does the job or not, and if not I have no need for it.

    I think for recorded at least (i havent' tried live) Top Jimi is so close to being there in the gain and feel, but that sound is definitely there for me on open chords (i also like a little more low end than some of his profiles have which may be why some have issues with them live). I think a JTM style amp cranked has the most problems with this sound from samples i've heard.

    I don't hear the issue nearly as much in other types of amps/sounds, but if i try i feel like i can always identify the real amp vs the Kemper. Like i said if the kemper were much cheaper this would just be a limit of the technology, live with it type of thing. But at this price i have to decide, do i keep it or give up all the features and variety for a few tones that i use most. I still doubt i can get close to what I have in the price range unless i'm going the pedal route. I already have an Egnater MTS system from the past, i'm also waiting to see how Synergy pans out. Even then i'd be looking at getting some sort of direct load box to play silently, be back to dealing with playing through the PC for cab emulations. Decisions :(

    Yes! I always play a Dsus2 chord when testing gear and let the notes ring and this is how the effect is more noticeable.

    Any AC/DC style riff will work :) I can eq around (for the most part) my lack of bass complaints, but this is my biggest sticking point is the "harshness" that we are all talkling about. It seems way more noticable on Marshall style profiles, especially mid or mid-high gain with the mentioned open chords. Ironically, I was just at Guitar Center (wanted to play the Friedman PT20 again but no stock) and played a 6505mh and it had a pretty harsh sound on those open chords too.

    If you open support tickets, you could reference the issue as "congestion" and "raspy leads" and link to this thread. It would help for them to understand what's going on and that several descriptions are of the same issue.

    That said they genuinely seem unaware of these issues. Support also asked if I have the noise gate on when referring to low notes being "congested", gated, tighter.

    Despite really liking their profiles in general, i hear this raspiness a lot with Top Jimi and Michael Britt's samples. It's espcially noticable on a Dsus2 chord. Although since i don't have any of these amps and have them opened up, maybe the miced amp sounds the same?


    Is this a mega "congestion" issue? Could be improved by refining? Unprofilable amp or setting? What do you think?

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    That sound is one of the main reasons i'm back looking at real amps shortly after getting my Kemper. I hear it in A LOT of profiles, even from some of the top profilers.

    The problem (at least for me) is that you can't truely know if you'll like a commercial pack until after you've bought it and tried it.

    True, there are many i immediately know i won't use, despite having thought the clips sounded pretty good. Either they don't sound the same with my gear or they don't "feel" right, or whatever.

    Actually does the kemper even try to capture where the eq was like the gain level? I notice some of the non DI profiles i was playing (and haven't modiifed did not have "flat" eq settings). On any note, most of my DI profiles do not have much bass when i compare with the same cap and a real amp.