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    Sorry if this is a dumb question but if I edit a rig in RM3, is the only way to save it as a new rig to use save as on the Kemper itself? Can’t see an option do this within RM3.


    The display on my remote is getting less and less readable. It's several years old now and well out of any warranty. My eyesight isn't brilliant but I'm struggling to read it even with my glasses on. It looks washed out and the contrast control just tends to smear the display even more. Anyone else experiencing this? I own an electronics company and was thinking of popping in a new one if I can source something. It also looks to me like the floor units has a more contrasty display fitted?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    I’m using a HX stomp in front of my Kemper only. I much prefer the Kemper’s delays and reverbs post amp, I like the HX Stomp’s drives and the killer Univibe pre the amp section. I’m working on setting up patch change messages on the Kemper to load HX patches in performance mode. Wish I didn’t have to do this but I find the Kemper’s drives a bit disappointing and the univibe is a mile off.

    I’ve just bought a Palmer Macht 402 to go in a 4U case with my Kemper rack. Sounds great and it was very affordable. I was going to get a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 but they are a little pricey and not the ideal form factor for the rack version. I am only using this with a guitar cab though for the amp in the room experience as and when I feel the urge.

    I like to use analogue drive pedals in front of my Kemper. Since acquiring a second unit the thought occurs that I could make profiles from my 1st with the pedals on to create a new profile. I seem to remember a thread where someone profiled profiles as an experiment, backwards and forwards between two units until the sound fell apart, but I can’t find that thread. Anyone out there actually doing this and how does it sound?

    I’ve just picked up a 5 year old Kemper rack to use for gigs to go with with my toaster which I will keep in my studio. The rack was running V3 firmware, just a bit of mouse clicking and it’s now on V7 and sounding glorious as ever. There’s something extremely satisfying about buying an older unit and it being able to run the latest firmware without a problem. Credit to CK and his team for this, testament to a well designed and consistent product that’s proving to be a great investment.

    The paralysis had died down a lot for me recently. I’ve tried to approach things like I would if I still bought amps. I am now more disciplined and have a few favourites and I’ve also added a few analog drive pedals old school style. If you think the Kemper is bad try an AxeFX. I disappeared into a black hole with that thing for months and months.:)

    I think the table on the right has a projector on it. Not sure if those speakers on the table to the left are just sound reinforcement or a product?

    The projector is to demo the new editor ;)

    Is the only dif between active and passive Atomic CLR is that I would need a power amp to run it? (i have the unpowered kemper but I have a power amp)

    Almost. The active CLR has a switch for wedge, backline or FF (free field) use, It's convenient for making quick adjustments. In reality, at least to my ears, it's just tweaks the low end. I tend to stick with FF and adjust the low response with the Kemper's global EQ. I've tested both side by side and with any decent power amp the differences were undetectable. The active version is bi-amped and these amps are optimised for the drivers. The active version is the optimum configuration, but I only bought the active version because my Kemper head was unpowered and I didn't have a power amp.

    I think £450 with a 12 month warranty is a good price. I would use my CLRs as studio monitors if I had the space, they are that good! Shops are obliged to offer a sale or return policy for online purchases, there’s no real substitute to trying some options out and seeing what suits you.

    I bought an Atomic CLR and it’s been a revelation. I’ve been involved in pro audio for many years and also played guitar for 40 of them, this is the best speaker I’ve used with modelling gear period. Andertons Music have a B stock passive unit at the moment for £450. You can always return it if you don’t like it.

    I like rack gear and bought the rack. I got fed up of leaning over a rack when editing, to the point I had exchange it with another user for the head. I find the head much better to edit as it sits on my desktop and it’s close to hand. I also dig the LED rings around the knobs which aren’t on the rack version. I would probably still have the rack though if there was an editor.