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    If anyone is curious how much faster UI on Toaster is with latest beta firmware ( Public Beta) I made some non-scientific measurements. I recorded videos of switching performance slots before and after upgrade. Aligned videos as best as I could in Final Cut Pro and counted number of frames elapsed between button press and full UI update. I was using 30fps footage taken with a phone.

    - switching from one performance slot the another is ~500 - 600ms faster - improvement is visible with naked eye.

    - switching from one slot to another using Remote shows similar gains.

    This is huge improvement IMHO and it feels like new life was put into our old devices. Previous firmware required way over 1 second to update UI, now we're in sub-second territory.

    Thank you Kemper Team for this update. :thumbup:

    13ms latency is definitely something many people would feel. "Unexpected" result in row 6 might be due to the fact that captures in this preset seem to be place on parallel paths, so load is probably spread between multiple cores.

    Not sure how many people are running multiple captures in series in real live (maybe if you captured drive pedal separately and amp separately - but even then the solution is simple: capture both of them at the same time). So from nerdy point of view I find this video interesting, but in real life most of folks will experience sub-6ms of delay which is perfectly fine.

    I used Powered Kabinet with keyboard. Had to put EQ in between and with its help I was able to get pretty good piano sound. YMMV, but as a stop gap solution I don't see a problem - you'd only need to add some EQ to your Stereo Out bus.

    I used to have a guitar - Ibanez JS100. Although it was beautiful I never really liked it because it was impossible to set it up the way I wanted. Last year I took it to a luthier workshop in Warsaw and they managed to identify shimming issue and fixed it and now JS100 plays well. This luthier workshop was small (just two dudes sitting in a dungeon) but I noticed 3 unfamiliar guitars hanging on the wall and asked about them. They told me that they make their own guitars in their spare time and let me try them out. One of them just felt amazing - their interpretation of Telecaster - I’m not going to lie - love from first sight&feel :). So I ordered one last August and it arrived recently. It is called GHOST and looks like this:

    swamp ash body, maple neck (satin), I don't know what wood is on top (flame maple maybe?) but I love it!, pickups are their own and have J90's vibe.

    They are supposed to be "dynamic IRs" in which response changes according to playing dynamics.

    This Amp X seems to be the most interesting product developed recently.

    No tak, to przeskoczyłeś kilka generacji, i masz szczęście, bo pierwsze cyfrowe efekty były bardzo cinkie :) , ale dobra wiadomość jest taka, że Kemper, jeśli Ci podpasuje jego filozofia, może być ostatnim sprzętem, który musisz opanować - ja mam swojego od 2016 roku i nawet nie myślę, o niczym nowszym - brzmi nieziemsko za każdym razem i sprawdza się bardzo dobrze w warunkach koncertowych. Pozdrawiam i miłego grania!

    Musisz przejść do Performance Modę używając "Chicken Knob", wybrać performance (używając strzałek góra dół). Każdy performance ma miejsce na 5 presetów. Jak masz nowy sprzęt to jest duża szansa, że zobaczysz slot o nazwie "Crunch". w tym momencie możesz użyć pokrętła "Browse" i wybrać swój ulubiony Rig. Potem strzałka w prawo, co sprawi, że przejdziesz to kolejnego slotu, pokrętło Browse, itp. itd.

    Na końcu "Store", nadaj sensowną nazwę, Store jeszcze raz i powinno być git.

    Pamiętaj, że Rigi są _kopiowane_ to Performance mode. Oznacza to, że późniejsze zmiany w Browse mode nie mają zastosowania w Performance mode. Możesz swobodnie edytować Rigi w Performance mode (pamiętaj, żeby zapamiętywać zmiany!!!) - nie wpływa to na kopię Rigu znajdująca się w Browse mode.

    Kemper ma bardzo specyficzny workflow (nie każdy go lubi) i jeśli chcesz naprawdę wykorzystać go w 100% i nie być sfrustrowanym to będziesz musiał poświecić trochę czasu na przestudiowanie instrukcji obsługi. Ale jak już zatrybisz jak wszystko działa to jest to bardzo przyjemne, niezawodne, fantastycznie brzmiące urządzenie.

    The wood of the guitar can make a difference...

    Please.... watch Tested: Where Does The Tone Come From In An Electric Guitar?. TLDR: wood has infinitesimal influence on tone in electric guitar.

    I have similar problem with my active guitar - it requires additional EQ and tweaks to Presence, to "unmud" it and still the dynamics of playing is not comparable with passive pickups. I don't think it is possible to get "passive-like behavior" from an active pickup. Different beast.

    Also please check chapter in manual about "Effect Switches", page 340 in 8.5 Manual. For many CCs you have to send not only CC with non-zero value, but also a follow up CC with value 0. This is to simulate physical button press/release, which are required for press-and-hold function to operate properly. It is quite possible that you are not sending "button release" event and KPA is getting stuck in "hold" state.

    I use one performance per song approach and I must admit that I love Layout C. Used it on Sunday (yes, I gigged with Beta release) and it definitely did the trick for me. Kemper: shouldn't be too hard to add Layout D for people from this thread - it really makes a big difference to have the most important info in large fonts on stage.