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    I've never used much effects and even delays are a bit of a novelty to me.

    Can you help me figure out how to get a great delay tone to give an impression of more sustain like the great soloists use?

    First, which kpa delay to use? I've been using "digital" and "double".

    Been using 45% feedback, 14db(?) for the effect itself. 35 predelay.

    It sounds okay but I wonder what I'm missing out on. From online discussions it looks like experienced users can get a lot from the kpa delays.


    i don't get it... you have over 10,000 amps available to you on the rig exchange..... and not one of them provides the distortion tone you're looking for?


    I can find good tones, but nothing pushes it exactly how I want. I just want more control over the sound of the distortion and in a way that ends up with a good sound. I also think 95% of profiles sound like crap to me. I have bought over 1500 profiles and of course scoured the rig exchange but there is just a handful of profiles I feel are far more alive than others. As such I kind of have to build onto those precious profiles instead of just find an inferior one that happens to go to 11.

    I'm using my Kemper through an interface with Reaper. I'm not too crazy about the kemper OD/dist stomps and am thinking if possible I would like to try Helix Native or other stomps into the kemper - but have no idea how to go about doing this.

    It seems like it would be possible - if you know how, please tell me the wiring and also how to plug it into the daw.


    Oh SCREW IT I bought the JP2C studio pack. It's really good so far. Just auditioned up to #33 and #33 showed me how good it's gonna be. I'll update this later, but seems worth it.

    Last profile I'm gonna buy ever, though. :D

    Update: #99 is particularly good - it makes me bust out Master of Puppets, which is always a good thing. I like this pack a lot, and it seems in my 10 minute runthrough so far that there is enough variation to keep me interested and not only select 1 or 2 profiles from it.

    Its worth getting the Jp2c JUST PLAY pack alone JUST for the FURY preset.
    come on Bro, its black Friday

    Pull that trigger dont make me come over there :D


    I think you're referring to this:…iles/bogie-iicp-just-play

    but it appears they have a new(?) pack…es/bogie-jpc2-studio-pack which only comes in the studio version. And in this thread they said they are working on the just play and essential pack for it. I meant this one

    I got the 900 studio pack as recommended - seems to fit the bill for leads, a tad clearer than the free 2000 tsr and seems to have some extra drive. Only thing is so far I'm not finding it as organic or lively as the 5150bl or fried jerry I have, which so far out of my about 12 amps from Choptones are my favorites. I think it's just the amp itself I may not be jiving with, not anything to do with profiling. EDIT: I'm starting to like this more with my strat than my (hot) les paul.

    I'm tempted to get the new Jp2c during the Black Friday event but I wonder if it would be overkill since I have the 2c+ essential pack as well as mark 4,5 packs. I pretty much have everything else that I would want. If anyone has bought the new jp2c studio pack please let me know about it!

    40% off, awesome! Now I just gotta figure out which ones to choose. I prefer profiles that just come at 10 definition already. Do you have a good JCM800 or similar Marshall profile for leads that has the definition already on 10 for all the profiles? I like the free JCM2000 profiles you gave out - something like that but with even more drive (like something good for Satriani or Gilbert's heavier stuff) would be perfect. The "Fried Jerry" and "Mark 4" profiles you have are on 10 definition and rock. Looking for this in a heavy Marshall flavor.

    Also, I have no experience with ENGL or Bogner amps; for other users - are there any must-have ones for shred or standard tuned thrash?


    Haha I'm in the same boat. Just bought my 1st cheapo bass to do the backing tracks for my songs. I'll check out the GRS thing when I do it next.

    A bit embarrassed to admit it, but I have a hard time knowing what sound to go for in a bass tone. Like I can understand clarity and drive, but I am just not educated in what fundamental tones are available. I should check more youtube vids I guess.

    Hey Frank - what are your graphic eq settings for these amps? I'm still trying to determine the right levels on HP, LP as well as the other settings.


    I tested Native and it just made me glad to have my Kemper. I used Ownhammer IRs and even with them, it sounded pretty POD-like to me. I'm sure with better tweaking I could get better tones, but honestly having all these great signature amp profiles that are pretty much plug n play on the kemper, I wouldn't want to switch to the helix

    Nice new video.

    I have to vouch for this profile pack, got the studio profiles and it's just music to my ears.

    I wrote a negative comment about Choptones before for a billing issue but they fixed it, and I'm happy to show my support as in my setup their profiles are really present and stellar. This Friedman and the Mark IV are my favorites of theirs so far, but the Mustaine amp which I just got is also sounding good.

    I'm using 5150 and Friedman profiles with high gain that get me close, but I still want more of that long sustaining, liquid tone that satch has. I'm running an ibanez with evolutions and other guitars that are made for the genre.

    I am a noob when it comes to overdrives and distortions and stuff. I don't really understand in which section to put the stomps or what settings to use. Would you have some pointers to achieve the sound?

    I am using a lead boost on the "stomps" section at +1.5 that helps.