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    Glad to see love for the Elixer Optiwebs.

    Every coated string before them was a compromise. I used nanowebs but they frayed over time and were a little dull compared to normal strings. I am 100% satisfied with the feel, sound and durability of the optiwebs.

    I just got mine on. The tests I did went well! The g string stays in tune great.

    One thing to note is there is nothing touching the 1st and 6th strings - so there will be no difference there. On an LP they are at the correct angle anyways though so no problem, but I didn’t realize there are only 4 rollers on the butler.

    Also I got the gold v3. The v3 apparently fits more guitars but the v2 has a slightly slimmer profile - but works with lps. The gold works with the gold hardware on my wine red studio.

    Just saw this now but I have maybe 4 studio packs, a few of the just play, and I think about 8 essentials packs from them. That's a lot of money as far as I'm concerned.

    The Dave Mustaine 410 gets a lot of use from me - but just the profiles that come with 10 on definition.
    The Marshall 900 is great, too.
    The 5150 black essentials pack is amazing and super powerful.

    Maybe it's my setup but the Fried Jerry and IIc sounded good at first but I now hear weird overtones on the profiles, moreso with the IIc.

    Overall Choptones has been by far the best of the major vendors for high-gain tones in my setup at home.

    How do the Dr.Z profiles stack up to other offerings? I don’t actually play a lot of low gain songs but when I practice I keep it clean or lower gain a lot. As such I’m not going for one specific sound, as long as it’s really good, present and generally fits low gain work.

    How present are they? I find many makers’ profiles sound too muffled or distant. Because of this I basically only use Choptones and a few goodies from the rig exchange like Thurman, with a good clean ac30 from TAF. I have been quite frustrated how few profiles I like given how many I have tried. Like a needle in a haystack.

    I play at home with Yamaha hs5 monitors and akg240 headphones.


    Hey I’m a big dumb animal who downloaded the demo for Brusfri. I can’t seem to find an option to remove noise while playing, only after recording. Does it not do it while playing? I don’t record much but I have some house noise I want to remove while doing the wheedly deedlies

    I know I'm late to the party but I tried these out - those Mesa III profiles are KILLER! omfg I have spent some good money on pro Mesa profiles from 3 different stores and THESE are the best I've found.

    Thank you and please make more profiles if you have the chance!

    So I had this problem too but after leaving my interface headphone level at full (not adding or removing volume) and keeping the interface volume at unity, with the kemper volume being the only thing pushing gain, it sounded much closer to the kemper's headphone out. Essentially the same, though I kind of hear a slight difference in bass response.

    I play with my kemper to Zoom uac2 interface into reaper.

    I am having a devil of a time getting a good volume for good sounds both while playing and when recording.

    Since the guitar goes into the kemper first, I just select the main output at -18db as I heard that was good somewhere(?) the "direct output" goes to just -10db as I can't select it by itself.

    The interface is then set just below clipping levels.

    So far I have kept the reaper level at 0db as it sounds awful below that.

    What is a good way to go about doing this? It also supremely grinds my gears that my monitoring output is dramatically different than my recording output volume.

    Could you please walk me through this as if I was a dumb 5 year old?

    Thank you!