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    Hello everyone, long time Kemper (PowerRack with foot controller, running into a Kemper Kabinet) user here. Sounds great and I’ll be using it for a long time in the future. I’ve added a Line 6 HX stomp XL to get some additional effects that the Kemper does not have access to quite yet. I intend on running the HX through the effects loop of the Kemper through the 4-cable method. I have literally no experience using MIDI to control anything, but I understand there are ways to use the foot controller to control parameters of the HX through MIDI. I’m particularly concerned with delay settings and synchronizing the tap tempo if I’m using delays in the HX and stacking the Kemper’s own delays. I want to tap the tempo on the controller and have it sync between the Kemper and HX. I know this is possible, but have no clue where to start with any of this.

    Can anyone point me to videos or documentation about setting this kind of stuff up. Or an “introduction to MIDI” kind of crash course that any of you have had experience with and would recommend? I want to make sure I’m using these brilliant devices to their full potential, and I know MIDI is a great way to set this kind of stuff up! Any tips and tricks you’d recommend for a beginner MIDI setup?

    Thanks, you guys!:):)

    So, I wasn't able to solve the problem with any of this advice. How do I switch the Kabinet to FRFR mode? I don't see that as an imprint option. I'm curious if anyone who uses the Kabinet with a powered Kemper and some mbritt profiles can send me pictures of their input and output settings (screen by screen) so I can see if I just have a setting wrong somewhere. I'm worried its set for a 2 monitor setup as opposed to a live setup and all that other stuff that I don't know what to do with. There's just sooo many options here.

    Hello everyone,

    I absolutely love the Kemper and have used it live for a few years now. I got the Kemper Kone (the cabinet) fairly recently and have really struggled to dial it in to sound any good. I play a lot of church music where its very important to get the gain correct and the Kemper sounds AMAZING going to FOH but if I play through the Kone, it sounds fake and extra gain-y (if that’s a word) no matter which imprint I select.

    Has anyone figured out the best way to set up all the output settings so that the Kemper + Kone sounds approximately as the FOH would sound, or closer to the amp-in-the-room sound? Because right now, it definitely does not. My Kone has just been sitting there while I use my studio monitors.

    Please help! :)