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    Hi, I don't know what happened. But after installing the 8.7 official from the Beta, i no longer can open the Rig Manager . I've tried to uninstall and reinstall it, but it does not work. It seems to start, I see all my folders and then it crashes. Is there a way to remove also all the folders, so resetting it completely, and then install a backup?

    Oh my god you're RIGHT!! I made a zoomed picture with my camera and they really are insects! It seems they're under the screen protector. Is there a way to clean them?? My warranty is finished unfortunately...

    Thank you Alan, but I've spent many hours with the Distortion Loop/front input tests. I find that pedals sound really different in the loop, they loose something. I prefer how they sounds in front, but it seem that I cannot overdrive the input.

    I put that Hiwatt as an example, but I have noticed this behavior with almost all my profiles. What I don't understand is the clipping and red light in output instead of the input. There should be the Amp section in between them...

    I'm still experimenting a lot with Kemper and my favourite analog pedals such as a Tube Driver and a Sovtek Muff which I put in the front Input. For this example I'm playing with a free profile of the rig manager, it's an hiwatt clean from an author called "e". I like verymuch this profile. Now, If I play the profile itself (I use a strat with emg active pickups) the levels are fine, no yellow or red lights in input and output section (even if I play hard). If I engage a pedal in front and I start raising its output level, I see that instead of getting a saturation of the input, I have a big increase of the overall volume. If I turn that level all the way up, the overall volume is insane and the output is clipping. I've also made several "init global" but the result is the same. So the question is: why it is clipping the output and not the input? Same result with all the profiles I have in my collection. I really don't understand, can you help me?


    To tell the truth, I did not try this solution. I always though that we must use the distortion loop instead of Mono Fx for an impedance match, am I wrong? Which difference is there between them? And why is so different using the pedal in front of the kemper (which sound exactly as using a real amp) and putting it in the distortion loop?

    Hi everybody, I'm starting this new thread because I'm trying to use an external pedal with my toaster. Well, I love the Sovtek Civil War (or Tall font) big muff, but the kemper really cannot reach that sound, so I bought an original one to use with my kemper. If I put it in front it sounds GREAT, but I also would like to add a compressor and a little dirt boost in front of the pedal. If I put the muff in the loop distortion in a pre slot, the sound is SO different. Also if I try to use the volume parameter of the distortion loop to boost my pedal, I find that it does not work, it seems not to boost anything. Is there anybody else who found the same problem as me? Of course If I use the muff in front I cannot add a booster and a compressor, how can I do?